Friday, February 27, 2009

I am changing...seeing everything so clear

Well my house has been a den of sickness for both of us, but we are turning a corner and things are looking up. I am back at work after a week off (ouch the paycheck is going to feel that), and Qiana is able to breath easier and smile even more. Although I do have to admit even when she was at her sickest she still managed to give me some smiles, amid all her coughing and throwing up....gotta love her. She still has a slight cough, and some sniffles but no longer sounds like an 80 year old with lung cancer so that's good. Our house has gone from



you rock the party that rocks the party

Quest crew DOMINATED last night on ABDC. So for those of you who missed it here were there two performances. The winner will be announced next week.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's just

life has been rough the last couple days. Qiana has been sick and actually tested positive for's still a mild case and hasn't made its way to her lungs yet,but has taken its toll on her head, completely clogging her sinuses and causing a nasty cough. Today has been the worst day as she has been choking on the nasal crap in her throat and has thrown up all over herself three times today. I am doing okay, but today has been tough emotionally, and I have felt very alone.nothing a good cry can't fix.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

go shorty it's your birthday...

Yesterday was my good friend Michelles' birthday so of course I had to help her celebrate. Last year we were in disneyland during this time of year, and since there was no way to compete with that I decided to keep it simple. I took her on a progressive dinner to some of Moses Lake's hot spots.
Our first stop was Denny's for appetizers and drinks.

Every birthday girl should have a crown and boa.

even Qiana joined in the fun, although she wasn't feeling as perky as usual.

Our next stop was Inca for our main dish of Nachos. There nachos are sto delicious there. Piled high was ground beef, shredded beef, chicken, beans, and lots of cheese!

wow....that was A LOT of nachos.

Even Qiana got tuckered out.

little sidenote: funny story, so last night while we were dining at Inca we saw the skinny homeless walking guy (a moses lake icon) eating at a table near by. Emily wanted to get a picture of him for a future blog so we tried a covert op to get a picture....well apparently skinny homeless walking guy has special powers and totally caught us trying to take a picture and yells out "no". seriously the most awkward moment ever. I tried to quickly recover and took the camera from michelle and pointed it at them, like we were taking pictures of everyone at the table, and quickly erased his picture just in case he confronted us. it was so awful.
anyway, as is tradition at Inca I got the staff to sing happy birthday to Michelle...really anything for free food right?

After Inca we headed to Shari's for dessert. Then home to watch American idol (go danny!)

What fun night! Now for a quick list...


5. She is a Westlife super fan. Seriously if they have a version of a song she has it. She also is the queen of random rap remix's and always knows the lyrics. One of the best people to have in the car with you on trips.

4.She has the best smile. It's so contagious, but in a good way.

3. She is down for anything. Roadtrips. acting silly. Taking random pictures.

2. She is always willing to help. She has an amazing work ethic and if she signs up to do something she pulls through.

1. If she's not funny then why does my face hurt...

Like kids, Michelle says the darndest things that then become part of our vernacular.
"just do what feels good"
"you're silly"
"everything's better in three's"
"....(question mark)"
"it must be my portuganity"

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

you got the right

Because of my vacation and being sick I didn't get a chance to post the last two performances from "quest crew" on america's best dance crew....and they were awesome!

the challenge in week 3 was britney spears. They were assigned a song and then given an extra challenge. Apparently in britney's performances of toxic on stage she performs part of the song, quest crew had to do the same.

the challenge in week 4 was "whack track". The crews were assigned a whack track from the past and they had to make the signature moves from that video "cool". Quest crew got "NKOTB" and "the right stuff". Quest crew + NKOTB =LOVE!


Monday, February 9, 2009

it's been so long...long...long...

Oh so much to tell you. Sorry I've been away from the blogging world for like a week now, and I feel so behind. OKay where to start....

On the 29th Qiana had her 4 month check up, and everything is splendid. she is rockin the 75-90% in height, weight, and head so she is doing great. remember how I was freakin out about tummy time and makin sure she was developing okay....well apparently she has the muscle strength motor skills of a 6 month old, and has all the tools needed to roll over and start moving she just has to have the I guess I'll calm down now.

(apparently Qiana thought she could make some extra cash by showing me a little something...)

The next day we left for a little VaCa in Utah and it was so much fun. Qiana was a dream on the plane (she pretty much falls asleep the moment we sit down, and stays asleep until I am deboarding...yeah I know...awesome). We rented a car, which a was a little drama cause Qiana just wanted to be done walking around and really needed to eat, but once we got settled in the car and she was fed life was good again. We stayed at Cali's and it was so fun hanging out with her, joey, and her kids. Cali had a bumbo seat, that Qiana pretty much loved

...apparently it's really comfortable too.

We even got to be there for their big super bowl party, and even though I am not the hugest fan..any excuse to have a party with amazing food, is alright with me!

Qiana even wore red for the Cardinals in honor of Joey's team.

Cortney came over one day and took some amazing pictures of Qiana. He has a couple on his blog, and I can't wait to see the rest.

I got to hang out with my friend Tamu and her family which is always a great time. The kids loved Qiana, and I don't think she minded the attention at all.

The visit was so relaxing, and fun.

Oh funny story....and by funny I mean completely awkward. While visiting Charleen and her family an older couple stopped by to bring her dinner (she just had a knee replaced). They were explaining to her about some apparatus that the husband had used for his knee therapy a few months earlier and asked if she wanted one? this is the rest of the conversation...

older lady:

yeah ask your therapist and if you want it we could.... (pause to look at me and Qiana)
excuse me...
Ni**er rig you one.

she leaves and we all look stunned in disbelief.

Yep! She said it. Pre-apologizes, and then says it anyway. Like she couldn't think of any other way to say it, so she just had to! seriously! How ridiculous and awkward right?


The last day of the trip we both got sick and came home not feeling super awesome at all, so we just hung out. also, since we got back from the trip Qiana has been a little needy and just starts fussing the moment I set her down, and smiles the moment I come back. who knows what that's all about. I have mentionned before how she is really starting to babble alot, but I have such a hard time capturing it on film cause the moment she sees the camera she quiets and stares. So I lucked out in taking this.

She is also starting to laugh. it's hard to get it from her, but she makes you smile when she gives it up. (that's what she said)

When I was down in Utah Cali made a comment about my nails and I hadn't even realized how long they had gotten. I did a little buffing of them and was stunned at how pretty they looked. although two have now broken, so the moment was short lived....good thing I caught it on film.