Friday, March 30, 2012

at the hop hop hop hop hop.

here are my Easter shelves....I plan on getting new stuff up for a full Spring shelf, but wanted to do some holiday stuff first. 

first up, the wreath. 

I bought these butterflies at the dollar store, so I used some easter cardstock, and mounted them on a frame. For the large egg I bought a carvable egg that was on sale at michaels, cut a hole, decoupaged it, put it on a block(so it would sit up), then used this bird I got at the dollar store and a nest I found online, and made a little birdhouse. This was Q's favorite item. 

I got these cheap letters at hobby lobby and modge podged some paer on them, then did some embellishling with stickers, and sequins. 

This bunny we added a couple days ago after we made this little craft with Kimmy and Elsie. Q insisted we put it on the wall...and I think it fits perfectly. 
Happy Easter!

Monday, March 19, 2012

just keep swimming, just keep swimming

Q has been taking swim lessons at the Orem rec center 3 days a week for 30 min..... and she loves it! the girl just loves being in the if she can actually pay attention long enough to learn some skills! She finished preschool 1 this week, and I've signed her up for preschool 2 that starts next week. Supposedly after preschool 2 they should be able to float on stomach and back unassisted...i'm hoping that with all these swim lessons, we will really have some fun at the waterpark this summer. They make the parents go and sit up in the galley and watch thru a window. Q had a couple day last friday, and was just being a beast for her teacher. she kept swimming off on her own, spitting water at kids, and not listening to instructions (poor teacher). I actually ended up coming down the pool area, and sat on a bench giving her the death mom glare for the remainder of the time. That girls sure gives me a run for my money sometimes.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Let's get together, whatdaya say we could have a swingin time.

Boy, I don't know what Q and I would do without these girls to hang out with. We have some good times, and it's fun for the girls to have somebody else to play with.

Last month, for valentine's day, Elsie and Kim came over and we made and decorated sugar cookies. I'm not a big fan of sugar cookies, so I never make them, but I forget how much I love decorating cookies. Q had a blast and got messy. but what fun! 

I had seen this art project on pinterest, and then a girl in Elsie's class brought it in for show and teach, so Kim had the idea to try it out with the girls. It was a hit. who knew that celery could make such pretty flowers?

The weather was soooooooo nice that day, so we broke out Elsie's scooter, and Q's bike and played outside for a bit. 

 What a great day. 
There's a new jumping place in orem, and a couple months ago they had a two for one deal on groupon, so Kim and I had both snatched one up. a couple weeks ago, we went for our first time to try it out. It's a little small than ones we had been to in the past, but it's new so the jumping things were clean, and we were the only ones in there the entire can't beat that. The girls both enjoyed themselves, and Kim and I even got in on the action a bit. They had this huge jumping mat in the center, that was super fun...until the end, when Q got bounced a little too high, flopping her neck and back, and leaving her crying. she was fine after a little cuddling, but we were done with the jumping place and we all headed to our place to play a little bit more. 

Then one afternoon last week, I redboxed "Footloose", brought it over, and Kim and I watched it with smiles as the girls played around and watched a movie of their own. 
We love these girls so much!