Thursday, January 31, 2008

i have nothing...nothing

this week has kind of been a blah week. work has been....well work. no real "funny" stories to tell. nothing too exciting on tv except american idol and other random reality shows....just basically nothing to blog about. plus i've been a little under the weather so my mind is just not working properly. Hopefully this weekend will bring more stories. I still have so much to do on my house, with organization, decorating, laundry, and grocery shopping....sometimes it all seems like too much and i just want to curl up in my warm bed and sleep. no....i need to get motivated.

Monday, January 28, 2008

baby it's cold outside...

i hate this weather. i am cold all the time. i am sitting here at my desk, with my space heater, socks, and coat on and am still shaking from the cold. this sucks. i can't even think when the weather is like this.....

Friday, January 25, 2008

They say music can alter moods and talk to you...

song lyrics can make you happy, make you sad, make you angry, and make you......confused.....?

I'm at karaoke last night and some girl gets up to do her rendition of "i wanna sex you up" and i am reminded again about the lyrics in that song that just don't make any sense....

"we can do it til' we both wake up..." ?? what? why were they both sleeping during it?


"makin' love until we drown..." ?? is that even possible?

Then today I am listening to some rod stewart and "broken arrow" comes on....have you heard this one? the chorus goes something like this...

"who else is gonna bring you a broken arrow? who else is gonna bring you a bottle of rain?"

what? is this something that somebody actually wants? is this a good thing? i personally would rather have an arrow that actually works, and maybe a bottle of some fiji water....not rain....that doesn't make sense...

anyway, it's a random post i know...but i just had to get it out there....

any other lyrics that don't make sense?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

work it...i need a glass of water

I am still in the process of decorating, so before and after pictures will just have to wait until i can really show you the transformation....but let me tell you it was a process.


1.painted all the walls. a basic off-white color went on the majority of the walls

with a bright color on one wall in the family room (chocolate brown)

my bedroom (orange)

and the guest bedroom (green)

The bathroom was completely repainted (blue)

All the rooms took at least 2 coats of paint, with a primer needed in the kitchen to turn the rust orange to cream

and the bedrooms

to turn the white to orange and green.

2.deep cleaned the whole house. the house had previous renters that didn't clean anything...ever...let alone before they moved out, so along with a bunch of crap laid out on my yard next to the garbage can and a ridiculous snowman i had to demolish

i also had to go through the entire house and clean before anything could be done. i almost gagged cleaning out the cupboards and countertops of the kitchen

but michelle was a champ as she cleaned the walls and baseboards

3.installed new doorhandles and deadbolts to the front and back doors.

This was quite a process (pretty much everything has been), as the previous doorknob circle was more like an oval, and the doorknobs i bought wouldn't fit. but instead of buying new doorknobs, i decided to take my hammer and screwdriver and chisel out an actual circle and installed the hardware. yeah i kind of rocked that one. I also installed new outlet covers on all the outlets, as some were missing, some were white and didn't match, and all of them were disgustingly dirty

4.chiseled away my countertop in order to fit the fridge. maybe it's because the house is older, but for some reason the space alotted for the fridge was too small width wise for the new sized refrigerators

i could have just bought a fridge that fit the smaller space, but i am low on new fridge money right now, and besides... when i do buy a fridge i want a nice one that will most likely be the same size so i mine as well fix the space now right? luckily i had my friend zach around, who is handy with the tools, and he chiseled away the counter and made the fridge fit.

oh happy day!

5.installed a weathering strip on the backdoor. i used a hacksaw!

didn't even know what that was, but apparently it was necessary to cut the weathering sweep for the door down to the correct length...and i did it. then i installed it on the door, using an amazing mallet and screwdriver technique

(since a drill was not present).

we were all tuckered out!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

can we please pour out some liquor...

such a sad state of life...

two young amazing actors in hollywood

brad renfro


heath ledger

have died in the past week (heath, just a couple hours ago)

possibly and most likely due to crazy.

such a waste of talent and so sad for the families and friends they are leaving behind.

they did some amazing work (example: brad at such a young age proved he could stand head to head with susan sarandon in "the client", and heath had won wave reviews for brokeback mountain and his portrayal of "the joker" in the new batman movie....) who knows what else they could have brought to the entertainment industry.

master of the house...

the last four days have been some what of a little adventure. I have been busy painting an entire house and moving in my stuff. My friends were kind enough to take pictures to document the whole transformation and when i get those i will be sure to post them. It was a lot of hard work, but for the most part it is done....and it feels GREAT! I slept in my new home for the first time last night, and i loved it. This is truly the start of a new era in my life. There is still some work that needs to be done, but just sitting there, looking around, at all the work that has been done by me and my little helpers, just makes me smile.

today i am back at work. tired. very sore. still a little stressed.....but owner! :)

p.s. i wanted to give a huge shout-out and great big hug to all my friends and family that helped make my vision for a my home a reality. my friends who spent their weekend painting an cleaning. aaron, ryan, mitch, matt, stu, and zach who showed up and helped me move all my crap. and to zach who actually made my fridge fit!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

i need a hero...i'm holding out for hero


Strong males
(and by strong i mean stronger than me)

to assist me in moving my large items
such as couches, bed, dressers, tables, etc...
into my new home.

When: Monday January 21st @ 6:00pm
Where: meet at my current home

I am hoping to get this done all in one swoop,
so any help would be appreciated.

any questions?
just give me a call.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hope you can come up with the answers...

For those of you, like me, who watched the season premier of American Idol last night...

I have a few questions for ya...

1. mormon or not? .....has never watched an r-rated movie? looked "pure"....

2. "Special" or not? I found myself wanting to laugh at his try-out but then when he started talking I was thinking....uh-oh...I think someone played a cruel joke on the "special" kid....

3. Scared of her or not? I know her feelings got hurt and she cried....but the girl is a LINEBACKER! I'm just saying I wouldn't want to "bump" her the wrong way in the hall.

anyway...what do you think?

welcome to my nightmare...

A home buyer's dream?...more like a nightmare?

I was warned by my brother jared that going into this store would be overwhelming....that was an understatement... so much to look at...too much i think.

too many choices.

I went in for paint.

the lady was very helpful, very informative. all good so far.

i picked my paint, and she said it would be ready in 15 minutes....

then it all went downhill from there.

why did i have to wander? why did i feel the need to "look around"?

toilets, toilet seats, faucets, towel racks....aghh......all too much. Too many decisions...too much money....

i couldn't get out of there fast enough.

I think i'm startin to stress....

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

can i have some information please...

here are some answers to questions i have received about my earlier post:

1. for target and bed/bath/beyond a am under the "registry" but for wal-mart i am under the "wishlist"

2. colors: cream walls with accents of all colors used in appliances, cooking supplies, dishes, decorations

b. family room-chocolate brown wall, dark furniture, accents of all colors in textiles and wall decor

c. bathroom-light blue walls, brown and cream in textiles and decor

d. my bedroom-orange wall, brown cream and orange in textiles and decor

e. guest bedroom-green wall, green, pink, brown used in textiles and decor

cream is used in all rooms, with only an accent wall used of color as mentionned. chocolate brown is the color used throughout the house.

3. items such as kitchen/cooking utensils and bakeware i had no specific opinion about so although they are not on the lists they are much needed...just didn't know if there was something i should look for when buying these items. :)

thank you all for your support and love.

Monday, January 14, 2008

I am changing, I’ll get my life together now...

At 31
I thought by now
A wedding I would have had.

With parties-gifts
family, and friends, and
dresses in the latest fad.

I’m all grown up
And although my dreams
have not
all come true

I’ve got awesome friends
Family who cares
And so much more to do.

I’m becoming a grown-up
A task I have dread.
Adding more bills,
a mortgage,
and a home.

It’s a little house
A starter place
at most
With a full backyard
in which to roam.

It’s all pretty exciting
A big event
in this girl’s life
So a party is in place

A housewarming affair
With food and fun
And my new home
on display.

I’ve got a good sense
of color,
of fabric, and style
With big items already bought.

But I need your help
to finish the look
The simple, everyday,
Of which
I have not.

My style-
We’ll call retro modern,
My colors-
brown green orange
blue cream and pink

Bold yet classy choices
For this grown-up girl I think

So here’s the invite
to one and all
A party to attend

On February 9, 2008
For me

If you can’t come
I do understand
For some of you
the distance is to far

So let me say now
I appreciate your kind thoughts
And your generous
From the heart. :)

More information (for people who can attend)
such as directions and time to come later.

Angie Bates is registered at:

(although these lists contain stuff that I liked, they can be used a guideline--cause let's face it
you seasoned mothers, wives, and homeowners probably know more than me about what "i need")

here is a swatch of my basic color scheme:

Thursday, January 10, 2008

ch-check it out...wh-wh-what's it all about

My friend Emily aka: em wizzle, bootsie, and currently rockin the "Em K Dub" status has joined the blogging world. Ya'll should check it out, so you can see for yourselves how funny, random, and just plain silly this girl is.


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

i'm in to one else will do


10. FALSETTO-the dream. Any song that can use melodic moaning as a chorus gets my vote.

9. GROWN WOMAN-mary j blige. Mary j's new album is so fabulous and so far her three released singles, work that, just fine, and now grown woman show what an r'n'b powerhouse she is.

8. LET IT GO-keyshia cole. "they gonna mix it with was all a dream". great hooks, great beat, amazing vocals.

7. JUST A MOMENT-nas. Not a new song, in fact it came out a couple years ago, but for some reason my friends and i can't stop listening to it. the chorus is just so addictive. "as day comes, and night falls, for rest of my life we'll miss y'all..."

6. ROC BOYS (AND THE WINNER IS)-jay-z. One of my favorite rappers of all time, and with his new album American Gangster he proves what an amazing lyricist he can be. The beats of this song are awesome, and the use of the trumpets give it an old school jazz vibe.

5. ON THE HOTLINE-pretty ricky. Not kid appropriate, but a girl like me who has loved songs like "freak me" or "doin' it" or "i'll make love to you"...this song is a catchy little number that i can't get enough of.

4. LIKE YOU'LL NEVER SEE ME AGAIN-alicia keys. I have praised alicia's new album in the past, and this song is just another example of the power of alicia. the beat is smooth, vocals are tight, and with lyrics like "kiss me like you'll never see me again" can't deny that alicia is queen.

3. LOW- flo rida. "Shorty had them apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur..." c'mon you know that hook is catchy! and with that beat...undeniable. This song just makes me move every single time i hear it.

2. NEVER-jaheim. Jaheim's new album is so amazing...let me just get that out there. As he states in the first track of the cd he is the new king of r'n'b. And with his hit single never-jaheim shows off his smooth lyrics and soulful voice. my favorite line..."never would this playa hang his jersey up and leave the game"

1. WITH YOU-chris brown. "I need you boo, gotta see you boo..." Oh chris have a special place in my heart. P.S. The video for this song, once again shows off chris' amazing dance skillz, so check it out, and try to deny the fact that chris brown has got something special that won't fade anytime soon.

Monday, January 7, 2008

who loves you pretty baby...

"They wrote their own songs, invented their own sounds and sold 175 million records worldwide - all before they were 30. JERSEY BOYS relates the rags-to-riches story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, a group of blue-collar boys from the wrong side of the tracks who became one of the biggest American pop music sensations of all time"

Saturday me, michelle, emily, mindi, and my mom drove over to seattle to see "jersey boys" at the 5th avenue theater. so amazing.

The 5th avenue theater is such a gorgeous building, and I have such a strong tie to it as most of my first musicals were seen in that fabulous theater. Our seats were up in the balcony, but it didn't matter, because the music, the laughter, and the tears were felt throughout the theater hall. Frankie Valli and the four seasons had such amazing hits, that the soundtrack to the play was phenomenal.

Songs like--can't take my eyes off of you, my eyes adored you, walk like a man, sherry, big girls don't cry, bye bye baby (baby goodbye), stay (just a little bit longer), who loves you, and workin' my way back to you made everyone want to clap, dance, and of course sing along.

It was an amazing story of four guys from the block in jersey and their successes, failures, tragedies, and triumphs all highlighted with their hit songs. An A+ musical in my book, and not a shock that it won the tony award for Best Musical.

Friday, January 4, 2008

something has come over me and i think i know what it is...i think i'm in love

I'm in love......

with a dessert.

Arby's Cheesecake Poppers.

Has anyone else had these things? OH MY me these things are just more evidence that god exists. So amazing. These warm, creamy, and downright amazing cheesecake morsels are coated with a scrumptious graham cracker crust and served with a delicious raspberry dipping sauce. oh wow!! I am not usually a huge dessert person (no my fat intake always came from just wayyyyy too much food on my plate) but cheesecake has always been my kryptonite, and these little bites of heaven may be the death of me. Good thing only one or two does the trick right? I will save these amazingly delicious calories for special occasions, but just knowing they exist makes each day worth living.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

all I wanna do is have some fun...

Utah was sooooooooo fun. Its hard after a full trip to really be able to capture every moment, every joke, every memory and put it into a blog. so I will go with my....


(what the sex and the city girls might look like if they actually liked to eat...hahahahahhaa)

5. Roadtrip:
food stamps may not be able to buy diapers (as eminem once said), but they can buy a heck of alot of snacks for the road (thanks em).

With good music playing, good conversation,

an amazing new car game invented by michelle where you take pictures of drivers along the road from your passenger side window (just picture us laughing so hard after getting smiles, looks of confusion and amazement, and some middle fingers from drivers along the way)

and plenty to eat we hit the road.

The roads were a breeze for a champ like me, and thanks to an overnight pit stop at kimmie's (on the way down) the trip went amazing. The way home was a little rough as I had only gotten 3 hours of sleep before waking at 6am to hit the road for a 11 hour trip home,

but with these girls in the car who couldn't have fun?

a tradition started over a year ago, and yet lives on to this day.

helquist plays the same rhythm on the guitar and you sing a few lines from a song to that rhythm. then someone uses a word you just used and figures out a new song to sing. it usually ends up being a rap battle but is amazingly fun. Emily won this one when she bust out the "i got a cute face, chubby waist, thick legs, in shape...." complete with dance moves. you can't beat that....we got served!

My cousin Cali was so nice and let us chill at her house while she was away. What an amazing place in general, but that media room stole my heart. I never wanted to leave. We had a blast watchin' Stomp the Yard, Dreamgirls, and the Justin Timberlake concert on that big screen and pretty much felt like we were "in the movies"....which gave us the idea to stand next to the screen and pretty much play the parts we were watching. me and emily do an amazing re-inactment of "its all over/and i am telling you i'm not going" scene from dreamgirls.

My friends and I (mostly Emily) often break into dance parties as it is,

but add in some girls that can really move and you have yourself a party.

then add in some white boys who aren't afraid to bust a move "rhythm or no rhythm" and things just get plain crazy!

Three of my sista tamu's girls came over one night to hang out, watch a movie, and teach us some new dance moves.

...oh i love them.
(yeah my voice is pay attention to the dancing)

(gettin' "hifey" with E-40 and some freestyle)

("walkin it out")


As I posted earlier I love my girl Tamu. We met in beauty school almost 10 years ago, and have been like sisters ever since. Her family

has become my family and the time i get to hang with them is always so awesome.

(he just doesn't know how to handle his sparkling cider i guess)

Her girls are my "ride or die" chicks, her boys are the future heartbreakers of america, her husband is a great example of what a man and a husband should be

and Tamu, is now and forever one of my closest friends and someone I trust with my heart.

With my girls, our friend John (who luckily had nothing better to do , so we got to spend some quality time with him)

some bubbly

some singing, some amazing food

and a party attitude.

we rung in the new year with style.

Here's to a fierce and fabulous 2008!