Monday, January 24, 2011

I have a picture, pinned to my wall. An image of you and of me and we're laughing and loving it all...

Last November, during a visit to Nampa, I met up with my friend Zandra to have her take some pictures of Q for her 2 year mark.  Q was off and on with being cooperative, thus the different moods captured, but I think it totally fits her personality. Anyway, with the holidays and some family drama for her, it took a little bit to get them done, but Zandra got me the finished products a few days ago, and I love them.

These are some of the favorite pictures.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Don’t let haters get me off my grind... Whip my hair, if I know I’ll be fine

Q's hair is a constant fascination for me. I was ready for hair that needed more conditioning that caucasian hair. I was ready to teach her to sit still while I combed through the tangles and knots. I was ready to come up with all sorts of cute styles to make her coarse hair more manageable. 

But instead, Q came with this hair. 
Super fine and super curly. And at 2 1/2 years old it still hasn't fully come in...or maybe it has, and she won't have the full head of hair that I was expecting.

In the morning her hair looks like this.  Slightly matted, with occasional tangles...but no where near the nappiness I thought I would have to handle. Just a little bit of water, some leave-in conditioner, and a little combing through and she is ready to go. 

Notice the major emptiness in the back? Will this ever fill in?

After an especially crazy night of sleep or after I've been playing with it too much her hair looks very similar to Gene Wilder's in Willy Wonka...I often fear she will take away my everlasting gobstopper..

The other day, I thought I'd try to see if I could straighten her massively curly hair. I just quickly blew it dry with brushing through it, and used a small roundbrush. I didn't want to put too much effort into it, but it turned out okay.
Although I think, combined with her old fashioned looking dress, she looks like something straight out of the Color Purple...not exactly the look we were going for. 

We still put her hair in little ponytails or "pretty's" as she calls them, but she has some massive flyaways and fringe around the front, so she looks like she's rocking some wispy bangs...again...don't know if this will grown in either. 

I wash her hair every 3 days, so it doesn't get too dry, but use a leave in conditioner and smoothing serum each day. But her hair is actually quite soft, and as daishan's Rian described it "her hair feels like a sheep".
But when it's wet, it definitely has more of a wet shaggy dog appearance!!

With her lack of much length, massive curl, and large amounts of wispy fringe in the front, we choose to rock this style most days.
We embrace the curly, slap on a headband to cover up the missing hair in front, and give a feminine touch so people won't assume she's a boy (yep, people still call her a boys sometimes..apparently no amount of pink can outshine a short haircut when deciding a child's sex)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Students listen to the lesson I be teaching. Learn by Holy Intellect cuzz it's a blessing.

Some more super random Pop culture musings:

1. Often times when a song comes on that was used for a routine on SYTYCD or ABDC that routine, inevitably runs through my head the whole song.  I hear Apologize-and the Jabbawockeez come to mind, Bleeding Love-and Chelsie and Mark's routine pops in my head....

2. Oh Survivor, you found a way to suck me back in. Boston Rob on for another season...heck yes! Too bad I have to put up with Napoleon-complex Russell...but I'd do anything for Boston Rob.

3. I watched that movie "Valentine's Day" a couple weeks ago. The movie is seriously packed with like every star in hollywood and yet it was just...lame. I did get completely inspired by Jessica Beal's anti-love party, and hope to have my own broken heart pinata to crush with a bat this Valentine's day...

4. O-TOWN IS REUNITING!! Well minus APA (ashley parker angel for those who don't know)..not quite sure what he is doing that is keeping him too busy for this reunion, but the show will go on without him.  Maybe Ikaika can fill in for him?

5.  I really hate it when shows move around mid-season totally messing with my tv schedule. 30 rock moves to 10:00pm and now I have to sacrifice 30 minutes from either The Mentalist or Private does a girl decide between Taye Diggs or Simon Baker can't! you just can't!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Thank you for being a friend....

At the end of December, our Clinton moved back to Idaho, to "try his hand at farming".  We sure do miss our Coco.  We miss the Saturday morning stop by's with Q and I looking super carny in our bed head hair and pajamas. We miss the pizza parties, and movies. Q misses running around his perfectly pristine home, and playing with his tractor toys. Thanks Coco, for hanging out, the presents for Q, and being our friend!
We miss you Coco. 

This was Clinton's christmas present for Q:
It says "Coco is my homeboy"...and it's true. 

splish splash I was taking a bath...

I've mentioned Q's love of water...but she now has an obsession with bubbles! 

She can spend forever in the tub. Using the bubbles to make hair, beards, soupy concoctions in a cup, or blows the bubbles in my direction.  It's great entertainment!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Shake your groove thang, shake your groove thang...

My childhood was filled with video games, but once the controllers got more complicated than up, down, left, right, start, select, a, and b...I was done. I became the observer. But Christmas weekend, I went with Jared and Lindsay over to some friends of theirs to eat, hang out, and try out their new Xbox Kinect. No that's my kind of video game.  This thing was amazing, and so much fun. Although, I think the funnest part was watching Jared do all the different games. Jared jumping up and down as he wight water rafted=funny, Jared running or swinging his arms to do a long jump or diskus throw=belly laugh...but Jared doing his best moves in dance game=outright the best laugh I've had in a long time.

I present...Jared...

Sorry Jared, something this great just has to be shared!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hit me with your best shot...

While most people are writing about their exciting New Years eve events...I can summarize mine in one sentence: I sat at home alone, watched 3 episodes on Veronica Mars (I got addicted again), two movies (Going the distance, and Grown-ups), and an episode of instead...

Let me hit ya with some random pop culture thoughts....

1. I tried watching the first episode of Paula Abdul's "Live to Dance"...and it was painful. I'm just not a fan of shows that allow all ages to try out. It makes me uncomfortable. The old people are never very good, and who wants to tell a child that they didn't make it through?  It was two hours of awkwardness that I will never watch again.  My one highlight was watching 3 ex-Solid Gold dancers try out...and realizing that I could totally beat them in a dance battle.  I always wanted to be a Solid Gold dancer, and now realize that I totally could be.

2. Jersey Shore is back...and it is one fantastic hour of guilt pleasure television.  Man, these people are crazy, but I just love it. Man, I want to spend a summer at the shore!  Do any of you watch this show? Do you think that Sammy is probably the most BORING person on the planet?? Talk about all looks and no personality.

3. I finished Season 3 and Season 4 of Dexter in one week. Yeah, I'm that awesome, and that show is THAT good! It's a Showtime show, so anyone who can't handle that kind of language or violence wouldn't be fan, but it so freakin intense. I love it. Michael C. Hall plays creepy so good, and it can be quite humorous to watch his character try and socially relate to other characters.

4. Bruno Mars, R Kelly, and Jamie Foxx all came out with just fantastic albums in the last few months. Check them out.

5. Q is obsessed with movies, and we have watched ours so many times. Her favorites are the Shrek's and Toy Story's...with Princess and the Frog being her ultimate favorite.  I have now seen Toy Story 3 about 10 times, and tear up a little each Kevin Smith (a famous director/writer) described's like Shindler's list for toys.

6. I am addicted to Top Chef. and am loving Top Chef: Masters. I love watching the amazing dishes they produce each week amidst the drama and humorous conversations.  My favorites are Dale T. (a good friend of my brother Mitch), Fabio (he just makes me laugh), and Richard (he should have won his season, and I think he may take this season!). I don't know how Jamie is still there...that girl is ridiculous, and has yet to really make any significant dishes.

7. I am super excited that White Collar is coming back soon on USA. I am just a sucker for Neil. I'm also stoked for the return of Parks and Rec...I just love that show, and the Thursday night NBC line-up just isn't the same without it.

8. Out of all the shows I watch, I think one of my favorites is Jimmy Fallon. Every episode I laugh, and it has produced such amazing clips like The Pro Bowl shuffle, the University of Oregon power ballad, and Jimmy and Justin's rap medley.

9. I don't know if that new Michael Jackson album is legit or not, but that song with Akon "Hold my Hand" is the JAM!

What is your JAM right now?

10. I wish that the Sing-off was longer than 3 weeks. I miss it already. American Idol, and even So you think you can dance seem to last forever sometimes, but that show...with awesome talent is only on for like 5 episodes...not long enough.  Ben Folds is so funny, and intelligent, that even though I only understand about 50% of what comes out of his mouth, I am still thoroughly entertained by every word. Shawn Stockman, is like a cooler, hipper, smoother Randy Jackson who makes more sense, gives better advice, and can actually pull of huge diamond earrings and geeky chic sweaters.  I loved seeing what each group sang each week, and loved when they would sing super poppy songs. Plus their swan songs were always fun to hear.

What would your swan song be?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

U.G.L.Y. you ain't got no're ugly.

Emily and I love to dress up...we have established since we are now coworkers, we decided to have ourselves a little office dress up for Christmas! So it was ugly sweater day. We dressed up, had a delicious potluck lunch, and played around all day...oh what a fun day!

 Beth hadn't brought a top to wear, and although the hat is fantastic...
 I gave her this little ugly vest I had found at the thrift store...good thing I pack extra costumes!
 Emily decided to wear this ridiculous antlers all day...
So I decided to make this little headband. I found a small santa hat (meant for a dog) and hot glued it to a cheap headband.  Nothing like a mini santa hat to get in the mood.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas just ain't christmas without the one you love..

Every year my friends and I have a little Christmas gift exchange, and it is always so fun. This year Michelle spent the night after Emily's costume party and the next morning we had a yummy breakfast

and opened up gifts.

I just love my girls. We've had quite a ride, and the ride is almost over.