Wednesday, May 18, 2011

You've got a friend in me...

Although most of our time is spent just Q and I, she has had some fun play time with a couple friends. I can't wait for her to start preschool in the fall, cause she will love being around all those kids.
Q with Tamu's niece Xeon. 

This is an old friend Demy's little girl Sayda. We met them for lunch one day and the girls ran around the mall play area.  Such cute girls. 

In our quest to find stuff to do and people for Q to play with, we have become quite the connoisseurs of mall play areas. some have cool play areas. some have trains that take the kids around the mall. and one even has a carousel. We usually hit the university mall play area at least once a week, and Q finds a new "best friend" every time. She loves other kids and gets attached really quickly. I worry a little bit about her getting her feelings hurt through the years, as kids, especially girls can be quite cruel, but hopefully she'll toughen up a bit. But for now it's so cute to watch her make new friends, and come introduce me to them each time. "this is my friend" "this is my mommy". so precious.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

So play on... Play on

We of course had to hit up the children's museum in SLC. It's a guaranteed hit with Q, and I think the fit she threw when I told her it was time to go proved it.  She played in that little area forever, and couldn't get enough. Her favorite was the grocery store, and she was the best employee that place ever saw. She spent most of the time cleaning up and putting things away, and insisted she wear an apron (once she discovered them). Her second favorite was the gas station. I'm thinking I may need teach this girl to set her career sights a little higher. but it was nice to just sit down and watch her play and play. Outside they had this little helicopter that the kids could sit in and pretend to fly. We had to wait a bit to use it as these young boys decided it was their own private play area and didn't want to leave. but once Q was allowed to sit in it, she was happy. They also had this cool ball area that she loved until a bunch of older girls slammed her hand in one of the tubes. I may or may not have yelled at those kids. ;)
After the museum we walked around the shopping area there, and got some ice cream. just another fun day for Q and I.

Friday, May 13, 2011

I, I live among the creatures of the night

Moving to Utah, a big city compared to Moses Lake, gave us some new fun things to do. And while the weather was still trying to realize it's summer time, we thought we would check them out.
First stop was the Hogle Zoo. I've mentioned before Q's love for animals (I'm not quite sure where that came from), so I knew she would love it. The Zoo also offers a little train that goes around the park, and a carousel! Two of Q's favorite things in the whole world so of course she made me pay to go on those twice. The Zoo seemed smaller than the ones we've been to in Seattle, but it was entertaining none the less, and it was a great afternoon.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm doin' just fine Getting along very well...

I know I have been slacking on the ol' blog, and I know that I owe you a few posts. I'm working on it.
But life has been a little hectic lately.

I finally left Moses Lake.

Yep, I did it. and it actually went pretty smoothly. I guess you might say it was meant to be.

Although Q may disagree. Every day she says she "wants to go home", and when I respond that this is her new home, she then says she wants to go to "mommy's home".  I'm hoping this goes away soon. Somewhere between Moses Lake and Orem I lost my even tempered, pretty chill little girl, and picked up her emotional, bad behaving, out of control clone.  I'm hoping this means that I get to skip that stage in her teens, but I highly doubt it.  Things seem to be better if we get out during the day, so I have tried to space out errands and such so that we aren't stuck at home all day.

Speaking of home, I am loving our set up right now. To avoid the stress of finding a place to live in a weekend, and helping me get down here, my awesome cousin Kelsey (and her equally awesome husband Jon) offered up their condo in south Orem for the summer (while they tried their hand at sales). It has been awesome. I put most of our stuff in storage, and just have to get up the energy and motivation to unpack our clothes at some point.  Their condo is the perfect size, and perfect location, and Q is excited every time she sees kids right outside her door.

With the new move, I decided to move Q up to a big girl bed. It just kind of made sense. She's doing okay with it, still wakes up a couple times at night, but is easily soothed back to sleep. So far, I have had no creepy experiences of waking up with her standing by my bed...even the thought gives me shivers.

Work wise, I have another awesome set up. I mean seriously, things just worked out so perfectly. With a new electronic system update at the office, came the opportunity for me to continue to do my medical billing job, for david's office, from home, remotely. Yep, I am able to be a stay at home mom, and a working woman all at the same time. It's great. I work in the mornings while Q is watching a couple shows, we hang out all day, I work when she naps, we hang out more, and then she heads to bed and I work until about midnight. It's a full day of being a mom and an employee but it's working good so far, and I can't tell you how nice it is to be able to take care of your own child (plus, the money I save on daycare). I'm excited for all the adventures and memories we are gonna make together.