Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sometimes your eyes are full of questions like a little girl her first day in school

Q has been looking forward to being in Kindergarten for so long. Being a September birthday she misses out on the cut off, and instead will be one of the older kids in her grade, but I think it works for her. She likes being a "helper" in class and being an example. We went to the open house and she met her teacher (Ms. Rougeau) and was so excited. She saw her classroom, found her desk, saw the bus she would be riding home, and I signed up for PTA helper, classroom helper, and baggie book helper.
So when her first day came, she was ready!

First day success

Sushi lunch to celebrate.

I get a kick out of you

Q started her second season of soccer, and she just loves it. She's on a more organized and fun team this year. They decided on the name "Tigers" based on the stripes in their uniform, even though the red and white reminds me more of candy canes. She has a good coach, and has been having a blast. She has games two times a week and then practice once a week, so for like a month our lives are pretty packed with soccer! I don't know how my mom did it with so many kids playing at once, I get overloaded with just one.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

'Cause I'm gonna make this place your home

I had my 20th high school reunion this year, so since I was heading up to WA anyway, Q and I decided to make it a little WA trip and try and see everyone that we could. On our way up we stopped in Burley for lunch with Clinton and family, which was so fun. We hadn't really seen them since Clinton got married, and now they have the cutest little boy Oliver. Q was in love.

Then we hung out in Tri cities for a few days. Jared and Lindsay were moved out of their house and living with friends, so we stayed at Michelle's house and divided our time between friends and family. Of course the first Friday we were there all my friends got together for sushi and firepit friday...our usual friday tradition back in the day!!  It was so fun, and I was so happy that they all made time to come see me.

We also hung out in Moses one day at Grandma's! Pool, scones, and family....great day!!  That night we got together with friends again for dinner, then spent the night at Dave and Peggy's before heading to the Seattle area.

On our way over to Bellevue, we stopped at Snoqualmie Falls, which Q had never seen, and they were so pretty. I just love the westside of the state!!  Next we met up with my old friend Adila so walk around this super cute farm right in the middle of Bellevue. Q loved it. That night we got to stay at Camery's house, and it was fun hanging out with her and Q loved trying to get Crew to play with her.

The next morning I met up with an old BYU-H friend, April,  who lived like 5 minutes away from Camery and visited with her for a bit. It was so great to see her.

Q and I did some fun Seattle-y things like walked along alki beach and collected shells, played at the children's museum in Factoria, rode the ferry over to Bainbridge, ate yummy fish and chips at Spud's, and walked along my old stomping grounds at Juanita Beach.

We also got to with my cousin Kristy and her husband Trevor which was so fun! We watched a movie one night, hung out, and they were nice enough to watch Q while I attended my reunion. Q had a blast that night walking to Mcdonald's for dinner and DQ for dessert!! 

On our way home we stopped for dinner at Krystin Davies' house and met her new baby, then we headed over to stay the night with Tom and Gail. Q and Broden are such a cute little pair!

I love Washington, I really do. Which is why, after much deliberation (and constant pushing from Michelle and others) Q and I have decided to move to Tri Cities next summer (after our contract here is over). Tri cities, has family, a bigger city (than say, Moses lake), friends (both in tri cities and in moses-so close by), plus it's only a few hours to hit up Seattle (my true home). We are excited!