Monday, September 30, 2013

Let's get together whatdaya say?

If anybody even hints about wanting an Earl Girl get happens. And I love it. It always ends up being a perfect weekend. Two full days of good food, family, laughs, cries, bonding, and games. I love the fact that my cousins are my best friends. I love that although our ages range from mid 30's to barely out of the teens, we all still get along, and love being together. I remember, as a kid, being annoyed that the boy cousins got to split up into "older" boys and "younger boys" for sleepovers, and the girls had to all be together (since I was one of the oldest girl cousin)...but now I'm grateful for that, cause it bonded us all together starting at such a young age. I love these ladies and I love the ladies that have become "earl girls" through marriage. We are all different and yet so similar, and there is never a dull moment. 
Before we headed up to the reunion site, Kim Lindsay and I did some shopping (without kids) and met up with some of the cousins in SLC to have a delicious lunch and get our chat on. It was a great start to the weekend.

This year David and Peggy hooked us up with some condos at a timeshare in Wolf Creek. The scenery was beautiful, and it was a perfect place to get away. Families had their own area to get away to "sleep" or put babies down, but honestly, if only for a couple hours of "sleep" we were almost always together. 

We repeated our amazing plan from last time, and assigned each "family" one meal. That way we could just chill all weekend long, and not have to worry about leaving our place. Plus, that way we got to try eat all types of yummy food and only had to prepare one meal. Perfect! Our family loves and more importantly appreciates good food, so I'm always excited to see what everyone comes up with. And it did not disappoint. It was all delicious!

When we weren't stuffing our face with food, we were talking, and laughing, and having fun. At times there would be over 5 different conversations going on at once and it was awesome. The first night there we spent some time going around the room and getting updates and thoughts from all the ladies, and it was so fun, sad, and special.  The second night we dove right into amazing games and laughed until we cried (real tears for some). 

craziest picture ever! what happened to my arm? 
One afternoon, we even got the royal treatment when Mandi and Myca set up a "nail salon" in the room, and we each got  our nails shellaced. And people, I am now a believer! That paint stayed on my nails for almost 2 weeks...when normal nail polish usually peels off the next day. It was awesome. 

We also took the traditional cousin picture. We got it done the first night cause we were all lookin good, and really didn't want to have to "get ready" anymore that weekend. This picture will be up at grandma's forever, so we have to look good. 
aren't we a good lookin bunch

we decided to all look in a different direction

top model pose
Love these girls!

can't wait for next time!!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

I don't want no cake on my birthday, I want my cake everyday!

Happy Birthday to this fun little girl.

1.What is your name? Qiana

2.Do you have any nicknames? Q, hugglemonster, sugarplum

3.How old are you?  5

4.What is your favorite color?   Yellow

5.What is your favorite movie? Night at the Museum 2

6.What is your favorite TV show?  Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

7.What is your favorite thing to eat? Macaroni and cheese

8.What is your favorite drink?     Milk

9.What is your favorite snack?    Cheez its

10.What is your favorite treat?     Vanilla ice cream

11.What is your favorite game? Candyland

12.What is your favorite toy?   Stuffed Zebra

13.What is your favorite animal? Elephant

14.What is your favorite song? Master of the Sea (from Ice age 4)

15.What is your favorite book?    The Hungry Caterpillar

16.What is your favorite thing to do outside? find treasures (rocks, sticks, etc)

17.What is your favorite thing to do inside? watch tv with mommy

18.What is your favorite part about school? to play with my friends

19.What is your favorite place? Disneyland, because it has a bunch of rides

20.What do you like to take to bed with you at night?    my stuffed animals and dream light

21.What do you want to be when you grow up?    a paleontologist, because I like digging for dinosaur bones

22.Who is your best friend? Maddox, he's at my school

23.What makes you happy? to be with my momma, play with my cousin Elsie

24.What makes you sad? When my mommy gets mad a me sometimes, but it doesn't matter cause I still love her

25.What makes you laugh? When my mom scares me. When I make my mommy laugh. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Whenever, Wherever, Whatever

I was thinking that I hadn't blog in awhile and was so stressed that I was probably so behind again, and overdue for some major back posting. But then I got online, looked through pictures and realized that I had nothing to really report for August. I don't know if that makes me sad or relieved.

So here is August in words:
The last part of July, first of August Q enjoyed a few hours each day at a day camp run by the Orem Rec center, and she was in heaven, Actually we both were. She got to be outside with other kids, playing, making messes, having fun, while I got to run errands alone or sit at home and work or catch up on shows. it was a real win/win situation.
The last couple weeks of August were rough to get through. Q was ready to be back in school (as most of the older grades wee going back) but preschool didnt start back up until after Labor day. She was asking each day what we were going to do, or where we were going today, and I wanted to pull my hair out. So I decided that we would take one week (or however long it would take) of the remaining time of the summer and go through our place and dejunk!
I am desperately wanting to redecorate my family area, so I wanted to go through and get rid of any decorative items that I couldn't repurpose. I am hoping to go with a brighter living space, and have my eye on an awesome orange couch at IKEA.  yes, that means that the gold couches are gonna be gone and I have mixed feelings about it. They have been such a big part of my life for so long, and c'mon they are GOLD couches how can you not love them, but I think it's time for a change.
I also knew that both my closet and Q's closet had tons of clothes that were too small and thus needed to just go. I have finally, once and for all, embraced the fact that I am a jeans, t-shirt, stylish cute shoes kind of girl. Every year I buy clothes thinking I will change my style and every year those items stay untouched in my closet. I am done with wasting money on clothes I will never wear. I am embracing my size and style. I feel most confident when I am comfortable and fitted jeans (i have moved on from boot cut to skinny stretch jeans) v neck t's, and cute canvas shoes. Q is in between sizes but leans more to the 5T now (she's got a booty, thighs, and arms that sometimes don't fit the skinny 4T) so I had almost her whole wardrobe from last year to get rid of....and that meant new clothes to buy for her! Good thing we got some clothes from Elsie to help ease the stress of that spending. I am so lucky in that Q still has absolutely no opinion on what she wears. Sometimes I will ask her, and she'll randomly pick a shirt from the closet...but if I don't ask, she doesn't say anything. Hopefully this means she knows she can trust me!  She has gotten quite good at picking out matching hair accessories and earrings that go with her outfit, and will actually point out to me when her earrings don't match and need to be changed...that's the Grandma Tami in her.
Q was an amazing helper with the cleaning, and we got it all done in the mornings of 4 days..and now I feel so much better about life. For her reward Q got a Miss Piggy doll. It thrills me to no end that she loves Miss Piggy as I have been a big fan since I was a child. I mean I even had Miss Piggy posters in my room.


At the end of August Q started playing soccer, her first year, and she is loving it.  She has some challenges with her team..1) the coach was a last minute parent volunteer who is really quiet and doesn't quite know what she is doing 2) she has a girl on her team with some developmental issues (ADD, OCD, and I suspect mild aspergers) and is REALLY hard to play with. She is constantly knocking down her own team (if she's even playing), or off playing in the grass, or sitting down playing with her shoes.  But Q loves it, and I try to help sideline coach her when I think she needs it. The teams are a bunch of 4-5 year olds so there isn't much you can do. She is actually really good at being aggressive and getting in and fighting for the ball, and suprisingly can come out of a few player clusters still in control of the ball and dribbling. She scored her first her goal on Wednesday and she was so excited!!  I try to not put a whole lot of emphasis on "scoring" since that is gonna lead to a lot of disappointment if kids think that is the whole measure of success in soccer (I played for 6 years and never scored--of course I played defender, but still). But she is doing a great job of staying in the game, running her heart out, and trying to keep our team in control of the ball, so I couldn't be happier with her.  Right now her biggest thing to work on is rebounding after a fall (or trip) and realizing that in sports most people aren't going to say "sorry". She has a hard time with this
After her first soccer practice...

before her first game. She was to excited and had no desire to pose for a picture

Fierce on the field

Coming home after her first goal...Giddy. 

Since school and soccer started our time with Kim and Elsie has been severely reduced and we can't say we are too happy about it, but I guess that's what happens with life. Yuck. We did meet them one day at the Provo Rec center over Labor Day weekend for some swimming fun. The girls had a blast, and were even more thrilled when we saw this Mermaid girl come into the water!!  I guess this is a "thing" now, and this girl does parties, events, and lives this whole mermaid lifestyle thing (like LARPing). It was pretty cool though.

The Mtv VmA's were at the beginning of September. I love award shows, so of course I watched. On this one I mostly fast forward through the actual awards and just watch the musical performances, which are usually really good or really horrible. But this year was especially awesome because Justin Timberlake received the Michael Jackson video Vanguard award and did a whole performance of his songs and even had a mini N'sync reunion!! I was ecstatic the minute I heard the rumors, and couldn't wait for the show!  I love me some n'sync, some JT, and some great music and dancing. His set did not disappoint. My only wish is that I could have watched it with other true fans like my family and friends. 

If you missed the performance: here it is!

Cali and I got to spend some quality one on one cousin time a couple weekends ago and it was sooooo  fun! Joey was out of town, and I asked if she wanted to hang out (since I knew the weekends were usually her get of the house days). Q got to hang out with the kids (which she LOVES), and Cali and I went out for some delicious Indian Food, and dessert at The Chocolate (the cazookie).  It was such a great, relaxing evening.  I just love my family, and getting some one and one time with Cali (something we havent done in YEARS) was just what I needed. 

Q finally started again and Q is in heaven! She just loves her teacher and loves being around other kids, and learning.  She missed the cut off for Kindergarten this year, so will have her third year in Preschool, but I think it will be good for her. It will be good for her to be one of the older kids in her class, it will be good for her to have another year to learn the basics before heading into school, and since she has been there before it will be good for her to have opportunities to be a helper and teach the new kids things she already knows. She will love it. 

This past weekend Q got to go to her first friend birthday. When she got the invite in the mail she was so excited. These twins were in her preschool class last year, and Q was excited to see them again. The party was at the Farm Country in Thanksgiving Point, and I was intrigued because we hadn't been there before. Q was excited to dress up "like a cowboy" and see animals (This is her Grandpa Earl side coming out...I think it skipped me). The Farm Country is pretty cool, and Q had a blast.  I of course made she sure we thoroughly washed our hands upon leaving. I did get kind of giddy seeing her up on the pony though...horses may freak me out, but they will always remind me of Grandpa Earl. 

Q had her 6 month check up at the dentist and she is still cavity free! Yeah!! Within the next year we will work on her space in between in top front teeth before her baby teeth fall out and her permanent teeth come in, the dentist said some kids grown out of the space but I told him she wouldn't since it's a familiar trait on both sides on my family. I love our dentist, and Q loves the balloon animals she gets after each visit. 

Her gotta love a kid who laughs while getting her teeth cleaned. 

and now for some funny things with Q:

I got this costume at Costco (can't beat 19$ for a costume and wig) and it just made me smile the minute she put it on

Elsie and Q were doing this "dance" on the floor the other day...Kim and I thought it was "risque" but hilarious. I'm sure it's equal to the many pelvic thrusts we would do in dances as a kid. Oh to be naive.

The new school/soccer schedule has been an "adjustment" for Q. Gone are the days of hanging out late with mom watching shows.  Her breakdowns can be intense, but somewhat comical (for me). 

And that brings us up to date!