Saturday, June 22, 2013

Let's get married...

I was so happy that Courtney's wedding reception in Moses Lake would coordinate with my planned trip. I hate missing out on family get togethers, and knew this one would be fun. Q and I got into TRi cities earlier that day, hung for bit, then hopped in the car along with Jared and headed up to the reception. Q went off instantly with the kids and didn;t stop playing the whole time. I made my way around the crowd saying hi to everybody I could. Of course I had a great time laughing and chatting with family, and indulging myself on the cream puffs dipped in nutella! Q's favorite part was the lanterns, and I have to say it was pretty cool.  The reception was a fun way to start off the vacation for sure.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Go Shorty, it's your birthday

It was a week before my birthday and I had nothing planned. I was depressed. I know that most adults couldn't care less about their birthday, but I do. I have always enjoyed having a party, going on a trip, or planning some sort of activity to celebrate me and have some fun. But this year I had failed to figure something out. Luckily, Kim and I put our heads together and figured out that a sushi lunch and hitting up the Parade of Homes would be extremely doable and a fun way to spend the day. So that became my birthday plan!  I was so happy that Cali and Ashley could join us for lunch! It is always so fun to hang with the cousins. 

Growing up we always went with my mom to the "Street of Dreams" and loved looking at the big and extravagant homes that we would never be able to afford. I remember one year, one of the houses had a couple secret passageways...and I thought it was so super cool.  So when we moved to Utah, and discovered their Parade of Homes, we have made it a tradition to check out. Because the Parade is so spread out from southern Utah County to Northern, and not just on one street like in Seattle, it's definitely an all day affair. Luckily we have two little girls that are pretty well behaved and like walking through the houses as well (plus having snacks and treats on hand, and a movie playing in the car, doesnt hurt).

Q loved this room...and so did I

I want this dresser...or someone to paint me one.

LOve this chair, and the bright colors

My dream family living space. I love the bright colors...especially the orange and yellow.

my dream home would definitely include a movie theater style media room.

um a stocked candy counter...yes please!!

Yep, it was a great birthday!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Summertime...and the livin is easy...

School got out, and we have spent most of the summer so far relaxing, playing in the sun, and hanging with family and friends.
our new favorite park in Springville. 

Q took some swim lessons (her first session of the summer). She just loves being in the water!

look at her tan line already.

I bought myself an ipad for mother's day, and Q loves playing games with me on it. Carcassone against Mitch is one of our favorites. 

of course we've hit up some movies!

1/2 off shakes after 8pm....yes please! 

We met up with my friend Kelsey and her kids at a splash pad in Alpine. Kelsey and I used to work at the credit union together back in 2001, and I hadn't seen her since I moved home after graduating from BYU, and she came to visit a month or so after. It was so fun to see her!

we got a quick visit with Brad, and we were both so excited!

Q loves babies, and getting to see cousin Kelsey's baby was exciting. 

Daishan had come down to Utah for Kelsey's baby's birth, and needed someone to watch her boys a little bit...we were excited to have them! They were a little shy at first, but after a few minutes they were playing like crazy. When Daishan came to get them, the kids had formed a band and were jamming. It was a crazy flashback for D and I to our "street rocker" days with Britney and Kim.

the rest of the summer is filled with more swimming lessons, soccer camp, day camp, fun in the sun, hanging with friends and family, and quality time with mommy and Q....gotta love Summer!!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Two worlds, one family

It was the annual Oremfest, and Q and I joined Cali/ASh and their kids for a couple hours at the park. As much as it pains me to spend money on tickets for those carnie rides, Q loves it, so I do it. We do love hanging out with everybody though, so that makes it totally worth it. Plus, this year, we found a food booth that was selling Dole Pineapple whips, like the ones you find at Disneyland, and that made me super, it's so delicious. Oh, plus I totally got hit on by a Angie for the win!

Q with her school friends, Lailie and Eva

That evening, we met up with Kim/Aaron/Elsie for dinner and to Tarzan, the musical, and the Scera. We had gotten free tickets with our pass of all passes, and I was excited for Q to see her first play. It was a great night of hanging out, eating treats, and watching a well done production. Q keeps talking about how she wants to see more plays, so....success! 

Kim and I in our matching shirts...this happens a lot. 

The next night, Saturday, was the fireworks. So Q and I headed up to find a spot to watch and enjoy. Oh Man!! it was so packed with people. The last two years we have had no problem finding a spot in the Smith's parking lot to watch the show, but this year, with the great weather, everywhere was full. We drove around for 25 minutes, through every parking lot near trying to find a place. I was getting frustrated, and Q was getting sad. The fireworks has started, and I had Q just watch from the window while I tried one last spot, the Target parking lot. and like magic, one spot was open right when we pulled in. I quickly parked, got Q out of the car, plopped her on the hood, and relaxed while she enjoyed the fireworks. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

C'mon ride the train...and ride it...

I had been meaning to take Q on UTA frontrunner train, and when a free day came up, I thought a trip up to SLC would be fun. Q had a great time looking out the window, and seeing all the places we rode through on our way up to SLC. Once at our destination, we did a short walk over to the Gateway mall, ate some lunch, then hit up the Planetarium and Children's Museum. It was a day dedicated to Q and whatever she wanted to do....and she had a blast! Before we headed home, we got some shaved ice, and watched the water show.

learning about clouds


exploring the moon

mission to mars

just doing a little shopping

reporting the news

live reporting....Q was really getting into it. 

These workers were getting a kick out of Q. 

Q really got into the "news" section of the museum, and was very entertaining to watch. She was not shy about "reporting the news" even when a little crowd began to gather to watch her and smile. The screen would change pictures, and she wouldn't miss a beat, and would change her story to match the picture. I consider this her first screen test. haha. 

Largest "small" shaved ice ever. with ice cream at the bottom of course....delicious