Friday, June 27, 2008

Time keeps on slippin...slippin....slippin...

I realized today that it has been a week since I last posted. I'm sorry.

There are so many things I could have written about, but i just couldn't find the energy or motivation to write about anything.

I could have done a whole post on...

1. The funny and crazy play that my friends and I went to in Seattle over the weekend. my mom had bought the tickets for me for my birthday...we were supposed to go together
2. The horrible and stressful news we got on monday, and the food binge I went on to emotionally soothe myself
3. The awesome day I had on tuesday spending time with kimmie and elsie in the sun and making jam
4. SYTYCD from this week that was one of the best episodes ever. Such amazing dances
5. My boy dominic and his crew performing on the results show. that made me smile
6. The episodes of "i love the new millenium" on VH1 that had me feeling so nostalgic...did anyone else realize that "cribs" on MTV started in 2001!! crazy. I feel old.
7. The episode of "intervention" that had me wanting to shoot myself in the that guy just kept crying and crying....i was shouting "man up!"
8. The feelings of loneliness, stress, worry, sorrow, unhappiness, contempt, and annoyance that I have been feeling every minute of every day lately and just can't get rid of
9. The little piece of good news I received just moments ago that have me thinking...maybe my life doesn't suck so much after all..

But I didn't blog about any of those things....

Friday, June 20, 2008

so you had a bad day.....

So how was your day at work yesterday? well want to hear about mine...

I got to work on time (which was a feat in itself) and this is what I drove up to.

Apparently some thief had broken into the pharmacy in our building, setting off the motion sensor alarms. The whole building was evacuated because they didn't know if the perp was still in the building. Apparently part of the ceiling tiles in the lobby were broken and they thought maybe he had climbed into the air ducts and was somewhere in the building. We waited outside for 2 hrs while they called in, what seemed like, every policeman in Moses Lake and did a sweep of the building (guns in tow). While we waited I of course had to take pictures, but i had to be sly...didn't know if documenting this drama for an awesome blog post would get me in trouble with the law.

for the first hour Dr. Earl decided he was just going to stay in his office so he shut the door and the blinds....apparently the thought of a crazy drug seeker possibly armed hiding from the law in our building was not enough to draw him away from his newspaper....what a funny guy.

but after this official looking guy showed up with a vest, gun, and headphones and spouting words like "perimeter" we decided we should tell the officers about our boss and get him out of the building.

This is after the sweep of the building when we were finally able to get into work. The bad guy was no longer in the building....darn it...I was really hoping for some action.

This was the crime scene in the lobby. This is what they believe happened...

The lobby is opened usually around 7:00am to accomodate the different work schedules of the offices. Obviously the bad guy knew that the pharmacy didn't open until later. According to the pharmacy tapes the perpetrator climbed up through the ceiling

(we believe hoping to avoid the alarm on the pharmacy door) and landed in the pharmacy setting off the motion sensor alarm. This obviously freaked him out and he ran out the door, without getting his hands on anything. Poor guy...all that work for nothing.

Don't if you can see it but this officer is actually sweeping for prints (like on CSI) it was so awesome!)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

You...are...on my mind...


5. Did Mary Murphy just come from shooting "The Flintstones 3"? What was with her outfit....and the tan....and the triple barrelled hair? agh!

4. Why do they keep doing "Krumping" as a dance style when nobody has ever actually done it right and it just fails. Real Krumping is freakin amazing (see the documentary "Rize" if you doubt) but I just think it can't be choreographed. It's frustrating to watch.

3. Why do the judges love Comfort? I have yet to jump on that bandwagon. Even in the krumping routine she left me needing more from her...and she's a hip hop dancer!

2. Did anyone else feel slightly bad for Susie when she overheard Alex tell the camera that she wasn't a real salsa dancer and just a "street salsa dancer"? I am not her hugest fan, I think the hair and eyebrows have got to go and I think she may be desperate for money since I have yet to see her wear a full shirt...but Alex totally called her out and kind of rudely.

1. how to guarantee yourself a "hit" dance: have the person doing the choreography make it a "personal story". Seriously...who's gonna be the heartless judge and say they hated a dance dedicated to a dead father (like last year) or a disabled daughter...luckily this year that dance went to my favorite couple anyway (twitch and kherington) so I was okay with it...but seriously.

Monday, June 16, 2008

and I miss you like crazy....

I still miss her like crazy and it still doesn't seem real... I wonder when reality will finally hit....

Kim and I spent some time this weekend going through all my mom's closet of paperwork....OH MY GOSH! this woman....kept everything.
Did you know she bought new toothpaste from safeway in november of 97'? yeah neither did I until I saw the receipt in her papers....I wonder what scenario she thought would come up where she would have to prove that she paid for said toothpaste in 97'...who knows.
Among many other unnecessary items she also had hospital bills and invoices from Alexandria Hospital....FROM WHEN MY BROTHER JARED WAS BORN....IN 1974!! crazy right? Kim and I had quite a time sifting through mounds of papers and photos trying to figure out if we needed to save any of it. We found some gems in the photo department that gave us quite a laugh, but most of the stuff just got tossed into the "burn pile".
We did find some manila envelopes with each of our names on it, which definitely peaked our interest. I opened mine and and was transported back to june of 94' when my mother and I had what is now known as the "graduation day disaster of 94" of our only fights...but it was a doozy. After the fight, and the subsequent canceling of my senior trip to Hawaii to check out my future school, I had written my mother a letter explaining why I was upset that day and my feelings on the situation....she then responded in a letter of her own. As I opened my folder I saw not only the letter I had written her, but a photocopy of her response...I couldn't believe it. I looked through my sibling's folders hoping to find something juicy as well that she had held on to, it's not like I'm the only one who had had encounters with my mom in the past so surely there would be other things she had saved as well.....but no....all I found in their folders were old w-2's from the 90's...useless. I'm not quite sure why she was holding on to my letters, I am trying to convince myself that she had filed it back in 94' and had just forgotten about it, but who knows....I guess it just added a little something extra to our trip down memory lane.

oh mom!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I could have danced all night....

I had such huge plans for a SYTYCD recap but I am so freakin' sick and my head is so full of fog that I am finding it hard to even remember half of what I watched last night, let alone put words together to form sentences that would be entertaining. I remember liking what I saw, and was very impressed with this seasons crop of should be a good show. I loved tyce's broadway, mandy moore's jazz, mia michaels' contemporary, and the "no air" hip hop routine. I thought comfort needed some meds to calm down a bit...she may end up annoying me more than mary murphy (is that possible) and I thought her partner had the weirdest color of gums and teeth that just seemed odd....

My favorites so far are twitch and love love them both.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oh, I wanna dance with somebody...

So tonight is the first official performance and voting night of one of the greatest shows on television....


I am so stoked. Kimmie and I will be watching it, and of course you will get my opinions on it tomorrow....oh I'm so excited.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

dream a little dream of me...

I have dreams all the time at night and most of the time I can easily recall them the next day, I have never been more thankful for this than this morning when I was able to recall a vivid dream I had involving my mother last night. Apparently I have watched too many soap operas growing up where a character dying means nothing and they can easily return in a day or two with some crazy explanation of why they are still alive...cause my mom was still alive. My whole family was having a great adventure driving around the streets of some unknown city bickering, laughing, and causing trouble....and it felt so real. My mom was back where she should be, with us, and it made me feel protected and normal.

Then I woke up. I was comforted at first thinking that maybe it wasn't just a dream, but when reality and my common sense finally set in I realized that the nightmare I was living right now was real, and that kind of sucked. But that dream has flashed in my mind all day and has given me some comfort so for that I am thankful.

Monday, June 9, 2008

mama...mama you know i love you...

I was planning on writing a blog dedicated to my mom last sunday as it was her 58th birthday. But then it was too late. (for more details check out my sister-in-law lindsay's blog).

But I needed to say something.

A couple years ago I wrote this poem for my mom for mother's day...I thought I would share it as it still holds true.

One thank you or one hug
One kiss or thoughtful touch
Isn’t enough, to tell you
How I love you so much

One gift or one day of rest
One flower or one card
Isn’t enough to tell you
Thanks for working so hard

One day a year isn’t enough
To help you understand and see
The life that I have-is because of you
And all the love you have given me

One thank you isn’t enough
To give back the love you give me
So I give a thank you for every year
Since I came to be.

Thank you for carrying me
Thank you for keeping me safe and warm
Thank you for protecting me from
Sickness, death, or harm

Thank you for giving birth
And sorry for any pain
Thank you for holding me
And loving me
Understanding life would never be the same

Thank you for my childhood years
Thank you for teaching me
To sit, crawl, walk, and eat
Thank you for guidance, and protection
And a mother’s love that can’t be beat

Thank you for instilling in me
Faith, humor, strength, and smarts
Thank you for not only being the best mom
But having the strength to play both parts

Thank you for letting me go to school
Knowing education will help me in life
Thank you for helping me with homework
And getting me through the grade school turmoil and strife

Thank you for not forgetting about us
When others came into your life
Thank you for always being a mother first
Even when you were someone’s wife

Thank you for wanting the best for me
Even if that meant I didn’t want you around
Thank you for being there to pick up the pieces
When my friends would eventually let me down

Thank you for helping me go away
Knowing that time apart would be nice
Thank you for always writing or calling
And always supporting me in life

Thank you for crying with me
When life and love broke my heart
Thank you for knowing when I needed change
And for doing what you could to help me start

Thank you for opening your arms to me
And for always giving me a home to come to
Thank you for giving me a life after school
With skills and friends to last my days through

Thank you for being someone I can talk to
About friends, boys, and shows
And thank you for being a mother
That to every question an answer she knows

Thank you for giving me love, patience, and cash
And for making sure I was always fed
Thank you for knowing when I needed space to learn and grow
Or offering me a shoulder to lay my dreary head

Thank you for always being there
As the years past you stayed by my side
Thank you for helping me get through
The best and worst years of my life