Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The days and nights are long. When you think you've had too much of this life to hang on

I have never had weather affect me as much as this horrible winter has. The constant snow, the biting cold, the gloomy cloudy days have taken their tole of me, my psyche, my emotions. I have no motivation to do anything, especially writing about my life. But looking back through my printed out blogs years from now, I don't want to miss this month, and the things we did, so here it goes. 

January: As Seen On Instagram and/or Facebook. 

Q and I spent New Year's eve just the two of us. We went to dinner at a sushi place, got dessert at Burger King (Q loves their strawberry milkshakes), then snuggled up and watch a couple old school movies on Netflix (Jumanji and Free Willy).  At about 10pm we could see a huge firework show at Provo Towne Center from our place, so we stood inside and watched from the window. Q thought it was so awesome.  Q had taken a long nap, in preparation for the nights festivities, so she stayed up and rang in the new year with me at midnight! She thought she was pretty cool.

I was super excited that an Earl wedding reception was going to be in Utah, because it meant that I got to hang out with my ladies.  Excellent food, good cake ball desserts, laughs, chit chat, and a dance party...that's what's up!  Plus I got to dust off my ol' "bye bye bye" it was pretty much an epic night. Q had sooooooo much fun, and was NOT happy when the party was over (yep, she's my daughter). 

Speaking of old school movies, I have started watching with Q movies that I loved from my childhood, and she is really loving them. She loved jumanji, and still watches it every couple days. She was also a big fan of the neverending story, princess bride, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. In fact Willy Wonka was showing in our house every day for like two I broke down and got her the collectors edition DVD. She loves the music from it, and does a great Veruca Salt in "I want it now".  She is also a fan of the newer Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but likes the music in the original better. 

I'm sure Kim will post about this, but Elsie had a birthday party, and it was an "Art Party" theme...Kim went all out!!  It was so much fun. and the decorations and food were simply fantastic. 

I love Q's creativity, and her ability to make and do stuff on her own...

bead jewelry

homemade headphones

pirate costume
I've had a love/hate relationship with Q and her use of art tools. I love that she likes to color, and likes to be creative and abstract (she refuses to use coloring books), but I hate that she is so messy, and has ruined a couple shirts with pen or marker. So I got this art smock for her, so that she can be a free and uninhibited as she wants with her art and I don't have to keep buying her clothes. 

WE had such a fun ladies night at Linh's house. a yummy soup/salad dinner, followed by beauty tips, waxing, bra fitting, and gift bags with nail polish, nail files, lotions, etc. Plus we made homemade body scrub and foot scrub.  So yeah, it was a pretty fun night!!  I was able to get somebody to hang out with Q (thanks Ashley Tucker), so I was fancy and free all evening. I didn't want the night to end with my girls. 

Linh gave Q another doggy, and she was so super stoked. She had a great night hanging out with Ashley, and didn't miss me at all. 

The circus came to town! With a great discount on tickets through Groupon, I broke down and took Q to the circus. Kim, Aaron, and Elsie joined us as well and it was a great night. I'm not a super fan of clowns, but Q thought they were pretty funny. The show started late, so when it was almost 9 and the still intermission, we all packed up and went home instead of finishing it out. We had already seen tigers, dogs, trapeze, dancing girls, motorcycle and bike tricks, and juggling so we don't think we missed anything. Q asks to go again every day. 

Remember how I said that Q doesn't color conventionally...well she doesn't do most things the conventional way.Try as hard as I do, she just can't seem to sit on the furniture the way it's meant to be. She will choose the floor, the ottoman, or this...over simply sitting on the soft couch cushion. I don't know what else to do but laugh. 

Also on the list (but no pictures)
1. plenty of hang out time with Kimmie and Elsie
2. I'm getting thru all the oscar nominated best picture movies in time for the Oscars (thanks internet!)
3. Researching and planning a little getaway with Mindi Stoker to Playa Del Carmen (in March)....I gotta get out of this weather
4.'s not awesome.
5. I'm taking a weekly Polynesian dance class at the Rec Center (Q is doing hers again as well). It has been so fun and such a good hips don't lie.

Well there it is...what we've been up to in January.