Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A little less conversation, and little more action...

I decided to have a little weekend away for my birthday this year, so I got some friends to fly down to Vegas, and I drove down to meet up with them. It was perfect. Relaxing and entertaining at the same time. Even the car ride alone was relaxing. Kim and Aaron were so nice to watch Q for the weekend, and I don't think she missed one time while I was gone cause she was having so much fun with her cousin Elsie.
We stayed at the Monte Carlo hotel, which was perfect for our needs. It had a great pool area, with limited number of party people, which we utilized every day.

On Friday night, not only did I get a surprise when Nick joined us in Vegas for the party, but we headed to a yummy restaurant for an expensive, but utterly succulent dinner. So worth it!

Nick rockin the fedora.

our tasting menu

Some pictures from our meal.

poached baby Kusshi oysters with salted butter...Nick's favorite

Langoustines with green curry and coconut milk

smoked salmon with fingerling in a buttery shellfish sauce with curry and baby leeks...half eaten :)

heirloom tomato salad, basil oil..

cap of beef ribeye with roasted shallots and potatoes....oh my gosh delicious! Melt in your mouth meat.

fois gras stuffed free-range quail with mashed potatoes

caramel panna cotta topped with a vanilla cookie, fresh strawberries and yogurt foam...unbelievable

fresh blackberries infused with cassis, and tender chocolate cake
Afterwards we headed to Mandalay Bay to this laid back lounge to chill and dance a bit. It was perfect. So annoying house music, and instead a DJ spinned radio hits, while the video played on screens all around the lounge. We visited on comfy white leather couches, while we waited for the perfect songs to dance to. When the DJ played Push it then Baby got back then Whoop there it is and then Tootsie roll...I was dominating that dance floor. So perfect.

Of course we walked through many of the hotels,

The gorgeous staircase at the City Center Shops.

these reminded me of the Horton hears a Who flower

this crazy guys refused to take a picture with us unless we paid...we refused to pay.

and thoroughly enjoyed the conservatory at the Bellagio.

The new Cosmopolitan hotel (super ritzy) has this Chandelier Bar that houses the largest chandelier made entirely of Swarovski crystals. It was multiple floors high and absolutely gorgeous.

Another night, after a couple other ideas fell through, we headed to the Pub restaurant in our hotel to check out the band they had booked that night. It ended up being the best 80's tribute band I have ever heard (the Whip itts). they had the most amazing voices, that sounded like each artist they were singing. plus they were so entertaining! When this super skinny white guitarist, bust out his Michael Jackson "Billie Jean" performance, complete with exact choreography from the Motown performance I was hooked! It was amazing, and such a fun night.

On the last night there we headed down to Freemont Street in old Vegas, and it was just as creepy and yet awesome as we knew it would be. So many awesome people watching moments.

I love my birthday!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

We are the best at rhythm and laughter. That's why we love Carnaval.

Q and I headed out to the annual Orem Fest a couple weeks ago, and met up with Cali and Ash and the kids. It was a HOT day, but Q loved riding on the rides so it was worth it.

This kid's make-up was terrifying, but Q's love for rides conquered her fright of his face. She was a trooper. 

I love that Q is holding her hands up like this is some big roller coaster. 

Look at Fiona just chillin on the bike.

Even playing on the grass was fun for this outdoor girl

I need to figure out how I was standing here, cause it makes me look way skinnier than I am. love it
The next night, I took Q out to the fireworks. She LOVES fireworks, so I knew it would be a hit. It was super cold and windy that night, so we parked in a good spot, wrapped up in blankets in the car, rolled down the windows, and enjoyed the show from the car. Q was in heaven!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

bright lights, bigger city...

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...unless your dreams get crushed by the SYTYCD judges.
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All I do is win, win, win no matter what

Some how I managed to get invited into the Hello Loser crew. Check out my new weekly recap of SYTYCD. It's less of a critique of skill and technique and more making of fun of people and oogling the hit guys. Right up my alley!

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Remember...walkin in the sand...Remember..

My summer shelves.
 The flamingo's (Q picked them out), the shells, the rocks, the sand, the fish , and the lighthouse I found at the dollar store. While the large shell was on clearance at hobby lobby, as were the the little glass bottles.
 The brightly colored vase was a gift from my sister or my mom (i can't remember) after a trip to mazatlan. they loved painting the pottery as a leisure activity.

I had decoupaged these letters with some paper (the usual), but they didn't stand out to me, so I decided to crush up some shells I had bought, and hot glued them onto the letters. I loved how it turned out. 

For the wreath, I bought a wood wreath and spray painted it an ivory color, then I hot glued the dollar store shells, and a net to give it a driftwood beachy feel. Q was in charge of picking out the shells she wanted to use and handed to me to glue on. The large starfish was on clearance at the craft store (score!)

I may have no plans to hit up the beach any time this summer, but this decor sure makes me relaxed and happy. I love summer.