Tuesday, July 31, 2007

i'll tell you want..what i really really want...i want a...

With all my relatives writing little things about their spouses in their blogs and how cute they are, i have decided to sit down and figure out what i want in a husband. probably since the beginning of time, women have sat down at some point or another and tried to figure out exactly what they are looking for. i know i have made probably about a thousand lists. but as you get on in age, i believe, you have to start taking stuff off your list. unimportant things or perhaps, less important things, that aren't necessarily what dr. phil would call "deal breakers". so here it goes my...


1. compatible sense of humor. everyone thinks they have a sense of humor, but the trick is to be with someone who thinks you are funny, and who you find humorous as well.

2. tolerant and supportive. i need a man that will be tolerant of my somewhat moody tendencies, and be able to roll with the punches. i need someone who will be supportive when i am upset, and not necessarily offer solutions to every problem.

3. good communicator. my man needs to be able to talk to me. about anything. and perhaps even be able to argue with me when the moment calls for it. i don't want a lap dog, but someone who can be a partner in a relationship. i'm not asking for someone who wants to constantly talk about their feelings, but someone who isn't afraid to tell me what he is thinking or feeling when he is ready.

4. low maintenance/independent: i don't play sports and that's okay. my man doesn't have to like watching lots of tv, that's okay. we can be in a relationship and still have our own "things". i think it's fine for him to go play golf with his buddies, as long as it's okay for me to have a girl's night out once in while.

5. good with money. i am horrible with finances and budgeting. i think if we are to stand a chance, i need a man who knows how to balance a check book and say "i don't think we can afford that".

if any of this sounds unreasonable let me know...i wouldn't want anyone to mistake me for being picky or choosy (how do you spell that?)....now of course if you know anybody who would fit this description don't be afraid to hook me up. :)

Monday, July 30, 2007

let's play pretend and act like it comes naturally...

I love to play dress up. always have. if there is an opportunity to put on a wig or put together a costume i am so there! there is just something about becoming someone else for a few hours that is liberating. to be able to live out fantasies or put on a persona different from your own that makes me happy and fulfilled. while being in singles ward i have had plenty of opportunities to fulfill my fantasies and i cherish each of those moments. here are some costumes of days past and my latest outfit for a decade dance we had on saturday. everyone had to come dressed up in fashionable gear from a certain decade. i was a 1960's mod girl all i needed was a go-go dance cage, my friend emily was a 1940's USO singer entertaining the troops of WWII along with the likes of bob hope, and nette was a 1990's disenchanted youth of america...."as if". i loved it.

here are me and my girls at a halloween dance in ellensburg. right afterward we robbed a bank....

here is my geisha costume that won me the costume contest at last year's halloween party. it was so easy to put together, but turned out amazing. i was very proud.

for my friend brad's mission going away party he wanted a theme party...perfect! everyone had to come dressed as a famous 80's icon. i made myself into a carebear.

for a ward activity we did a bingo night, so naturally i had to dress up as an older woman. i think the black slippers are my favorite part.

i wanna rock'n'roll all night....and party every day

So I recently attended the american idol concert tour and it was amazing. I have gone every year (except the third season), and it never fails to entertain. this year we had amazing seats, a funny concert staff worker to talk to, and so many entertaining moments. but alas, i will break it down into my


1. blake's beat boxing set. so amazing. he mixed maroon 5's "she will be loved" into u2's "with or without you". doing both the vocals, background beat box drums, and played the guitar. i wish i had just an ounce of his musical talent.

2. chris richardson. he's hot. oh yeah and he can sing. oh and he played the drums in the american idol men "band" (blake, chris s. and sanjaya played guitar and phil was on keyboard--they sang hey jude, and crazy by gnarls barkley). oh and he and jordin did an acoustic number on the guitar. oh and he can lay down the beat box beats, as he proved in a medley with blake. could he be any cooler?

3. jordin sparks. she makes me smile. so beautiful...i wanted all her clothes that she wore. so nice...she talked about melinda like she was mother theresa. and so talented...her voice has gotten even stronger.

4. lakisha gave me goosebumps with her rendition of "i will always love you". so powerful.

5. phil stacey singing america the beautiful in his military gear. so touching. i am not usually very attached to phil stacey, nor sentimental when it comes to americana songs. but this was so good. he sang so it with such power and so beautiful. i loved it.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

whatta man whatta man whatta mighty good man...

This will be a short post as i am going to seattle tomorrow for the american idol concert and i need to get some sleep but i wanted to take some time to give thanks that my man dominic is still doing his thing! wasn't his solo absolutely phenomenal? when he is on screen a smile encompasses my face and i am instantly happy. thank you dominic for dancing with your heart and soul and thank you america for seeing his skill and potential and for keeping him around another week.

You can't stop the beat....


1. ne-yo "make it work": best line-"you were looking for your prince, but what you found is a pauper with potential"........love it. everyone must get this song.
2. akon "sorry blame it on me": that akon. he knows how to make a catchy tune.
3. katharine mcphee "love story": love her strong voice. good driving in your car song.
4. quietdrive "time after time": i love this remake. a good alternative twist on a classic.
5. eve "tambourine": excellent dance song. i go crazy and just have to move when i hear this song. i love it.

Ya got to keep your head up...

I don't even know where to start. i want to talk about my show and of course my man dominic, but it's just too sad right now. oh dominic....not your best night, but then again has anyone ever done really well on the waltz? poor guy. the look on his face as he was being critique by the judges was so sad and so painful. and of course, being the amazing guy that he is, all he cared about was that he let his partner down. oh how i love him. i stayed up last night and called for him for two hours, and i hope it helps. it's like mia said. he had one bad week...i hope it doesn't cost him.

how did everyone feel about the "anti-war" dance by wade robson?

i am always so baffled by the term "anti-war"...can someone really be "pro-war"? I mean, obviously nobody likes war, but sometimes it's the only solution right? do people sit around and think "man i could really use a good war right now"?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

This just can't be summer love you'll see...

I don't know how many of you have seen the movie "high fidelity" or perhaps have read the book the movie was based on, but a theme throughout the movie is "top 5". top 5 songs about death, top 5 worse break-ups, etc.... so anyway, i decided that i will post a new top 5 category everyday. that way, i will still be blogging even when i don't have anything too exciting to say. so here is today's TOP 5:

1. i can wear flip flops all the time. i hate shoes, and would walk around barefoot all the time if i could.
2. free tanning. don't you think dark fat looks better than white fat?
3. grandma's pool. childhood memories of making up synchronized swimming routines, playing mermaids, jumping off the top of the slide, and being forced into playing games by my uncle david where balls are thrown hard at my head.
4. time off of work. not that i don't take plenty of vacations during the year, but summertime seems to bring out the "yellow" in me. work is a necessary evil. i work to get money to play, and during the summer i play.....alot.
5. hot boys with no shirt. no explanation needed right?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

if you don't know me by now....

1. jc penney- sales clerk. To punish customers who didn’t put back their own clothes from the dressing room I would close the dressing
room entirely and make the customers walk to another section. I loved it.
2. sage hills golf c
ourse- pro shop employee. I know nothing about golf, but I do know that I liked hearing my voice over the loudspeaker and the punching matches me and my boss would have. I had so many bruises that summer.
3. botan hair sal
on- receptionist. I had my license, but I liked answering phones and counting money so much more. Plus getting all the stylists to love boy bands like I did was no small feat but I was up to the challenge.
4. credit union
- banker/teller. I worked in west valley, utah (carny central). Scary place but kind of fun. I like handling money and playing games with the other employees. One time I got this guy to count back change to a customer by using the president’s name that was on the bill instead of the amounts…hilarious.
5. dr. dave’s- transcriptionist (1996) and billing manager (2001-current). I couldn’t stay away. No, I love this job. I get to hang out with fami
ly, play on a computer all day, listen to music, and i don't have to talk to people unless I want to. Perfect.

1. kirkland, wa. 141st place shaped me as a human being.

2. bellevue, wa. house of roy and my high school days
3. laie, hi. some of the funnest times of my life. sun, sand, and school.
4. provo, ut. good and bad memories. everytime i try to leave something keeps pullin' me back...

5. moses lake, wa. it was always like a second home-a safe haven, and now it has become my real home.

1.Chinese foo
d (all time favorite)
2.Mom’s chicke
n and broccoli casserole
3.Grandma’s apricot pie, rolls, scones, and homemade bread
4.Mcdonald’s fries (although I haven’t had them in awhile)
5.Dreyer’s coconut fruit bars

1. cult classics-mallrats and swingers: Kevin smith is a
genius. Hilarious. Jon Favreau excellent writing. these two movies are amoung my favorite to quote.
2. musical-Moulin rouge and
strictly ballroom: both baz luhrman films. Both crazy, colorful, and exciting.
childhood movies-girls just want to have fun and neverending story: i can't get enough. i own both on dvd. have watched them too many times to count.
4. romantic comedy-bridget jones’ diary and edge of reason: funniest movies ever. I wish I was british and had two gorgeous men fighting over me.
5. classic-an affair to remember: old school romantic movie. Cary grant is my dream.

1. dominic Sandoval aka: dtrix
: amazing b-boy on so you think you can dance, who has managed to be amazing at everything else. Don’t doubt that I have watched his hip-hop routine by shane sparks like 20 times….

2. ryan gosling: nevermind his work in the notebook. He won me over twenty fold when I saw his interview on the ellen degeneres show. Plus he was on the mickey mouse club when he was younger so you know he can sing and dance.

3. chris brown: the kid can dance. oh man. he makes me happy.

4. john krasinski: as jim on the office he won over my heart. But yet again, in an interview with ellen he sealed the deal. his take on "project runway" was so funny. and he does one wicked ed grimley impersonation. So naturally funny.

5. Chris Lowell: “piz”
on veronica mars, and now on that grey's anatomy spin-off. Gorgeous. Musically talented. “Indie”, kinda geeky cool.


1. the office: we keep all the episodes on our dvr until they come out on dvd so I watch them over and over.
2. so you think you can dance: the level of skill on this show is outstanding.
3. usa network s
hows (monk, psych, dead zone, burn notice): if you are looking for guilty pleasure shows for the summer these will not disappoint. Especially monk. There is a reason tony shaloub has won a bunch of awards.
4. rescue m
e: just amazing. The writing, the acting….unbelievable. a little racier than regular network, but not as crazy as hbo or showtime. Just enough controversy to make it exciting,
5. the soup: I have a little crush on joel mchale, which helps. But this show is hilarious. He basically recaps everything that happened in pop culture throughout the week, and lets us laugh at it.

hey shorty it's your birthday....

i never know if when you start these things if you should back blog or just start it from current events. is there a rule? oh well...i will just do what i want....my life motto. anyway, i wanted to post some pictures of my birthday trip to seattle with some of the coolest people i know. it was awesome. we went all touristy and checked out the pacific science center, aquarium, the zoo, the museum of flight, pike place market, took a harbor tour, and checked out the view from west seattle (seen here).

i love seattle. i miss it so much. on friday night we went and watched theater sports, an improv comedy game (like who's line is it anyway). me and my friend liz used to go all the time in high school and wanted to share the experience with my friends. emily tried to participate and call out an idea for a sketch but the host confused her short arm as lynette holding up her arm and wouldn't call on emily. michelle got a new fight song made up for the soap lake eagles. hilarious. here are some more pictures.

listen. to the words here in my heart....

life doesn't always work out the way you want it. when i was a teenager, having fun, hanging out with friends, admiring boys from afar but way to scared to actually talk to them, i always thought that when i got "older" i would just get married and start a family. i didn't date a whole lot in high school, but everyone said that college would be different. yeah.....not so much. although i did start my long list of "boys i've kissed" in college, i didn't "date" much there either. and yet i would still convince myself that one day it would all change. now here i am. i'm "angie bates 31 and still single" (did anyone get the reference to scott baio's new reality show there? i'm a tv dork...). it's cool most of the time. i have a few friends that are older and still rockin the singleton status. and we have our fun going on trips and staying up until all ridiculous hours of the night. i can take two-three hour naps and not feel guilty that i am neglecting a husband or children, and i can sit in front of the tv and watch an asinine amount of tv while texting multiple friends. but every so often i think...man it would be nice to have someone. this weekend was one of those times.
i attended two wedding receptions this weekend (a task i dread) and with each one i kept thinking, will this ever happen for me. usually people respond with the "yes it will", but that gives no comfort because nothing is for sure, and there is no guarantee. usually after attending a wedding or reception, and after my thoughts have wandered to the amazing party that i would throw if it was my celebration, i quickly jump back into reality and realize all the amazing things i have done and can do in my life, things that i wouldn't have been able to do if i was married or had children.
but this weekend was different.
something in my life has changed.
my two "buffer" cousins, justin and alysha abandoned me in the singles world and left me exposed to questions from others "when will you get married" or "are you dating anybody", and thoughts of my own. until now, these questions have been foreign to me and usually reserved for justin who is 3 years my senior, or alysha who is younger, skinnier, more adorable, and actually goes on dates. i, on the other hand, was able to lay low, safe from ridicule and persecution, using my wit and my weight to hide behind my two "buffers". well that has ended.... justin is now married, with alysha soon to follow. and with my cousin isaac (almost ten years my junior) now engaged it seems that i am left alone with only my thoughts. no more distractions of "well atleast justin is still single" or "if alysha isn't married then how could i expect to be"...nope all i have now are my thoughts.