Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lately, I have had the strangest feeling With no vivid reason here to find...

A few random thoughts regarding pop culture....

1. If SYTYCD called and said that someone had to drop out and wanted to know if I would be the replacement...I would say heck No...cause you know you are the first to be eliminated anyways..especially if you get assigned ballroom (the kiss of death) that's a wasted trip.

2.Is there any doubt that the final 3 on Top Chef will be the Voltaggio Brothers and Kevin? I hope Kevin wins.

3. If I hear one more story about the "balloon boy" I will scream. Now that's bad parenting. And to quote a tweet from John Mayer "shouldn't he really be called 'the attic boy'?"

4. I HATE ED HARDY T-SHIRTS! hate hate hate hate them. I was going to do a whole post on this, but decided I didn't want to give any more of my time to this ridiculous brand worn mostly by complete morons.

5. Is it just me or has Vampires taken over everything. It's gotten ridiculous. First Twilight, then True Blood, and now The vampire Diaries on CW....aghhhh!

6. These two are my top favorites on Top Model.

Most of the girls drive me every cycle...and yet I keep watching. I may need help.

7. When someone tries to invite you to mafia wars, Farmiville, or any other stupid application on Facebook...I wish there a way that you could have a pop-up come on their screen that says "if you value your friendship with this person at all you will delete this request immediately...they are NOT interested"

8. I am super excited about Halloween..I just love seeing the costumes, eating the candy, and watching kids trick-or-treat.... but I am even more excited about Emily's birthday party in December. We are having a house party that is a costume party..themed "Advertising Characters or Icons". I am thinking either Miss Chiquita Banana or the Swiss Miss Girl?

9. This is the album cover for Adam Lambert's album....

I think it's pretty subtle and very hetero...

10. I can't wait for the Peppermint flavored items to hit stores. I blame all my winter weight gain on peppermint hot chocolates from Starbucks, and Peppermint Bark from Ghiradelli's....oh but it is so delicious when it hits my lips.

Any thoughts you want to share?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

OK Now Do It How U Do It Gone And Walk It Out....

Yes, Qiana has a pair of leg warmers... :)

and I think they are so super fantastic and adorable...but they are also magic!
Because yesterday Qiana started walking. Yippee.
At first it was a couple times of 4 steps each.
From her toy to me.

But then Clinton stopped by and after wrestling with him for awhile she was up for walking again...but this time she was able to walk 12 steps from me to him. 12 steps!

I am so excited....and I think she is too.

Monday, October 26, 2009

a whole new world, a new fantastic point of view...

Well folks, my first "soup sunday" was a major success as Emily and I enjoyed some delicious bowls of White Chicken Chili (a recipe given by my sister Kimmy). Mmmmmmmm amazing.

I am kind of excited for this colder weather, cause it gives me a great excuse to lounge around in a sweater, eating delicious soup, and sipping on mint hot chocolate for the good part of the day.

another success...

Chef Boyardee Micro Mini Ravioli's!

Q is a big fan.

They are the perfect size for her to pick up herself, and right now that is her ONLY requirement for food. If she can pick it up, she will definitely try it...if you try feeding her, you will be met with the clinch jaws of death.

I thought the bib was funny with this picture, cause there is no way I would kiss her with this messy mouth..let alone pay for it.

on a completely other subject. One of the things I love most about living in my mom's old house is seeing Q experience all the things that my nieces and nephews have done. Like Elsie, she loves playing in the curtains by the window-Like Carson did with my mom, she stands right by me as I make toast (another new love of hers)- and like every child

she has discovered the Kitchen drawers and will pull everything out and play with it.

perfectly content.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things....

And now a blog post full of pop culture!

Top 6 tv shows I can't miss:

1. How I Met Your Mother: two words...Barney Stinson. This character makes the show, and I laugh each week. This past week's episode about being an "american" vs. "canadian" was delightful.

2. Flash Forward: One of the few new shows that I added this season, and it hasn't disappointed. I am not one who tries to "figure things out", but instead just go with the story lines and watch it all unfold. How crazy would it be to get a glimpse of your future...crazy. Joseph Fiennes is nice to look at as well. good casting!

3. Glee: I know almost everyone has jumped on this little band wagon, and for good reason. The show is ridiculous, but it works. And any show that allows people to break out in song, or mashes up "confessions" and "it's my life, or has a football team doing the "single ladies" all right by me. Plus add in Jane Lynch and her "sue's corner"....oh my gosh. brilliant.

4. The Mentalist: although I am pretty sure I would approve of Simon Baker just sitting and smiling at the camera for an hour, this show has all the ingredients of greatness. a cop show with biting humor, interesting story lines, and a cast that seems to vibe well each other. a hit!

5. the NBC thursday line-up: The Office and Parks and Rec are off to great starts on the season...and have given me many laughs already. Oh I love thee. And now that 30 rock is back, my line-up is complete. The parks and rec episode where the staff is trying to find dirt on each other and leslie goes on a date with the cop hasn't been erased yet from my DVR cause it makes me laugh every time! (wiz palace? genius)...and don't even get me started on the wedding episode when dwight kicks that girl in the face..oh I am laughing even now.

6. House- The first few episodes where House is in the psych hospital was fascinating and so insightful into the character of House...brilliant acting by Hugh laurie. and now that he is reunited with his old staff, it has been so funny. Now if they can just fire Omar Epps (that guy drives me insane) the show will be perfect.

Top 6 Guilty Pleasure shows:

1. Real World/Road Rules Challenge: the ruins. Joel mchale is right, it is the longest title ever...but I can't stop watching this ridiculous drama, booze filled reality show. These kids should get real jobs and a life, but I feed off of their loser status and willingness to do anything for a few I can't complain.

2. 90210/Melrose Place: yep it's 1996 again, and I love these shows just as much as I did back then. They are cheesy, unrealistic, and filled with horrible acting (ashley simpson wentz), and yet I love them.

3. The amazing race: this show is still on top. There is no way I could ever compete in this challenge, and that could be what draws me into it. But seeing the different countries, watching the teams self implode, and cheering on my favorites (was zev and the globetrotters) makes this show awesome.

4. Castle: The main character is cheeky and somewhat pompous, but the chemistry between him and his "muse" and the relationships with his family make this "just another cop show", a little lighter and more entertaining..and one that I can't live without.

5. America's Next Top Model: How many cycles has this been on? who knows...but dang, it still keeps my attention every season. Tyra is kind of crazy most of the time, and her acting is absolutely dreadful, but she KNOWS what she is talking about when it comes to modeling and it's crazy to see what a simple looking girl can do in front of the camera.

6. Million Dollar Listing: have you watched these guys? OH MY GOSH they are train-wrecks, and I love watching it.

Top 4 shows I am losing/or lost interest in:

1. Survivor: I was forced to quit watching it, and just reading about it when FlashForward stopped replaying on Fridays so I had to replace Survivor....and I haven't missed it. That evil Russell guy was starting to get super annoying, and when one team sucks and always loses, I lose my interest.

2. SYTYCD: I think with the seasons so close together I have yet to really get into the season. Even towards the end of last season i was starting to get annoyed with the constant patting on the backs of the choreographers, and shamless self-promoting by nigel that I don't know if I have a real interest in another season. I used to think this show was awesome, but after Nigel telling me how awesome they are over and over again...I am no longer impressed.

3. American idol: it hasn't even started yet, and already I am done. I love Ellen, but I think the addition of her as a judge was simply pointless and now I hear they have banned Simon and Ryan from doing their usual "gay banter" in fear of offending viewers...simply ridiculous. I don't think I have the patience to sit through another season.

4. Real Housewives: I think this last season of Atl may have killed it for all the casts (i'll have to see when NY comes back to make a final cut). Too much drama. The housewives seem to have bought into their own "hype" and really think they are something special...which they are not.

and for your listening pleasure:

1. Forever by Drake feat: kanye west, lil'wayne, and eminem: great song, and although each rapper does their best..eminem blows them out of water

2. body language by Jesse Mccartney feat. t-pain: oh jesse, you are adorable and your songs are so dang catchy.

3. I want to know what Love is by Mariah Carey: yes it's a remake of the 1980's power ballad, and it is awesome.

4. Evacuate the dancefloor by Cascada: usually this little artist is known for her dance remixes of popular songs, but this ditty is both catchy and completely danceable...good song.

5. At this moment by Michael Buble: a remake of the amazing song by Billy Vera (aka: alex p keaton and ellen's "song" on Family Ties). Buble puts his own personal touch on this gem, and makes it awesome.

and a little sidenote:
Q is finally all better!

Thanks for the concern and warm thoughts. Having a sick kid is never fun, but her smiles are back. yeah!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

callin' out around the world...

I am starting a new meal plan I like to call "Soup Sundays". It's my attempt at trying to be domestic and try cooking actual meals. Sure it's only one day a week (for now) but it's a start...and besides soup is soooooo delicious.

So I am asking for any and all soup recipes. Please help a sista out here.
just email me thanks!

Monday, October 19, 2009

After all my strength is gone, In you I can be strong..I look to you

two things I love.

TV and Movies.

Everyone knows this.

And this past week or so, I got to a complete nerd and celebrate both of them.

Jim and Pam's wedding on the office, was a very exciting event and thus Emily and I decided to be complete nerds and have a little "wedding party" of our own.

Mostly it was a good excuse to have cake and sparkling cider, plus we knew it would be a funny blog post later.

So I made a little wedding cake, emily picked up the mixed nuts and sparkling cider, and we sat down to watch the funniest office episode ever.

We are ridiculous, I know, but it was so fun and so silly.

Then last Saturday, after being trapped inside with sickness, Q and I were both well enough to get out for a bit. She hung out with Beth and her family and I headed to Seattle with Emily and Mindi to see one of my favorite directors, Kevin Smith do a Q&A at benaroya Hall.

I have been super stoked about this since I got the tickets, and was just plain giddy when we arrived and saw how close we would be to someone I find so awesome.

I have been a fan of his work since the original "Clerks" and have seen all of his movies (even jersey Girl-which I actually thought was kind of cute), and download his SModcast every week.

And to sit for 3 1/2 hours listening to him speak about movies, life, comics, his wife, hockey, his weight, and anything else someone would ask or he would think of was a highlight of my life.

It was hilarious, inspiring, disgusting, thought-provoking, and purely enjoyable.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

You make me sick...

Oh this weekend has been rough! Q tested positive for swine flu...yep, my baby is absolutely sick...and mommy isn't much better. Well I don't think I have swine flu, but I have a orris cough that has pretty much taken my voice and a nose that won't stop running...but Q has it much worse. She is so lethargic, tired all the time-yet can't sleep more than a couple hours at a time. Can barely breath through the crap congesting her nose and throat, extraordinarily high fevers, only helped by nakedness or a soothing bath, and a wicked cough that must be pretty painful since she cries everytime. I try to get her to eat and drink a little bit, but I don't think she's getting enough food or water. My poor baby. She is miserable, and there isn't much I can do...I hate this feeling.
Emily has been a champ roommate taking care of us both when she can, which has been great...hopefully she doesn't get sick too!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

cel-e-brate good times, c'mon! let's celebrate

This past weekend Q got her little 1st birthday party. Now if it was up to me I would have had some big carnival party but finances, and reason told me I should have something small and intimate.
So, I had a "Q's favorite things theme".

Q invited her friends and family over for some dinner, cupcakes, and conversation and it was super fun.

Although I didn't plan very well and had her 1 year check-up the day of her party which included 3 shots in each leg and a blood draw, so she wasn't exactly the happiest girl...until her cousins arrived..then she was so happy!

We had a dinner full of grilled chicken from KFC, creamy macaroni and cheese, and an array of vegetables including peas, corn, and green beans. Q was in heaven.

I thought for sure Q would demolish the paper wrapping her presents, since she loves to tear up any magazines, bags, or paper found around the house...but she was so timid and wouldn't do it herself.

Luckily she had Carson and Kaiya right there to help open and set up her gifts.

She got lots of cute things including toys, a picture frame, money, some movies

and a cute outfit, complete with hot pink leggings

Her friend Clinton had dropped off her present earlier in the week (he thought a grown man at a little girl's birthday party might seem a little...pervy :) )....but she loved the present and is getting a band together soon. How bout it Daishan?

I had spent a majority of the day making some sesame street cupcakes for her birthday, and although they didn't turn out half as cute as the example I was copying, I think (for my first time) they turned out okay.

At least Carson and Kaiya were super fans!

It was interesting watching Q explore the cupcake since she hasn't been a big fan of sweet things, so I didn't know how she would do with the cake.

She started off slow...nibbling the frosting, and causing what looked like a definite "hitler style mustache" on her upper lip.

Then she discovered the cupcake itself...

and begin to totally destroy it!

I have mention before my issues with food cleanliness, so you can imagine my disgust at this little mess

...but I let her have her day and just cleaned the dishes instead.
When she was finished it was off to the bath!

Happy Birthday Q.