Sunday, August 11, 2013

I'm all caught up!

Yep, I've now caught up on June and July happenings, so check them out. I like to back date the posts, so when I eventually print them out they will actually be posted on the dates that they happened. Everyone in the future will think I was really on top of things!! haha

Adventures in SLC
Tarzan and Oremfest
Summertime fun
Washington trip: Courtney ReceptionVisiting friends and family, TRi Cities and Moses Lake, Seattle
July 4th
July activites

Now onto August!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

we like to move it move it...


Princess tea party: Piper knows a lady in her neighborhood that throws Princess parties and camps, and we were excited to sign up for a Cinderella Camp. The girls looked so cute and were so happy. After we dropped the girls off Kim, Piper, and I headed to dinner and some shopping. It was so much fun for all of us! This lady does an amazing job and has costumes for lots of the princesses. I'm even having her do "Alice" for Q's Wonderland Tea Party Birthday.

Reunion with old friends:

An old family friend, Adrienne Weidig was in town and we got to meet up for lunch and quick visit. I hadn't seen her in years, and it was so fun to see her and get all caught up on her family. 

The Woodruff's were also having a family reunion in Utah, and we got to spend some time with them while they were here! It's always fun when they are around. 

Keeping busy in Summer: I knew that this summer Q would want to be "doing something" all the time, so I was good about signing her up for camps, swim lessons, etc. And she has been having a blast!! She loves to swim, and is doing very well in her classes. I think I will sign her up for indoor lessons during the fall as well. Q also participated in a little soccer camp, and was excited play soccer like her cousins. I have signed her up for her first official year of soccer this fall, and she is so excited! PLus, of course, we have been doing an epic amount of sun and pool time, and my tan can attest to that! 

Dinosaur Museum:
One day I took Q and Elsie to the Dinosaur museum. We had never been, and I thought it would be fun. Then we got there and it was buy one get one friend score!! The girls had so much fun. 

July 24th: Kim and I were pretty festive this year and went and watched the Spanish Fork 24th parade. It was pretty nice, bigger than Moses Lake's--smaller than SEa Fair, and the girls had fun running after candy, waving to the floats, and seeing the horses.