Sunday, November 23, 2008

you say i only hear what i want to...

I didn't know if I should even post this weekend since the themes of almost every post I read had to do with Twilight or the BYU football game and I didn't see either but I wanted to post these pictures. I headed down to Tri-town for a little bit yeaterday to get out of town and deliver some things to Jared and Qiana got to spend some time with her cousins. They are so cute with her and I can't wait to see how they all grow up together. i love that they love each other.

Friday, November 21, 2008

you can get with this or you can get with that...

So here are some questions. None of them are really important, and all of them are pop cultured based. Just thoughts that I have been pondering and wondered if you had any ideas of your own.

1. On "the Hills" what relationship is more pathetic?
a. Audrina and Justin Bobby

b. Stephanie and Spencer

c. Heidi and Spencer

2. What car decals are more obnoxious? (sorry if you have any of these....but I just can't understand them)
a. and overabundance of the "awareness decals" plastered all over your car.

b. Calvin peeing or praying

c. The "family" decals listing each member

3. Who would you rather be interviewed by?
a. Oprah
b. Barbara Walters
c. James Liption (of "inside the actors studio)

4. Hip Hop these days are full collaborations, and these three artists seem to be on every track on the radio...who would you want singing on your hit?
a. Lil' Wayne
b. Rihanna
c. Akon

5. What is your most anticipated mid season starting show?
a. 24
b. Lost
c. American idol

6. Sure there are alot of hot young actors out there, but I am so fascinated with these three older men...which one do you think is most attractive? or what other older actor do you find fascinating?
William Fichtner
Ed Harris
Hugh Laurie

7. Let's say the final three on Survivor are Kenny, Crystal, and Susie..who would you want to win?
a. Kenny
b. Crystal
c. Susie

Anyway, just my thoughts but thanks for reading....

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

it makes me ill...

(grossness coming ahead...)

So my poor little Qiana has had the worst diarrhea lasting now 3 days. She's had no other symptoms of sickness (thank goodness), but man she is going through the diapers like crazy. Her bumb is completely sore and basically as raw as possible, and I feel so bad everytime I have to wipe her. I am piling on the ointment and giving her soothing baths whenever I can to help ease the pain, but hopefully this thing will end soon. We went to the dr's this morning to see if something was up but they just told me to watch for signs of dehydration and lack of appetite. Oh my poor baby. Here she is at the dr's office. :(

hold on little girl...

I said one of the good things (and there are many) about emily moving in was that there would be someone around to take pictures of cute things qiana does. I was worried that down the road qiana would look through her picture box and wonder why there weren't many pictures of her first few months, let alone any pictures with her and her mommy. well folks here they are. Qiana loves holding my fingers, it seriously calms her down in almost any situation.

Here are pictures of her holding her bottle. Notice again that she is grabbing my finger. It's our little thing.

and here is one of my favorite people in the whole world. My cousin Nick. Love him.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hey sista, go sista, soul sista, flow sista...

So Kimmy informed me that I needed to post some more pictures so this is for you Kimmy Cakes. Qiana is now 6 weeks crazy how time has gone by. Sorry I don't get a lot of exciting pictures, but it's a little hard when its just me around. when she's doing something cute it's hard to go get a camera cause I'm usually holding her. But the good news is that my friend Em Wizzle has now moved into the casa with me, so maybe together we can get some good shots.

this is one of my favorite outfits on her. I think the color looks so good with her skin tone.

one of her typical facial expressions. i love it when she purses her lips.

the beginnings of a smile

she a little stingy still with the smiles, but I got a half one here on film. When she does a full smile it's the cutest thing.

sorry the direction of this is horrible but I thought a little video would be nice. This is what she usually does when she's not eating or sleeping. she's not much of a crier and usually just makes funny faces and looks around a lot.

Anyway, there's the update. Hopefully something exciting will happen soon so my posts will be more entertaining.

Friday, November 7, 2008

whistle while you work....

I know that lately all I've talked about is Qiana (which may be horribly boring for some readers), but that is pretty much my world right now. We have gone back to work, and so far its going well. It's a little frustrating to not be able to work as fast as I'm used to (i'm a pretty stellar typer), but I'm getting used to holding her and getting work done. I have managed to find a couple things that make her happy, at least for a little bit so I can use both hands and really get stuff done which is nice. But overall she is quite a trooper, and even as a relative newborn she is letting mommy do what she needs to support us. I love my girl, and it makes me sad that soon I will have to figure out daycare or something else so that I can get more hours in and make enough money to keep us going.

My sis-in-law lindsay gave me this suggestion, and QT is quite the fan. I just wrap her up and snuggle her onto the Boppy.

She also loves the vibrating seat that Kimmy lent us.

Now for a little break from baby stuff...

So I watch alot of tv and there are somethings I need to get off my chest so here is my...

TOP 5 THINGS that COULD happen on TV that would make me SCREAM!

1. Kenny and Crystal make to the final three on Survivor. I hate these two. They are so annoying. They are ridiculous when it comes to challenges, and yet they have managed to last this

2. Luke chooses Tracy on General Hospital and we say goodbye once again to Luke to Laura. Just let this iconic soap couple live happily ever after once and for all people!

3. Jim and Pam break up on the Office. This would be unforgiveable, but with the storyline the way it is right now I don't see a happily ever after in their future.

4. Jenny DOESN'T learn her lesson or DOESN'T get b$#@* slapped on Gossip Girl. I hate her character, she is so whiny, spoiled, and pretty much the brattiest girl on TV. She needs someone to knock some sense into her.

5. Kim actually makes a Dallas Austin produced album on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. This lady has NO talent, no voice, and no musicality. If she actually makes a country album it will totally prove my point that anyone can make it in country music, and I will be so embarrassed for Dallas Austin that he tarnished his name for producing it.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

(angie) had a little lamb...

Qiana's first halloween was a success. We went down to tri-town to hang out with Jared, Lindsay, and the kids and do some trick-or treatin'. When I first bought this outfit I thought it was a bunny cause the ears stuck up a little bit more, but when I put it on her I realized it was a lamb...or at least that's what it looks like. either way she was cute.

we got her all cozy in her stroller, and she was good to go for the night.

It was so fun watching carson and kaiya collect candy, and they got quite the haul. Boy I miss those days. This was the first year in a long time that I didn't dress up, something I love to do. I just didn't have the energy. But you better believe next year me and qiana are gonna have some amazing costumes....i'm already getting excited.