Wednesday, December 22, 2010

santa clause is coming to town...

I don't trust mall Santa's...never have...never will, so I usually hit up the singles ward Christmas party where my old friend James Baker comes dressed as Santa for pictures. Well this year, there was no party, and no Santa. I was sad, but okay about it....Emily was not. She got a hold of a Santa costume, and after a few different male friends couldn't do it, Emily decided to put on the magical suit and be Santa for some holiday pictures with Q.

Later that night, while watching different holiday programs, Q called out Emily's name every time she saw a I guess we'll have to see if there are any permanent emotional scars from this. hahaha. 

But for now-
Q thinks Santa is a pretty cool chick...I mean guy...I mean...oh, who knows what she thinks.
(this hat is Emily's...I have no idea what it says on it..but Q loved wearing it)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

we like to party...we like, we like to party...

As in years past Emily's birthday became a time to dress up and have some fun! This year we went with the theme "Heroes vs. Villains: good vs evil".  Oh it was so good to see what some people came up with. Of course there were a bunch of people that maybe thought they were "too cool to dress up", but that didn't ruin the fun.
We had a house full of people, dancing, talking, laughing, shouting, eating, and having a fabulous time.
Gotta love parties.
Emily really commits to her costumes. This all came together last minute, but it was soooo fabulous!  Rachel is not one to usually dress up, but was willing to dress up if we put together her costume. Emily needed a counterpart so we made her Ariel...and I am quite proud that her costume didn't cost a penny. Emily had the wig, I painted a shell bra we had from a summer party, and I safety pinned an old dance skirt of Emily's to make a mermaid style skirt....impressed?

My costume also didn't cost a thing. It was a mixture of costumes from the past that i put together. I love when I can reuse my costume bin.

I thought for sure Nick would be one to miss the dress up aspect..but he was so into it, and came up with everything himself.

Tom as Quailboy! (from the Doug cartoon)...I was trying to do angelic poses all night. Gotta keep in character.
And yes, we even had Santa! He passed out candy canes and glowsticks all was a Mormon rave (apparently)
An Angie sandwich!

These pictures are of my friends, and the only people I really knew at the party..Emily had a lot of singles ward people there that i didn't know...but amongst them were mrs. incredible, the powderpuff girls, little red riding hood, a power ranger, a couple teenage mutant ninja turtles, and another santa. Very excellent!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

you are the sunshine of my life...

I just have to post a bunch of random pictures of my Q. She is developing such a funny personality, and I don't want to forget her facial expressions, her little idiosyncrasies, and even the things that annoy me. It's everything that makes Q...Q.

1.she can be soooo mischievous and just thinks she is soooo funny.

 2.She gets annoyed...and is perfecting her "you can't be serious?" look.
 3.this is the look I get when she is trying to be "sweet"...but... it does work.
4. She is becoming quite good at fits.
stage 1: the huff. apparently if she can't see you, then you or the problem doesn't exist.
stage 2: the cry
stage 3: she puts herself in the maybe cool down...who knows. but's funny. 

 5. Our morning ritual (on non working days of course). She comes into my bed and watches cartoons while I sleep a little longer...
 but after awhile she just tries to attack me...
 6. She is obsessed with make-up, and has to "get ready" when mommy is getting ready. She loves making herself look "pretty"...And she often kisses the mirror when she is done

do you think she loves herself enough?
who could resist that face?

7. Q is a lounger.

She loves to lay down in the windows and look outside, I just think she looks so precious.
 But of course the couch is always her number one lounging spot.
 Or my least favorite spot, on my legs. Shame on me for wanting to put my legs up and relax...nope that is just an invitation for Q to get nestled in and entertain herself.

8. Q loves her things, and when snuggling she needs them all around her...or me...

9. and like always, Q just can't seem to get close enough to me. 
 We even went to a movie and she had to hold my hand or rest her head on me while she watched, ate, or played. I know it sounds cute...and it is...although sometimes I just need space...but that doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon.

10. Yo Gabba Gabba has taught Q funny faces...she loves funny faces.

My little Q 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

o christmas tree, o christmas tree...

I have decorated 3, count them 3 trees this christmas. 2 at home, and 1 at work. That's a lot of lighting problems to fix, ornaments to hang, and decor to set up.  I'm glad it's done.  I do love how it all turned out though, but I'm glad it'll be a whole year before I have to do it again. 

Our office tree needed a major redesign, the ornaments were old and ugly, we had gone years without a tree topper, and most of the lights didn't work.  So Emily and I gave it a little facelift. 
 Then, at home, we have the ornament tree! I still consider the ormaments that my grandma has given me every year since birth, some of my most prized possessions, and I love getting them out, and looking at my ornament timeline of my life. 
This is our little retro corner, filled with stockings, christmas decorations, and a tree skirt from my childhood. It makes me happy.

 This miss piggy ornament I have had since 1983 and it is my absolute favorite. It's the last ornament on the tree every year, and always gets the prime location.  You probably can't tell, but this little gem has adorable angel wings and a diamond ring...oh sooo cute. 
 Decorating my mom's tree is always such a big project but the end result is so rewarding!  My mom loved this tree. I love this tree. 

Now we are in the holiday spirit, and ready for the season.