Monday, August 27, 2012

We are Family...I got my Earl's with me

Oh the Earl Reunion. It was jam packed full of food, activities, fun, family, and craziness...and I loved it.
Here was the schedule:

Fun run 8-9am @ David's house.
9:00-9:30 - Breakfast.
9:30-10:00 - Kids program
10:00-2:00-Fun time: food, boating, large slip'n'slide
12:00 - Lunch - sloppy joes
2:00-5:30 - Nap time/food prep/song writing prep for Sat.
5:30-6:00 - Take family pictures
6:00- Dinner - pork tacos
6:30-9:00ish - Evening activities: including "awkward family photo caption contest", and cupcake wars.

7:00 - Golf @ Moses Pointe
9:00-11:00 - Craft/visiting/kids playing
11:00-2:00 - Swimming, games, volleyball @ Grandmas.
12:30 - lunch (Pizza & sno cones will be provided)
2:00-4:30 - nap time/food prep/practice songs
4:30-6:30 - Amazing race @ David & Peggy's
6:30 - Dinner - Hot dogs/flank steak
7:00-9:00ish - Presentation of songs.

All my friends laughed when I told them that a) we had a pretty tight schedule for our reunion b) most of it consisted of some sort of competition and c) dancing and singing was required. The Earl's do gatherings, like nobody else I know.

It was quite stressful getting everything ready for our parts in the reunion (the cupcakes, and song presentation) but once we got there, the stress just seemed to melt away. Q was in heaven being around so many kids and so many things to do, and getting back to "normal life" with just her and her mommy was quite difficult for her. What can I say, the girl likes a party. She was also the only child, that I know of, that had a complete emotional breakdown because her part wasn't "big enough" in the family song production. I had to promise her some performance time when we got home in front of just our family to calm her down. I don't know where she gets it. ;)

Friday: started off early with a 5k walk/run at 8:00 am. I didn't go. It was a very long day previously, and we didn't even get to bed until well after midnight, and I wasn't going to wake Q up that was a good decision for both of our sanities. We got there just as the latter groups were arriving back at David's and we were there to cheer and give hugs to everybody. And with that we were off on a non-stop day of visiting, playing, laughing, and eating.

We got to go out on the boat and over to the sandunes for a little bit, which was so fun. I am not much of a "water sport" person, but I LOVE just riding on the boat and visiting. Q was in heaven.

Then they brought out the huge slip n slide!! what a fabulous idea! Q, elsie, and chloe couldn't get enough of it, and even played out it well past anyone else.

That evening we did the family pictures. 

yep, Jared conned us into doing a "gunz" picture.

The whole Earl crew


That night was cupcake wars, and Kim and I entered our "Take 5 cupcake" that we invented. It was a peanut butter filled chocolate cupcake, frosted with chocolate ganache, sprinkled with crushed pretzels, and drizzled with caramel. It was a rich cupcake, but it won a little I was stoked.
The "judges"

I think one of my favorite parts of the weekend, was the awkward family photo game, where we split into families, and had to come up with different captions of pictures presented on the screen. I do love a good roast, and our family knows how to bring out the zingers!!

I am not the most crafty person, but I do love to craft..especially when I have plenty of wonderful conversationalists surrounding me, so Saturday's girl time with crafts was perfect. Kim and I kind of took over the flowers making table, and become the reluctant "experts" on cinging fabric.

Anything involving food, the pool, and grandma's backyard is going to be a hit, and Q and I had a blast that whole time. Q spent most of the time in the pool, and was perfectly content paddling herself around and making new friends. She was all to eager to participate in the swimming races, and won herself a bronze and silver. The rest of the afternoon, we hung out on the grass, eating wayyyy to many sno cones, and watching our team (Kacey, corbin, jared, aaron, kyle, and cort) dominate at Volleyball...who knew Jared was so sporty?

We couldn't drag ourselves away from grandma's soon enough, so the kids went without a nap, and Q would pay the price later on, when she cried herself to sleep, missing me during the amazing race.

It was so fun being a participant in the Amazing Race this year. I know all the hard work that goes into planning and executing the race, and I was super impressed! It was so fun. Our team was awesome, and we even had a team mascot!!! I was just impressed with myself, that I didn't hold the team back...personal goal achieved! haha. I did quite well with trivia, basketball lay-ups (thank you newport high p.e. class), and name that date (some were decided because of my hairstyle...see it pays to change your hair every year). That ropes course kind of kicked my butt, and left me sore for a couple of days, but the fact that I completed it, was also further cemented the notion that I could never be on Survivor.

our mascot

The song presentations were absolutely hilarious! I was so proud of everyone. Most of the families said they did them last minute, but I guess with this talented bunch, we just can't help but be awesome...even with little preparation!
We had decided to go with a Tv show theme because a) this is our family afterall and we do love our tv shows. and b) we would be required to actually sing, not just lip sync, and I believe the Bates may be the only Earl crew with absolutely no "singers" in the bunch (aka: complete tone deaf). So what we lack in actual talent we try to make up in presentation and charisma.

The whole weekend was such a blast and I have to give some serious props to the David and Peggy Family (Kacey) for planning a fabulous reunion filled with so many fun activities and moments of joy. I loved it!