Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Don't go chasin waterfalls...just stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to.

Q loves herself some water.

I set up a little sprinkler out in the yard, and she has enjoyed playing in that in the evenings. I really need to scan some pictures I have of myself as a child, cause some of the faces she makes looks exactly like me...it's crazy.
The other day, we went out to the South End and hung out with Uncle Tom, Gail, Alysha, Myca and her boys. The Muirheads were in town for a couple of days and they wanted to get some water time in. Q became instantly fascinated with the jet ski, and didn't ever want to get off. Uncle Tom was nice enough to float it around the shallow end for a couple minutes, and she was in heaven!

On another note.
I was making Q's 12-18 month old book the other day, and noticed that I only had 2 pictures of Emily with Q. Emily was NOT okay with this.  
Therefore, OPERATION PICTURES has been in effect. 

So there is proof that Emily is still around...and Q loves her still!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm gonna make a change for once in my life...

I joined Rachel and her dad on the water a couple nights ago.
Robert came along too.
We were "boat riders" while Rach and Brent took turns skiing.
I have never been much for water skiing, or tubing, and much prefer to sit and enjoy the boat ride.
Plus, Brent treated us to some yummy ice cream afterwards...so it was a great night!!

It really was something that I needed.

I always feel like blogging during that "particular time of the month" is much like somebody drunk dialing a whole group of people at once. The message is often emotional, non sensical, and often leaves you confused and feeling slightly awkward...but I'm going to do it anyway.

I have decided to move.
Well, actually I have been thinking about moving since I got back here 9 years ago, but the desire has only increased in the last couple of years.
And now, it's like I can't bare to live here one more day. Every day I want to pack up and just leave. Every day I cry. Every day, I wonder how my life got to this point.
I feel like I am stuck, and I just need to finally make a decision and get out. Take a leap and hope that it works out.  I know, that with a child, I can't afford to fail...but I have to trust that I am smart enough to figure out how to make this work. I have to make this work.
I feel like my world is closing in around me, and I get so anxious and stressed out that I can hardly breathe. I sit up at night, trying to figure out what I need to do to make a better, happier life for me and for Q. I feel like I have just been going through the motions. get up. go to work. feed Q. play. sleep. and that I haven't truly been living a life. I want to be happy, i need to be happy, I want my family to be happy.
I understand that I have some good things here, but I don't think I will ever truly be content living here and I need to go and find a life. Moses lake is a great place but it just doesn't have what I need, and if I am honest with myself...Moses Lake has never really felt like home. I originally came back here, to work and save money for a new stage in life, and instead just never left. Moses Lake became "comfortable", but it's time for me get out there and find something, some place, some job, some life that I love.

-I need to find a career that I can stand to do for the next 30+ years. Cause let's face it, I will most likely be a working woman.
-I need to be in a bigger city. Small town living just isn't for me. I had an emotional breakdown yesterday after I discovered that no place in town how any sandals for Q. I need to live somewhere, where I can find shoes for my child!
-I need to live somewhere, that offers more of a social life, or dating scene for me. I understand that it may be that I am meant to be single, but I at least want to have the opportunity to see what's out there, and maybe have some options of guys. There is nothing in Moses Lake.
-I want Q to have every opportunity for a great education, fun activities, and tons of friends.
-I need to get out of this bubble, and get a life.

So anyway.
By February 2011 I will move. To Utah. Anywhere between Provo and Salt Lake.

I am hoping to move sooner...so finding a job, and an affordable place to live is a top priority!

I am going down to Utah next week, to hang out, see friends and family, and start my search.
Any advice, help, ideas, or opportunities that you guys can provide are completely welcome.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mmm whatcha say? Mmm that you only meant well? Well of course you did

This is a pop culture post....yep I'm getting back to my roots.

I have so many thoughts (and some rants) about some current pop culture stuff and I figured why not just blog about it.

1. I love the Real Housewives of NJ, but am beginning to have to fast forward thru every scene that Danielle is in. That lady is CRAZY DELUSIONAL! On the other hand, I want to pack up my stuff and move in with Caroline, cause that lady is awesome.

2. Bethenny Frankel is by far my favorite "housewife" on all of the Real Housewives shows that are out there, and I have loved watching Bethenny getting Married? (great title right...I feel like this would be exactly what people would say if they heard that I had finally found somebody too...what? Angie's getting married?). Anyway. Bethenny is so freakin hilarious, and pretty much the queen on the one liners of reality show tv. Plus her husband is so dang adorable, and with a new baby too...you can't help but cheer for her.

3. Do you like hip hop? Then you must download the new albums by Drake, Eminem, and the Roots. All amazing.

4. So you think you can dance.....oh where do I start with this?
We will go with an old school pro's and con's list.

pro: No more mary murphy
con: with the constant shameless self-promoting from Nigel, the crying, the blantant favoritism, and the sometimes confusing comments...I pretty much fast forward through all the judges comments anyway.

pro: The all-stars have all been super amazing. and so fun to watch
con: on many of the routines, I completely forget to even watch the "contestants".  Talk about being overshadowed by dance veterans....not quite sure that was a good plan.

pro: There have been some amazing routines this season
con: Often times the judges overreactions of crying, and standing ovations, and overbearing praise completely ruin my view of the dance and I then can't stand anybody involved.

This brings me to my biggest rant of the show.....Alex Wong.
1. yes he was an amazing dancer...he should have been since he was in a dance company!
2. yes the hip hop routine with Twitch was good...but the best hip hop routine of the show? ever? c'mon!
3. yes, his official talent is that of a "ballet dancer" but you can't tell me that he hasn't been trained in other forms? that through his many years of dance, since childhood, that he hasn't taken any other dance classes? that that hip hop routine or that contemporary routine was his first time ever dancing in those genres? sorry...I don't buy it.

Don't get me wrong. I liked Alex. I think he is an amazing dancer, but to me he symbolizes what is wrong with the whole show. I thought the show was to discover the next unknown dancer, To give someone the opportunity, that they may not normally have, to get a dance contract, to get signed to a company, to get dance jobs. Like Danny of season 2, Alex is already in "the business". He has already been discovered, he is already making a name for himself. How is it fair that small town dancers, like Kent, have to go against these people that have so much more experience than they do? American Idol doesn't let somebody who has had a recording contract, whether they were successful or not, or even if they never put out an album be a contestant on their show...so why does SYTYCD allow successful dancers? Is it because Nigel is more concerned about showcasing "amazing" Emmy-winning routines, instead of actually making an over-night success?
It's obvious, from the Top 10 selection this year that Nigel must not be too happy with the "untechnical" dancers winning so many seasons, so he has stacked the deck with mostly contemporary, technical dancers, hoping that one of them finally wins.

there...I'm done. 

5.  Thank goodness for the USA network. They provide me so many awesome summer shows. Burn Notice, Psych, White Collar, and Royal Pains...all great great shows.

6.  Songs I am loving right now:

1. Alicia Keys feat beyonce: Put it in a love song  (alicia plus beyonce?  yeah it's a great combination!)
2. DJ Klahed: All I do is win (try not to get pumped up to this song...just try...yep it's impossible)
3. Taio Cruz: Dynamite (great dance song...or turning it up loud and drive around in your car)
4. Enrique iglesias: I like it  (also a great dance jam...gotta love enrique!)
5. Travie Mccoy feat bruno Mars: Billionaire (ultimate awesome summer song)
6. Drake: Find your love
                Fireworks  (feat. Alicia Keys)  (i love drake. seriously. )
7. Eminem feat. Rihanna: Love the way you lie (Eminem's album is less pop sounding and more angry rap, which is what Eminem does best...he had a lot of issues to work through...hope this album helped)
8. Justin Bieber feat Usher: Somebody to love (remix) (so dang catchy!!  I love it)
9. Trey Songz: Your side of the bed (oooohhh Trey Songz!. Ladies, look at a picture of his album cover and give me one reason not to long this smooth r'n'b singer)
10. The Roots: Dear God 2.0 (The roots know how to make real hip hop, and hip hop with a voice, a cause. They play real instruments, and have so much talent)
11. Jamie Foxx feat. Justin Timberlake: Winner. (the title says it all)

Any thoughts on pop culture you want to share? Any topics you want me to cover next time?

Monday, July 19, 2010

it's time to dance...are you ready...let's do it...a break it down..

I have mentionned Q's obsession with Yo gabba gabba before....and it hasn't changed. The girl LOVES this show. 
For christmas, Emily had gotten her this DJ Lance Rock hat and glasses. And I have had it on her dresser ever since. A little over a week ago, I got it down and Mitch tried it on. I wish I would have gotten a picture of Q's reaction...cause she was stunned! I can only imagine, that to her, DJ Lance was now in her living room.  
Ever since then she has been loving the hat and glasses, and often requests to put in on whenever we watch the show.
Isn't she freakin adorable?

She found a mirror by her toys, and just loved her reflection
Everyone likes to get in on the action!!

so much fun.
This makes me even more excited for our little mommy and me date I have planned in November. The Yo Gabba Gabba live tour is coming to Spokane Nov 12, and I got tickets the instant I heard...I have a feeling this girl is gonna go nuts.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Once we watched a lazy world go by, now the days seem to fly. Life is brief, but when it's gone, love goes on and on

Things I love:

A photo post by Q

I love being outside

I love standing on the ottoman, especially if I can dance
I love slides. Slides in parks, slides in water.
I love swimming and playing in grandma's yard
I love being silly and making people laugh
I love bath time!!
I love shoes!
I love sitting in my chair. I bring it inside and outside, and love chillin. 
I love helping mommy in the kitchen
I love accessories!

I love running errands with mommy
I love being adventurous...especially if water is involved
I love swings
I love coloring

I love eating

I love looking at the horses

I love playing hide and seek

I love the summer!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

We'd blister in the sun. We couldn't wait for night to come. To hit that sand and play some rock and roll.

Me and Q have been having a great summer with Family.

 One afternoon, Q and I went down to tri cities to hang out with Jared and Lindsay's crew. The kids had a lot of fun playing in the water in the backyard.  They had sprinklers, hoses, a pool with slide, and bubbles.  Q was in heaven!

Aren't these two girls just the cutest!

Then we were so lucky to have Mitch come to visit...and he brought Vanessa!!  We had so much fun. We hung out, ate, played in the water, and took a little boat ride.

Q just loves Mitch

 and Vanessa was so super sweet with her...I think she has Q's heart as well.

This was Q's first time on a boat and she just loved it.  She wasn't scared at all, and in fact kept trying to stand up to look around better. this girl has no fear when it comes to water...and that is a little scary.

I'm not the hugest fan of swimming in the lake (too many gross things living in there), But Mitch was more than willing to play around with Q in the water. She was loving just laying back in the water and resting her head on the lifejacket.

After boating we stopped at DQ for a little treat...

Yeah...Q liked it.

While Mitch watched one of the World Cup soccer games, the girls headed to the aquatic center. We had a lot of fun swimming, sunbathing, eating, floating on the lazy river, and watching the little girls go down the kiddie slides.

During the week Kim, Elsie, Mitch, vanessa, Q and I went to see Toy Story 3. It was gonna be Q's first movie, and I was a little nervous.  I made sure she was rested, I got snacks, and brought her blanket.  I had no need to worry! Q sat the entire time. was content watching a great movie, eating some gummy bears, occasionally holding Elsie's hand, snuggling with her blanket or her mommy...and only briefly needed to get up once...to dance....apparently the disco music playing while Ken doll modeled his clothes was to tempting for her...the girl loves music.

It was so fun having Mitch here!

One night we spent time at Jared and Lindsay's house just hanging out. The kids had so much fun playing together. At one point we were entertained with a dance competition with all the kids.  It was so awesome!  the little girls got into the dress up clothes, and thought they all looked so pretty.
Then the kids convinced Mitch to play some nintendo. Of course every kids had to have a remote control! It was so funny, cause this was towards the end of the night and I was needing to leave to get Q to bed, so I gave Carson a time limit...and he completely stressed out about it.  This kid could not get the game started fast enough, and having all the little girls grapping at his stuff and ruining everything just made it worse...oh it was hilarious. needless to say, this kid probably won't be playing any "lightning rounds" on a game show any time soon.
Q and Elsie got to spend some one on one time together while Kimmy was up here for the 4th and the week after. I love seeing how all of Q's cousins take such good care of her and love playing with her and teaching her things.  She is gonna have so much fun with them through the years!

I am also so thankful for my family's willingness to be a "jungle jim" for my daughter!  She loves these aunts and uncles!