Monday, November 23, 2009

Moving in and out of consciousness/subconsciousness. Faster, faster, faster thoughts scatter

a few randoms for monday...

I had been meaning to get Q's 1 year pictures done forever, but it seemed like with sickness, schedules, and what not it just didn't happen. Well on Friday melanie came over and we finally got it done. Oh but Q was such a was annoying. She turned into some high maintenance little baby and couldn't stand not being held. Very frustrating. I fed her m&m's, other food, water..anything to make her happy...but it was a task. Melanie thinks she was able to get enough good pictures to work with so it might not have been a total waste of time for her. I felt so bad. Q is usually a pretty good baby....although I think Melanie might think I have been lying about that. Here is a little sample of what melanie was able to capture...she hasn't done any retouching yet so I'm excited to see the end products of the shoot.

Saturday night was super fun! I got a babysitter and headed over to Ephrata to have dinner and do some karaoke with the ladies. We kind of rocked it! It was super fun, and was a great little break. We are hoping to make it a monthly "girls night"...we can't disappoint our fans! hahaha.

When I was down in Idaho a few weeks ago visiting kimmy I noticed this cute glass block art that she had on her entertainment center. I was super jealous, so we decided to get crafty and make a couple. The craft store didn't have any vinyl decals that I liked so I searched online and found these cute ones. The project was super easy (my kind of craft), and i think it turned out pretty cute. You just pick your color, dye your block, then attach your vinyl....way easy.

I have mentioned before how much Q loves music and lately it's become very apparent. She has a few toys that play some sort of music, and lately she has decided to carry them around like an old school boom box and push the buttons over and over again.

She just smiles and wiggles her little booty...such a crazy girl.

Must download:
Alicia Keys: "try sleeping with a broken heart"
Jason Mraz: "live high"
Jay Sean: "do you remember"
John Mayer: "who says"

Did anyone else watch the american music awards last night? Why is Rihanna making it so hard for me to like her right now. First she's this little island girl singing pon de replay...then good girl got bad, still innocent enough but a little hard...and now with her new album "rated r", a horrible haircolor and style, and a ridiculous tattoo from her neck down her chest...I just can't help but think she needs some sort of intervention.

I really want the globetrotters to win Amazing Race. I just think they are so funny, and it would so piss off the rest of the players....which is a bonus in my book.

Although most of you may consider "new moon" the most anticipated movie of the year...I am holding out my excitement for "Sherlock Holmes"...I like my Robert to be Downey Jr. not Pattinson thank you very much!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My only faith's in the broken bones and bruises I display...

It started out innocent enough. Qiana was being cute so I wanted to take a picture

...and then my innocent little girl switched into G.L.O.W. mode and made her way towards me. I kept the camera in one hand and tried to document the craziness that followed.

I grew up watching WWF wrestling, but nothing could prepare me for my first real wrestling match with a child.

Q was going crazy.

Doing the "mankind" on my mouth, laying her whole body across my mouth so I couldn't breath, jumping on my stomach, flopping her body onto my head. pulling on my name it, this girl was out for blood.

A couple times I thought she was done as she would pretend to give me loves...but then she would smash her head into my face, and continue her complete desolation of me.

I believe usually it's the fathers that get to partake in this exciting event with their children...yeah for me that I got to wrestle (do you hear the sarcasm?)

Needless to say I was completely pooped, red in the face, and abnormally sweaty by the time it was done.

I thought mother daughter time was supposed to involve princesses, crafts, or other girly things?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

bird bird bird...bird is the word...

Q is a goof....or maybe she just gets lazy.
But sometimes when we are snacking she chooses to eat like this...

like I'm feeding a bird...

apparently she knew someone was judging her...

so she went in for the hand grab instead...

does that make you happier?

on the attack...

But most of the time she eats like this...

the girl loves her waffles.

Lately it's been getting harder to get her to smile in pictures...usually she wants to just attack me and the camera or just stares at the contraption I'm holding. Especially when i"m trying to take one of both of us...but here she all her smiling glory.

well almost smiling...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Join the cousins, will you? The sun is shining I can see...

My Daycare had to be closed on Monday, and I don't work fridays so with a 4 day weekend I headed out of town and down to Idaho to visit Kimmy and the crew.
Q did great in the car. It was out first trip with her forward facing, and not bottle fed. I stuffed her tummy before each trip, and while she slept most of the way, when she was awake she was either just sitting there looking out the window, babbling about some very important issues, or snacking on the goldfish crackers I would hand to her. Very successful roadtrip.

While most of our time with the crew was spent shopping and hanging out, I was fully entertained watching the interaction between these two.

Qiana was so fascinated with anything and everything Elsie was doing,

and Elsie was so cute with her.

Always taking care of her, playing with her, and helping me keep her entertained.

Plus, she would only act slightly annoyed when Q tried to "give her loves" aka: attack her, but was quick to laugh it off and give Q a smile.

They had so much fun playing together

That I couldn't stop taking pictures of them....and apparently Elsie wanted in on the action

and she helped me take this shot of Q

such a fun weekend...

Couple things about Q...she has now discover kitchen cabinets and gets into EVERYTHING. Luckily my mom had already installed the childproof closure on most of the cabinets in my kitchen...but apparently she makes herself at home wherever she goes.

Q has a doll that was leftover from one of the other kids. She rarely plays with it unless she sees me holding and then she smiles so big, laughs, and comes right over to give it kisses and take turn holding it.
Elsie had a doll too, and Q was playing with it. I thought it was so cute...

another you notice that with her freehand she is holding my foot. Q has to be next to be about 90% of the time, and touching me about 99% of that. Sometimes it feels like she just can't get close enough, and often just grinds her face right into mine. Is this normal? who knows, maybe it's the effects of a working mother...but I love her cuddles....well, most of the time.

Monday, November 2, 2009

the freaks come out at night, the freaks come out at night

and now you have to read yet another Halloween 2009 post...sorry.

This year we had some great offers to go trick or treating, but in the end we decided to hang out at Clinton's, pass out candy, eat some pizza, and watch tv. It was a really fun night.

For a good part of the day Qiana was very festive wearing a cute shirt my friend Vikki's kids had found for her. I thought it was super cute.

it says "I love my Mummy"

Before we went over to Clinton's, I put Qiana in her costume, put on some make-up and took some pictures.

here she is doing a growl

I then promptly took off the make-up before we headed out for the evening, cause I knew one swipe of her face and it would have been a disaster.

She wasn't a huge fan of the headband ears at first but once distracted by some mini m&M's, she was good to go. Thanks to Auntie Em for being my "Qiana wrangler" during pictures.

Clinton had ordered some pizza's and cheesy breadsticks from Papa John's, and Q pretty much out ate us on the breadsticks...apparently she is a super fan! She wouldn't even eat the peas that I had packed for her...and believe me this is HUGE... cause if nothing else she LOVES eating her vegetables...weird kid right?
Then for the next little bit we watched random stuff on tv, and Q either played with Clinton, his collection of toy tractors, or helped me pass out candy to the kids at the door. Clinton isn't a huge fan of Halloween, but a was a great sport and let obnoxious kids ring his doorbell anyway.

This is Clinton doing his "mean old man" face.

Qiana had a great night, and was completely ready to lay down in bed. While she slept, Clinton and I watched "taken"...such a good movie.

The one bad thing, was that the kids stopped coming around 8, and that meant that I was truly my mother's daughter cause I had bought wayyyyyyyyyy to much candy....oh man. But I did pack it all up this morning, and brought it to work....cause I had already started my winter stash of Ghiradelli peppermint bark and I didn't need any more empty calories in the house to tempt me.

But overall, a very successful Halloween!

P.S. Soup Sunday was a great success yesterday. I made a delicious Tortillini Bean Soup Recipe from Melanie. mmmmm delicious. In fact, I brought the leftovers for lunch today and noon can't come soon enough.