Friday, September 28, 2007

All the things (you) said...Running through my head


1. Michael: I am not superstitious, but I'm a little 'stitious.

2. Dwight: Maybe we should just skip the ceremony and set up a college fund for Meredith's son.
Michael: Have you met that kid? He's not going to college.

3. Pam: I didn't see where it started I saw where it ended.

4. Michael: Do I need to be liked? Absolutely not. I like to be liked. I enjoy being liked. I have to be liked. But it's not like this, compulsive, need, to be liked. Like my need to be praised.

5. Dwight: As a farmer, I know that when an animal is sick, sometimes the right thing to do, is to put it out of its misery. With the electricity we're keeping Meredith alive, we could power a small fan for two days. You tell me what's unethical.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Don't look no farther! Baby i'm back

Bill Cosby once said, "You can turn painful situations around through laughter. If you can find humor in can survive it."

so here is something to laugh about....

Hope this brightens your day as well.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

To make everybody see...In order to fight the powers that be...fight the power

it's like public enemy said:

...false media
We don't need it do we?
It's fake that's what it be to 'ya, dig me?
Don't believe the hype...
Don't believe the hype...

that chuck d was a genius.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

doctor doctor give me the news i got a bad case of lovin you...

my life is in utter chaos right now, and yet as i type this i feel selfish for being concerned about my personal well being when so many other people will be worse off than i. it's hard to comprehend a world where good kind people get punished in the name of "justice", and how that "injustice" effects everyone around it. it's hard to take in right now, how much my life and those around me is changing and will continue to change in the next couple of weeks. i want it all to work out, but the chances of that seem kind of slim at the moment, and that scares the heck out of me. i am scared for myself, for my family, and for everyone else who will be affected by this drama.

Monday, September 24, 2007

just to see you smile i'd do anything....

i don't have much to write right now, and things are a little crazy at the office so i thought i would share a little funny clip instead.... for those of you who didn't watch the emmys a week ago (i am obsessed with awards shows), here is a highlight from the show. how excited are you that "the office" starts this week!

Friday, September 21, 2007

i'm a survivor..I'm not gon give up...I'm not gon stop

1. i love james. He's the very strong but very silent type, who i think will dominate at challenges, not make waves at camp, and has a good heart. he's my pick.

2. frosti makes me smile. i think he will be interesting to watch, and although he is the youngest player he seems surprisingly more mature than some past contestants and i think will be a good person to keep an eye on.....but...what the heck is "Parkour and free-running"?

3. a mullet? who is this day and age has a can you with all the jokes.....somebody needs to help this lady.

4. a gay that label really necessary. i wonder what religions past gay contestants have been...funny you never hear about the "gay protestant" or "gay catholic"....annoying. but i wanted to like him, he seemed nice, willing to work, etc...but then he started talking about how smart he is and how awesome at the game he's going to be. can he really be that smart when he is a guy who believes, according to, that "the Spice Girls are the most significant historical event of the past 100 years".

***did anyone else feel slightly uncomfortable with the fit of the "poker players" jeans when he was in the jungle talking to this guy? could they be any lower? maybe if he had a great body it would be a different story...but dang....

5. i wanted to punch this girl. literally. she needs a major attitude adjustment and i think a good beating might do the trick. why does she think she's so cool? maybe if she ate a sandwich and wasn't hungry all the time she would feel better about life?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I remember the time I knew what happiness was...Let the memory live again

I was home sick yesterday, nothing major, i just didn't feel super awesome and thought a day of rest was much needed. i slept (alot), caught up on shows, and read (an excellent book "a long way gone"---a true life account of a boy soldier in africa). at one point i was flipping through the channels, when i heard the music of my teenage years. my ears perked up and a smile instantly fell on my face as i heard the theme music for beverly hills 90210.

oh how i loved this show!! every week for 10 years i tuned in to see the drama unfold. who would kelly be hooking up with, what destructive behavior would dylan be involved in, which cause would brandon be fighting for, what hairstyle would donna be trying to pull off, what trouble would steve be getting into, and how hot would david look. each season brought new excitement, and i was devastated when it finally went off the air. this was one of the defining shows of my growing years. when it began i was a freshman in high school (the characters were sophomores), and it followed be through the remainder of high school, through college, and into the real world. these characters lived in a world full of money, drama, violence, sex, love, and lifelong friendships, and i wanted to be a part of that world, and for 10 years...i was. sometimes i miss my old friends.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

these are my confessions...


1. my dream job would be: a weekly column writer for tv guide or entertainment weekly. i didn't know jobs like this existed when i was in school....i really missed the bus on that one. how cool would it be to watch tv for a living and comment about it....

2. if i could play one instrument it would be: guitar. i actually bought one thinking i could teach myself how to play, but no such luck. if i did learn i would totally form a band. if it was an all girl band i would call it "the mourning after". and a mixed gender band would be called "death as a monster". no real reason for the two different band names, i just think they are both cool.

3. if i could be any celebrity it would be: jennifer love hewitt. i think she is so cute and perky. she can sing, dance, and act. has a curvy body that she is proud of, and seems to really have things put together.

4. the one song i could go my whole life without hearing again would be: louis armstrong's "what a wonderful world". blame the lady in charge of music for my 6th grade talent show...she ruined this song for me. after hearing it over and over and over again for an entire night i just can't bring myself to enjoy it.

5. one of the best times in my life was: freshman year of college-byuh. i went all the way to hawaii not knowing a single soul and it was the most exhilarating and amazing times of my life. i felt free. i was able to figure out who i really was and be my own person and i loved it. the experiences i had, people i met, and trials i went through i wouldn't change for the world.

Monday, September 17, 2007

you drive me crazy

it's been a week since the disastrous performance from britney spears on the 2007 MTV VMA awards, and while many in the media have slammed a surprising move i will stand up for her. poor britney. why didn't anybody around her tell her she wasn't ready for this performance? why is britney being held accountable for her actions when clearly she is not mentally stable and unable to make any rational decisions? MTV should be ashamed of themselves for using an obviously crazy britney for high ratings. to let her perform and then having sarah silverman get up directly after and mock her is just plain cruel. it was obvious they were setting britney up for a major failure and she didn't have the common sense to see it coming. where were her friends and family to say...find an outfit that fits...or...maybe you should sing live.....or even...hey try actually doing some dance moves instead of awkwardly rubbing yourself.....i blame those around her for the disaster that opened the VMA's this year. yes britney is a performer and under normal circumstances should know when she is capable of doing something, but britney...the girl who shaved her head, almost dropped her baby, attacked a car with and umbrella, and showed her privates to the world...obviously should be considered "mentally ill" and unable to make rational decisions. it's not very often that i feel bad for celebrities who use their money and fame to live a crazy and destructive lifestyle, and up until now britney was low on my radar, but seeing her fumble her way through a performance that never should have happened was embarrassing and honestly...heart-breaking. my only hope is that this event will help britney realize what she is doing wrong with her life and make a drastic change....but i doubt it.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

gonna dress you up in my love...


1. there are 10 core items that every women should have in her closet (basic black dress, trenchcoat, classic dress pants, skirt, blazer, classic white shirt, day dress, cashmere sweater, jeans, comfortable alternative to sweatsuit) and i only own like 2 of these. i wish there was a classy option for those who don't like to layer....sweaters, coats, blazers! all not my thing.

2. a new mantra: "i cannot control the perception of me, only the presentation of me". so true right? i think i need to put this on my mirror...

3. for my "pear shaped" figure, dresses and dressy shirts should be empire waisted. wrap dresses are also good. these items emphasis the chest while hiding the curvier parts of my body.

4. for my height, skirts should hit middle of the knee to right below the knee. too short and it makes you look chunky, too long and you look like a member of the "lollipop guild" in it cuts off your legs and you like you can do an awesome rendition of "we like to welcome you to munchkin land"

5. when buying bras the band should lay on your body right between the elbow and shoulder. always make sure it fits on the first hook---because all bras will eventually stretch out. i have yet to gain the courage to get a bra "fitted" in a department store...that's just too awkward.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

it's the most wonderful time of the year

One of my favorite times of the year is fall...the leaves start to change, the weather starts to cool, and regular tv shows come back on the air. not that my summer hasn't been filled with plenty of shows as well, but some of my favorite programs of all time start in the fall and it just makes me giddy. my heart starts to flutter when i get the "entertainment weekly" fall tv preview magazine, cause that means i can sit down and plan out my coming months. i take this very seriously i like to get a schedule typed up and ready, missing a season premiere is just not an option. so without further is my...



9:00-10:00 PM

















30 ROCK NBC OCT.4 8:30-9PM






i know it's a lot, but honestly....some of them may get cancelled and some may lose my attention, but for now they have made the cut and i will give them my loyalty.

Monday, September 10, 2007

it feels like somethings heatin' up can i leave with you...

justin! aaahhhh----

justin, with his designer suits, smooth dance moves, amazing musicality, and sexy voice made this concert one of the best that i have attended.

at no point did he let me down or fail to deliver the kind of performance i was expecting from him. His stage, set "in the round", was colorful, exciting, and visually appealing as screens ascended and descended from the rafters to show the performance along with graphics. justin worked the stage, making sure each section of the audience was entertained.

His almost 2 hour set included almost every song from both the justified and the futuresex/lovesounds albums, along with a little taste of "gone" from his nsync days. justin wowed the crowd with his ability to...

play the guitar

and piano


and show us that he's still "got it" on the the dancefloor

my concert experience:
we arrived at the tacoma dome and hour and a half early, parked the car, and headed up to the long lines that were already forming to get into the dome. as we passed by the battling radio stations we saw some hot hip-hop dancers from 92.5 entertaining the crowd. as i heard "let me clear my throat" blaring from the speakers i broke out in the "ed lover dance" and other moves. that got their attention. as i continued to walk to the door, keeping one envious eye on the dancers, i saw one adorable man start to he had my attention. i turned around, almost instinctively, and did my best krump battling back, they got a kick out of it and pointed me out to anybody around who hadn't seen me. i then turned my back to them and pulled out my special move that i learned from the krump documentary "rize"...the stripper booty shake (finally my big booty comes in handy for something). the dancers went crazy, and as i walked away i could see them cheering and giving me the "we are not worthy" arm sign. what a feeling! we were going to go inside, but we had an hour to kill and more dancers showed up so we hung out outside and watched the b-boys and b-girl dance. there were a couple really adorable guys, that i pretty much wanted to take home...

we got into the concert, went to the bathroom, and found our seats. through the opening act we didn't have many people on our bench so we had plenty of room to move around and dance. i was baffled by the amount of people who felt the need to not only arrive at the concert intoxicated, but then spend--what i can only assume--was an asinine amount of money on beer. why would you spend 60 dollars for a ticket to a concert that you most likely will not remember the next day?....such a waste.
to my surprise, good charlotte was the opening act....weird combo right? but they actually were a band i was excited to see and they put on an amazing performance.

the twins, joel(lead singer) and benji(guitar) madden were hilarious and really had amazing repoire with an audience, that for all intents and purposes were there to get "their sexy on". my favorite comment came from benji, in reference to the justin album, saying "i love futuresex....the sex i will have in the future"...maybe you had to be there, but it was hilarious.

after they left the stage, our row was invaded by one too many persons causing our roomy atmosphere to become one of extreme closeness and annoyance. plus the intoxicated couple behind us apparently felt the need to "pour one out for their homies" and blessed our bench with beer, leaving an unwelcome smell and sticky residue that we had to clean up. awesome!
but all of these problems went away the moment JT hit the stage. as noted above his performance was amazing, and our seats gave us a fantastic view of his talents. (i would have gotten pictures but i am always scared i will get up to the door and be told i have to take my camera back to the as a general rule i leave it out in the car). justin completely entertained me from beginning to end...well almost end.
here's the story:
as the time was nearing 11:00 (concert started at 7:30), i knew the show had to be ending soon, he had sung everything i could think of and when he brought out "sexyback" i was like...well that's got to be it. plus i was not getting the best vibe from the bleachers we were standing in, as they were shaking so much i thought for sure i was going to be chronicled on the news in the "great bleacher disaster of 07" segment the next day. then, with the high amount of intoxication going on around us i just felt like i wanted to get on the road back home asap. so we left. well it turns out he did a little encore and sang "another song (all over again)" and "dick in a box" (from saturday night live). sad right? not really. a few of my friends stayed for it, and thus got stuck in major parking lot traffic and arrived home an hour or so after we did. not worth it to me.

***don't get me wrong...dick in the box is hilarious (it won a freakin' emmy), but i think without andy samberg and the perfect "color me badd"-like costuming it just wouldn't be the same. maybe i'm wrong, but i'm still happy i left when i did.

all in all it was an amazing night, one of the best!

Friday, September 7, 2007

i'm bringing sexy back...

ONE DAY...until the justin timberlake concert......oh yeah!! i feel like i purchased these tickets forever ago and now it's finally here. i am so excited. it should be an amazing concert and i am excited to share it will my sister kim. we started our love for justin together back in 98' when nsync first came out and we have loved him always. he is so talented and well.....way hottt (do i sound like a 13 year old girl?) here is my "ode to justin".

justin comes on the scene...kimmy claimed him right away...good call.

first album. that cd was played so many times i am surprised it still works. favorite tracks..... "sailing" and "tearin up my heart".

*nsync in concert on the disney many times did i watch that? in fact, i think i still have it on tape....
*i saw this concert tour 3 times. las vegas, spokane, and nashville

ooh....look who's getting older. i loved the curly hair.

second album. loved it! favorite tracks..... "this i promise you", "makes me ill", and "i thought she knew".

*my mom taped the concert on hbo, and i watched it so many times (well i think my family all watched it alot of times)...that is until my cousin justin borrowed it so he could learn the dance moves and never returned it...oops, maybe i wasn't supposed to tell that.
*saw this concert tour in salt lake city.

this where justin became officially hot! sorry, but i love the tattoos.

third album. amazing. favorite tracks....."selfish" and "gone".

*this concert tour was the first one i didn't go with kim too. me lindsay and alisha marlatt went instead. it was awesome.

justin goes solo, and officially is a success.

first solo album. broke records and was freakin awesome. favorite tracks... "cry me a river" and "rock your body"
*i missed his tour with christina aguilera...i still haven't forgave myself.

he brought sexy back...oh man....

second solo album. well worth the 3 year wait. favorite track..."(another song) all over again"

*i am so stoked about this concert. and kimmy will be there with me!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

I Hope You Dance....My Lip Gloss Be Poppin' (the remix)

a little dancing princess...kaiya was cracking me up. for her birthday i got her some shimmer lotion and some glitter lip gloss from bath and body works....she was loving it. she had the lip gloss in her pocket but then just wanted to hold it....even when she was showing off her princess dancing moves for the people at target.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

You be hatin an i see why...cause you dont know me

the best show you may not be watching:

I have found the most compelling, interesting, and always frustrating show on telelvision and i feel i need to share it with you. it's a little show called "without prejudice" on the gameshow network. what a fascinating social experiment.
here is the synopsis:
How far have we come as a society that is not only accepting of differences but is forgiving of indiscretions?

'Political correctness' is a hot-button, tightrope topic and WITHOUT PREJUDICE? is taking aim on the nation, ready to gauge the climate of moral consciousness.

Hosted by Dr. Robi Ludwig, a renowned psychotherapist and journalist, this provocative series focuses on five contestants willing to open their lives to examination. A panel of strangers will decide which ONE contestant deserves to receive a $25,000 prize. Both the panel and home viewers will discover more and more about each contestant as the examination progresses and subsequently, contestants are eliminated.

WITHOUT PREJUDICE? does not support or condemn any action, attribute or value system, but rather stimulates an open debate. The diverse panel and viewers will soon need to make the ultimate determination that will impact five lives on the line. Can a life-altering decision truly be reached WITHOUT PREJUDICE?

makes you want to watch it right now doesn't it? this show brings 5 panelists together to judge 5 contestants, ultimately giving one $25,000. the fascinating thing about this show is the 5 "judges" are usually completely flawed themselves. Full of stereotypical ideologies, racist tendancies, and highly illogical thinking these 5 judges argue over which of the contestants either "needs" or "deserves" the money.

the first contestant is eliminated after only a 15 sec introduction. usually the first one to go looks too rich, too creepy, or too criminal...and it just goes from there. the contestants, in subsequent rounds, talk about their childhoods, work, lifestyle, thoughts on "hot-topic" issues, and participate in a hidden camera round. i am completely shocked and amazed by some of the arguments that come out of people's mouths.
for example, one lady (the black woman shown above) said that all gay men were raped when they were 3-5 years old (that's a gay man sitting next to her...awkward) and that is what caused their gay-ness, another man said that it's not bad for old men to marry young women because it's in the bible, and yet another contestant boldly called a "muslim looking" man a terrorist without knowing more than his name and his face. fascinating.
my "favorite" contestant so far, and by "favorite" i mean...i can't believe she exists in the world, was a black woman named raven who was so racist towards white people that she wouldn't agree to give the money to a white girl who had lost her leg to cancer, and yet still lives her life to the fullest and doesn't complain. the girl ultimately did receive the money and when she cried with excitement and wanted to give hugs to the panel, raven just rolled her eyes and refused to hug her.
such ridiculous yet compelling television that begins with a question Can a life-altering decision truly be reached WITHOUT PREJUDICE? to which the answer These wackos can't reach a decision without prejudice...and apparently can't do it without making complete fools of themselves either.

tuesdays at 9pm/8c GSN (game show network)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

check baby check baby...

since i figured many of you have no idea who gym class heroes even are...i decided to spread the love. check out the videos on the side of my blog.

so much to do, so much to say...

friday morning michelle, mitch, and i packed up the car, turned on my ipod to my 90's r'n'b mix and headed over to seattle. as we drove through ellensburg, michelle and i decided to do something crazy and actually stop at the "thorp fruit" stand. now this place has always just
been a landmark to me on my numerous roadtrips from seattle to moses lake growing up, and now i was finally gonna see what was inside. random, i know...but it had to be done. we picked up a huge box of peaches and headed back on the road.

pulling into issaquah i primped up my hair, reapplied some lip gloss and headed into the costco to pick up some pita bread and avocados. why the primping for costco? a. you should always look your best in public places and... b. okay the real reason is that my high school crush (yes i said high many years ago was that again?) is rumored to work there, and i wanted to make sure i looked fabulous just in case i decided that this time would be the time i said my very first words to him. but no luck...he wasn't working.

after a stop at the beauty supply store, we headed to a restaurant called salumi's. (a cured meat's place that my brother mitch wanted to check out). i think mitch may be under the assumption that i have a part time job as a taxi driver in seattle, cause all he gave me was the address and i was expected to go from there. nice. luckily, i am a pretty smart girl with a good sense of direction, and we found the place.
we saw this

and decided to drop mitch off to save us a spot while i found a place to park. i learned how to parallel park the night before my drivers test and haven't done it since, so finding parking in seattle can sometimes be a chore. you know what else is a chore? figuring out where to go when you have a driven down a one way street and 4 lanes of traffic are coming straight for you.

with a calm "oh crap" [yeah that's what i said..... ;) ], i pulled into that small parking lot by the beige building, caught my breath, and proceeded to find us a parking spot. michelle and i shared an amazing oregano salami and fresh mozzarella sandwich as we headed to drop mitch off at his hotel (again, just an address was given, and i navigated the rest...i am kind of amazing) friday was finished off with a trip to mall to shop for pants (i can't talk about it yet..i hate shopping), dinner, and a movie. i love my life.

saturday morning we got up bright and early and headed over to bumbershoot. first just let me say that i am seriously considering writing a letter to the people at seattle center asking them to make sure they hire people who have a clue about what they are doing. man it is so frustrating trying to figure out if you are in the right line, how to get somewhere, or where mainstage passes are being passed out when to every question you ask the answer is "um...i dont' know". aghhh. overall the day was amazing though, great weather, good music, and plenty of people watching, and now that i am a bumbershoot expert i would totally go again.
here are my....

1. music is awesome. i love it. it is such an amazing way to express emotions, thoughts, feelings, etc... i am so impressed with those who are musically talented and have the skills to perform. during the day we heard a bunch of different styles of music, some i liked and some i...well.... didn't.
a. the day started out with an amazing hip-hop performance by a couple local guys named "step cousins". i thought they were amazing. and while i was in the crowd "waving my hands in the air like i just don't care", i was slightly falling in love with the white rapper "macklemore"

b. while sitting on the grass and watching the people walk by we heard a couple funk bands, one was called honeycutt and one was the saturday knights. both were actually very entertaining.
c. one of the mainstage performances at night was supposed to be +44, a band made up of mark hoppus and travis barker from blink 182, but they cancelled and were replaced by schoolyard heroes. wow....not my favorite. a major screamo band.
i thought maybe i was finally was showing my age but then i saw this kid....

and realized the kleenex in his ear was a good sign he wasn't enjoying himself either. i did, however, enjoy it when they said that anyone who came to their next performance would receive a free lollipop...a blood-flavored can't make that stuff up...
d. gym class heroes rocked my world, and any bad things we had to put up with throughout the day was well worth it to see these guys. they put on an amazing show.

(travis came out before the show to take pictures, sign autographs, and shake hands with the fans--this is me and the stage---this is the crowd during the concert)

2. teenage alternative girls kind of scare me. especially girls waiting in line for the mainstage. calm, cool, collected...these are not words to describe the craziness that lies in the hearts and heads of these fans. try as they might, the security was unable to make these girls "walk" to the entrance, instead i became a victim in the human "running with the bulls" event just getting into the stadium. i was running for my life, and trying to save my body, my shoes, and most of all my sanity as hundreds of teenagers descended upon michelle and i. the funny thing was, everyone who was in the first seated line from the first to the last got excellent stage side who knows what the rush was about.

(this is at the starting gate before the rush of death occurred)

3. you do not need to get up early and wait 2 hours in line for the mainstage passes. although it gives you alot of time to converse with your friend, and constantly question if you are in fact in the correct line....the passes and are not few and far between and will still be around two hours into the opening of bumbershoot. but hey. i put in a lot of stress, annoyance (why do adults feel the need to take cutsies? are we in the lunch line in fifth grade? seriously.), and hard work into getting mine and the satisfaction i got when the pass was handed to me just might make it all worth it.

4. when the weather is nice, just sitting and watching the craziness around you can be the funnest thing you do. whether is was on the grass watching middle age men in khaki shorts dance around to funk-soul music, parking our tired bodies on a park bench to watch the concert goers, or quietly mocking a 9/11 protester with his "9/11 was an inside job" sign as he passed out paraphernalia we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.... plus the rest for my tired feet was much needed.

5. i don't get performance art. this was just plain awkward to watch, and yet needed to be captured on film....

(to get the full effect click on the picture to see the larger version)

after a long yet amazing day we got our denny's on and headed home. oh how my body ached for the comforts of my bed....