Wednesday, April 29, 2009

To keep on growing, keep on growing

Qiana is 7 months old today.

Although physically she hasn't changed much from 6 months, her skills have definitely improved. She is now an official "roller" and now must be watched like a hawk when on the couch or bed cause she just flips over like crazy.
She is a professional "sitter" as well, and has minimized her topples over.

Although, truth be told, she much prefers to stand up...the bad thing is she cannot do this on her own, so my arms get quite the workout holding her for long periods so she can stand up like a big girl. She will whine and whine until I let her stand on her legs, and then everything seems all good.

Her eating of baby food hasn't improved much, although she humors me a little and will take a couple bites here and there...and snaw to death on baby bicuits or rice husks. But she sure does love sitting in her Bumbo and chewing on anything that she can reach for...even an empty spoon.

Sometimes she sits in her Bumbo and tries to do some crazy jedi-mind stuff to get objects has yet to work, but maybe if she's determined enough it might happen.
She is also talking, or more like babbling, like crazy...but like most babies refuses to perform on command and thus my effort of getting it on video was foiled. Although, this is a picture of me trying to get a picture, and her wanting to talk it out instead...

I'll keep working on the video, cause she really gets into it sometimes, and her little tongue moving fast in and out of her mouth is so freakin' cute.

She has also gotten into hitting my leg whenever I am burping her, and sometimes just for the heck of it she hits my face or head. I would say it was cute, but the girl has some power in the hand and it really doesn't feel awesome. I don't wear earrings that often, which is a good thing, cause she grabs for those things like crazy and that isn't too much fun. Whenever I wear glasses though she just stares at them, and has yet to grab for them....go figure.

Qiana still loves water, and now gets very annoyed if I take a shower and she is not involved. She loves playing in the water (both shower and bath), and I can't wait for pooltime...I think she is going to love it.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

tale as old as time..

A few random thoughts.

1.A couple weeks ago, the church did a production of Beauty and the Beast.

Kaiya and Lindsay joined Michelle and I at the play, and it was so much fun!

But enough about that...I really just wanted to tell everyone how proud I was of my friend Emily. When she told me she has the "wardrobe" part I was a little sad cause I didn't think she would be in the play enough to really shine....I am so glad I was wrong.

I never should have doubted her.
She was amazing, and in my opinion kind of stole the show!

Michelle and I were her super fans.

2.This past weekend we had some times with friends and family. Saturday Emily and I watched "Doubt", which was really good. Emily got snacks, so we sat on the couch eating spinach dip/french bread, chocolate covered donettes, and other delicious treats. That night I watched "sevem pounds", which was also very interesting. Overall, very successful movie weekend! Sunday I spent a good majority of the day with Michelle and her family. Her cousin was leaving ona mission so they had his farewell and a BBQ after (yummy). I played a new game called Pirate Farkel with some relatives stacey and lanae, and it's a really easy, fun, game...FARKEL! That night I headed over to Dave and Peggy's house for a little gathering there and of course had a great time. Qiana was well entertained the whole day by new friends and family, which was nice. Her new favorite friend may be the Pyle girls. I wish I would have taken pictures this weekend....oh well.

3. yesterday I thought I lost all my music on my computer. traumatizing. I had backed up, what i thought was all my music onto an external harddrive a couple months ago and put it on my home computer. Then last friday in trying to put all my music on my work computer into one folder I deleted pretty much everything...don't ask me how I did that! I then realized that I HADN'T backed up everything onto that hard drive so I thought...well I guess I have a downloading project to do. Then last night I had an epiphany. Most of my music was on my IPOD, so I search the internet and figured out how to get the music from my IPOD to my computer....AND IT WORKED! The bad news is I lost all my playlists, so the next time I want to update my IPOD I will lose all the playlists still on there, but atleast I know all my music...well atleast all the stuff I cared enough about to put onto a playlist...still exists! phew....

4. i would not have been able to get through the fore mentionned tragedy without the aid of my new favorite drink...The Tropical Smoothie at Jack in the Box. I am drinking one even as I type is divine.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I just want you to be in flowers with me

This weekend the girls and I headed over to the Seattle area to see the tulips, eat good food, and just hang out.

It was a blast! The weather couldn't have been better, and the day was just so much fun.

We started out with a delicious meal at the Claim Jumper

my delicious macademia nut crusted halibut...yummmmm

although I think our eyes were bigger than our stomachs!

Then we spent a majority of the daylight hanging out in the tulips.

I just love it so much.

Although a lot of people stop and walk around the fields of tulips, I prefer to drive by those and head to the gardens.

Here you can...

1.see amazing tulips...these are my favorites!

my favorite picture of the day

2. Take cheesy photos in cardboard cut-outs...a favorite of ours.

I think Qiana may be taking after me in her "poses"
my shot last year...

her shot this year...

3. Embarrass ourselves by taking ridiculous shots or re-creating "senior pictures"

Michelle literally playing "leap frog"

the "action" shot

Michelle having to "work" for her beverage

BEFORE:Michelle and Emily posing for a cute shot by the flowers....

AFTER:Michelle and Emily tumbling over and causing quite a scene!

Michelle's senior picture

Emily's senior picture collection

My pictures.
I saw this one red tulip in the rows of white and had to take my shot by it.

4. Entertain a young baby with plenty to look at.
Qiana loved being outside and was completely content with riding in her stroller looking at all the flowers.

5. Buy wonderful tulips to bring home and delicious kettle corn. What a great time!

We also managed to do some shopping at my ol' stoppin grounds, alderwood mall, and ate a delicious "dive" in Bothell the Ranch drive-in.

We used to go here all the time when we were kids, and it pretty much looks the exact same as it always has....i love it.

Yesterday Qiana and I took some tulips to my mom

she loved them, so we brought her favorite colors to her.
I think Qiana enjoyed being outside and sitting in the sun

and perhaps visiting with grandma.

Friday, April 17, 2009

These are the things I will remember...when I remember when.

This post is a little random, but I wanted to document some things for future use.

1. I have a baby dress of mine that I have kept all these years. It's the only outfit from my childhood that my mom kept. I was going to use it as Qiana's blessing dress but decided on a fancier one instead. The other day I put the dress on to see how it looked.

I'm quite sure at what age I wore this, but I think I was a lot younger than Qiana. Man I must have been a fat baby cause it fits her sooooo cute.
I think we have been watching too many "model" shows cause she seems to know how to pose...I think I am in trouble when she gets older...

2. As I've mentioned before Qiana loves stuffing things (not food) into her mouth. I have started calling her "gremlin" cause she gets so excited, breaths really hard, and then goes to town on whatever object she gets into her hands. When Kim was here she sat down to have some reading time with Qiana.
It started out innocent enough

Then she got the picture book in her mouth, and fell over in excitement

Then she bent over to retrieve a cell phone she saw on the couch.

Apparently she didn't realize the "show" she was giving the rest of us.

but she eventually got the cell phone, so it was all worth it.

3. Yesterday we tried a biscuit (thanks kacey for the suggestion)...needless to say she loved it.

I am not one that can handle the dirtiness of food, and the grossness that comes with slobber mixed with food all over their face, so this was a little hard to get through.

I think I wiped her hands and face every couple minutes, but she didn't mind as long as she could put the biscuit right back in her mouth.