Friday, December 28, 2007

I drove all night to get to you...

Well in a couple of hours my friends and I are packing up the car and leaving on yet another adventure. We are heading to utah to spend a couple days and ring in the new year. The actual reason for our trip is to attend the homecoming of elder jay helquist

or "helquist" as he will be known forever. he served here in the moses lake singles ward for like....ever...and we all became really good why not head to his homecoming. plus it gives us a really good excuse to get away. I am also wayyyyyyyy stoked to see my sista Tamu and hang out with her family. I have known them for almost ten years now, that seems crazy, and I love love love hanging out with them. The twins are 18 now, weird, so we are taking them dancing saturday I expect i will be back home in a couple days with some new dance moves to show off at papa's. holla! The roads down to Utah don't look super amazing, so with some good driving skills, caution, and a prayer hopefully we get there safe. Since I will be out of town for the new year I am posting now my new year's i figured if i write them down here then I am more responsible for getting them done.

1. fit into a size 8 jean in time for family pictures this summer
2. learn how to cook like my mom
3. get my own place
4. actually learn how play at least one song on the guitar I bought a year ago.
5. Be a better, nicer person

happy new years to all of you!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

No one...can get in the way of what I'm feelin'

in honor of her birthday here is my...


5. She loves costumes just as much as i do.

Whether it be dressing up in cool wigs or figuring out the perfect outfit for a themed dance, Emily puts it all together so perfectly. She may change her mind a few dozen times, but in the end it always turns out.

4. She is..well..emily.
No concept of time or distance. Puts her foot in her mouth on occasion. Spills food on herself almost every meal. Things never change and i love her for that.

3. She is goofy.
Whether it's kissing the pickle, posing for awkward pictures, or krumping in the empty parking lot, emily is our little clown who is willing to do what it takes to make us laugh.

2. She has soul.
Whether you hear it in her voice or see it in the way she dances. The girl feels the rhythm. She is my rap partner and my dance partner and "going-out" would not be the same without her.

1. She is a perfect friend.
Non-judgmental, good-hearted, kind, funny, spontaneous, loyal, encouraging ......emily is everything that you look for but rarely find in another person. she is always there for me, and i am grateful that i found her.
(wow...that got a little sentimental at the end there...sorry)

happy birthday bootsie!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

i'm a loser baby...

(warning: biggest loser spoilers ahead)

watched the finale of the biggest loser last night....
and shocker a guy won....
yeah is it even possible for a girl to win this competition? Many of the contestants looked just amazing, and some looked like they had been slacking a little bit. that made me sad for them. I would be so strssed about going on national television knowing that I hadn't lost as much weight as people would expect...don't know if i would even show up. But some of the contestants had obviously been doing their best to shed the pounds and get into amazing shape. Those were impressive. Kae, down to 97 lbs with tons of muscle, looked gorgeous. Neil, who had lots tons of weight on the show, looked super slim, and had lost 51% of his original body weight....amazing. Julie, one of my favorite contestants and one of the final four, came back looking super fabulous and a little bit like jenny mccarthy. She had lost about 40% of her original body weight and was finally confident enough to go into her husbands office, although they were missing the christmas party (that she hasn't attended in years because of her weight) because the show was taping the same night. but the biggest losers of the night were the twin brothers Jim (winner of the 100K) and Bill (winner). They each lost about 50% of their original body weight and both looked buff and very tan. I think it would be easier in a competition like this to have a friend, sibling, etc that you are very competitive with, in order to keep you focused with an eye on the prize. but congrats to them both cause it worked.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin'

So I made another offer on a house last night so we will see what happens. It was uber awkward though cause I was still at the office talking to my realtor when the owner came to pick up the offer paperwork. He stood there reading the papers and then was like "her name sounds familiar, I'm just trying to figure out if a know her" (I didn't know him) --the realtor and I shot glances at each and I just sat there quiet, not knowing if I should say something. Then he was "did she used to own a purple camaro?" and finally I was like "that's actually me.....and no". Way awkward! We ended up all talking for a bit, asking and answering questions, which may work in my favor because he can put a face to the offer and see I am a "normal" girl. Who knows. This stuff is all so confusing.

Monday, December 17, 2007

i had a dream my life would different from this hell i'm living

Okay so the title lyrics are a little dramatic, but they were the first ones that came into my head so I had to use them. I am a little disappointed though. I was so looking forward to posting a big announcement this morning but it just didn't work out. here's the story:

I am in the market to buy a house. This is huge. Me and commitment are not the best of friends and the thought of committing to moses lake, let alone a home for 30 years seemed to hard to bear. But lately I have come to grips with the fact that I really do like moses lake, and let's face it...its time to be a grown-up and plant some roots. So after talking to a lender and figuring out what I could afford and then looking at what's out there (not a whole here in moses, especially if you want to avoid some of the more "questionable" neighborhoods) I found a really cute house. So on thursday, after getting my mom's opinion, I put an offer on it......and found out this morning....I WAS OUTBID. This sucks. I'm just the kind of person who doesn't put forth a whole lot of effort into most things, or who bails when things get too complicated, so when I actually put forth effort and hopes into something and it doesn't work out it stings a little. I know the market is a tough business and I need to just get back out there...and I will. There is this other house that I kind of like, although it will take a little more work to make it my perfect house but it is cheaper so that's a plus. I am meeting with my realtor after work to see what to do from here....but I just wish I could have written a post with the title....

I'll be home for Christmas

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

This one's for the children...

I am an aunt again! Jared and Lindsay had a little girl 7 lbs. 6 oz. (I'm sure they will post about it soon). They think the name will be Chloe...cute right? anyway I am so excited. for someone who is single with no kids, adorable and fun nieces and nephews are about the best thing you can ask for. I have such amazing ones and I am excited to spoil yet another one.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


(I feel like I need a gospel choir right now to sing the hallelujah chorus...but this will do)

Just thought I would let everyone know. My uncle David, "Dr. Dave", and my boss....has been temporarily reinstated to practice medicine!! We are so excited. This is a good sign of things to come. Our own little Christmas Miracle!

Now let's get back to work.

Monday, December 10, 2007

baby i'm amazed by you...

Sad day. My favorite team is now out of the race, no big surprise, the team I usually like never wins and such is the case this year. Its crazy how the race changes every week, I think this is one reason why it's such an amazing show that people really like. It's not like survivor, where most seasons the power never shifts around and you can almost guess who will be in the top two or three in the end. On this show, one bad decision, one missed flight, one misread direction, and you are "the last to arrive". Such was the case last night. My team, brother and sister azaria and hendekea

signed up for business class tickets instead of the economy class ones, and therefore had to take a later flight...and cost them the game. devastating. this team was a class-act, very nice to other teams, trustworthy, and kind-hearted to the locals....meanwhile you still have "dysfunctional dating couple" in the race, that pretty much "break-up" every are they still on there?? my new team is the "goth couple".

it made me laugh to find out that vyxin comes from a military father (I wonder what he thinks of her and especially her boyfriend). They have surprised me from the beginning with their athleticism, kindness, and competitive spirit. I am now rooting for them.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

shout shout let it all out


it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

Last night bootsie (formerly em wizzle---it's a long story)

came over and we all decorated the house for christmas.

Its become our little tradition. Christmas music blared from my Ipod stereo as we hung our stockings (which we decorated last year), put up the tree, hung up the mistletoe

and set out our collection of holiday decorations

I love decorating my christmas tree, mostly because I love putting up all the ornaments that I have received from my Grandma Earl since I was born.

I love remembering each christmas and what cool and perfectly fitting ornament my grandma was able to pick out for me. There is the grant hill ornament for the time I was an avid NBA basketball watcher and was totally in love with him (still am, he's a beautiful man). The tennis playing moose for the years in junior high when I was on the tennis team. The ruby red slippers for the year I started my miniature shoe collection. And my personal favorite, the best ornament I own, and the last ornament to go on the tree every year. It always gets the prime viewing location complete with perfect's the flying Miss Piggy Angel that I received in 1981.

I love it. Complete with glittery wings and a diamond ring, this ornament signifies the beauty of christmas and the start of the holiday season.

After decorating the house, I had a sudden surge of domestic energy and decided to make my lemon bars for us girls to enjoy. They turned out delicious and really topped off the evening.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

New York to the heart but got love fo' all...

I went to bed at 5:30 last night. yep, that's right. when I say I am tired and perhaps need to get some sleep you know it's gonna happen. I woke up a couple times in the evening when friends called or text me, but was able to go right back to sleep. Oh man. what a great night. socializing with people is fun, watching tv is fun, but laying in a comfy warm bed and sleeping as long as you want...that is priceless.

this morning I got up, got ready (which was easy cause my hair only needed "touch-ups"--I must not have moved a whole lot in the night), then made some poached eggs on toast and watched I love New York before work.

anyone else watch that show? I love it. Such a guilty pleasure show. It's so crazy and New York is so trashy and yet she has amazing men like Ezra aka: "Buddha"

and David aka: "Punk"

fighting for her love....makes no sense. Those men are wayyyyyyyy to good for her. I hope she winds up with "Tailor made"

that guy is a spineless weasle who would be perfect for someone like New York who needs to boss the men around. Buddha doesn't take that stuff from her and it drives her crazy. Plus Sis. Patterson, New York's mom who is possibly a transvestite, loves Taylor made cause she can control him. If New York was smart, not likely, she will pick Buddha. He would help her get out from underneath her mom's control and make her a better person (he would have his work cut out for him). But we all know that won't happen. Most likely whomever she picks will probably only last until the reunion show where more drama will ensue....and I, of course, will be watching!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I...who have nothing

It's true. I have no thoughts to speak of. I have sat in front of this computer the last couple days trying to figure out something to write and i can't think of a single thing.

I was going to post a couple videos from a performance by my friend emily who performed a 30 minute set of christmas and non-christmas songs in the town center for the lighting of downtown, but unfortunately the quality isn't outstanding and so i don't want to post them. but trust me she was awesome.

i could also talk about my weekend, but since nothing too exciting happened it would be a worthless recap and minutes out of your day that you will never get back.

I think i am just tired. maybe a good night's sleep (something I haven't gotten since friday) will revive my creativity and tomorrow i can come out with somethin bangin'. but right now it's hard enough to concentrate on folding 500+ statements correctly and stuffing them into envelopes.