Wednesday, October 31, 2007

And the bad news is you're gone

So Robert Goulet died and I am effected by it. Not that I have some huge attachment to Robert himself, I couldn't name a single thing he's done, but because without him around I will never see Will Ferrell do his "Goulet" impression again....and that saddens me. So thank you Robert for existing, so that Will Ferrell can make others laugh by "being you". Here is my favorite Goulet moment with Will Ferrell.

The best things in life are free...

While watching "the biggest loser" last night the thought goes through my head that comes every week "why do they have to vote people off?"

I understand the voting off process is necessary in games such as amazing race, survivor, big brother but in "social experiments" or games where the goal is a personal or life changing experience, I don't see the point in kicking people off. I enjoy watching shows such as biggest loser and beauty and the geek, but feel that these people would benefit so much more by being able to stay until the end. I understand that prize money is also an issue, but I think that weight loss, social acceptance, or intelligence should be a bigger prize worth fighting for. But with the "competition" lingering in the air, and money up for grabs often times the shows become more about voting off "the competition" instead of what it is really about...changing for the better. Here is my idea for:

They can still have weekly events where prizes are awarded, and the weekly weigh ins, but I think the people who "fall below the yellow line" shouldn't be in jeopardy of going home, but have more one on one time with trainers or be forced to work hard in chores or some other "punishment". Isn't the point of this show to get people healthy and lose weight? hen why kick off fragile, weak, and often low self esteemed people and send them into the a real world they are obviously not ready for. I think everybody should be able to stay until the end...then see who lost the most weight.

If a social experiment is truly what the producers want, why are we sending socially retarded men, and ditsy self absorbed women back home before they have a chance to really change for the better. Why can't everybody stay for the whole two or so months, and in the end have one big "challenge" to see who has transformed or learned the most from the experiment. I think that would be a better "indicator" of transformation then who can simply "outwit" the other players and vote off their competition.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

hey dj keep playin my song..all night


1. alicia keys "no one": the rhythm of this song is so outstanding. the heavy drum and piano are such a awesome combination. add in her amazing melodic voice and you have a hit. this song makes me want to get into an unsupported relationship with someone just so i can sing this song with the emotion that she does. i love me some alicia. she is so so talented and i am glad she is back with a new album.

2. rihanna feat ne-yo "hate that i love you": ne-yo=awesome rihanna=catchy tunes...what a team. this song is so fun to sing loud to in the car. i sincerely hope ne-yo sticks around for awhile, i am a huge fan of his work.

3. jay-z "blue magic": glad that jay-z realizes that his "retirement" a couple years ago was a stupid idea. he still has alot to say and still can put out the jamz. this song has an amazing beat and i love jigga's voice. plus pharrell singing the hook is amazing. go HOVA!

4. linkin park "bleed it out": there is something about really angry songs that get me pumped up sometimes. limp bizkit "break stuff" papa roach "last resort" three days grace "pain"...all good ones. linkin park has had some amazing ones in the past as well and this one is a current favorite. chester's voice amazes me, with such emotion and yet control...i'm a huge fan. plus the guitar in this song, especially in the beginning just gets the blood going.

5. carrie underwood "so small": off her new album, carrie continues to prove that her amazing voice is what got her this far. i love her stuff and am so happy that she has been a success. when a little country is what you need carrie underwood is your girl.

honorable mention: justin timberlake feat beyonce "until the end of time (remix)". not that justin needs any improvement, but this song is a good little ditty. beyonce adds a nice touch, and i am a big fan of male/female duet songs.

Monday, October 29, 2007

just another manic monday.....walk like an eqyptian

did you like how i used TWO bangles references in my title? i was impressed with myself.

well today has been crazy. i have been wanting to post pictures from my halloween weekend all morning but the internet has been down. which way sucked, cause without the internet my job is basically at a stand still....needless to say today was not a happy day. but moving on.

saturday was the annual halloween costume party that i started 4 years ago. each year it has been amazing with pretty much everybody dressing up. bro lybbert even came last year has an outhouse, which he had specifically built for the occasion...brilliant. well this year.....was disappointing. too many young kids who apparently are "too cool for school" and don't feel the need to dress up. plus we had an abundance of "cowboys", so much so that i thought i walked into a rodeo instead of a halloween dance. maybe dressin up as a "cowboy" is a considered a costume like in new york, but not in moses lake. despite the lack of participation my friends and i had a ball. we have been working on our costumes for awhile now, and spent most of the weekend doing last minute alterations, haircuts to my wig (thanks michelle for sacrificing a bit of your bangs in the process) and touch-ups to make our costumes perfect. so without further explanation...i give halloween 2007.

(me as cleopatra-i had to cut this wig to make is perfect, hemmed up the dress so i could walk, and tighten the sleeves...who knew i could sew? a big shout out to my mom for doing my make-up.)

(nette nette as mother nature-she did an amazin job on her headpiece, i wish you could see how awesome it turned out)

(indian princess-michelle did some amazing work with her costume. she added the whole bottom layer, removed any colored feathers, and created her own head piece with cute ribbon and hand dyed pink feathers)

(emily as a nun...after the church dance we headed to a club to go dancing, the best moment of the night was seeing emily in a bar with her nun costume...brilliant)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Life is really up to you. You must choose what to pursue...

I love musicals...have for as long as I can remember. I distinctively remember the first time I saw a live play. I was a child, around six i believe, and my mom took me to see "annie". I fell in love. since then I have been blessed to attend many plays at the 5th avenue theater, Paramount theater, and the Spokane opera house. Each one has brought me new songs that warm my heart or make me smile, acting that makes me laugh or cry, and sets that make me stare in amazement. These musicals have given me thousands of happy memories. This past weekend the blessings came again. My friends, mom, and I packed back into the car and drove over to seattle to see "Spamalot" at the Paramount theater.

AMAZING! I watch the tony awards every year to see what's new and hot on broadway and to get ideas for new music downloads...a couple of years ago when Spamalot first came out, they dominated the Tony's and became a "must see" on my list. This musical, based on the movie "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"

was funny, creative, and daring. full of catchy tunes, brilliant writing, and amazing acting. I was thoroughly impressed. My favorite songs were "you can't succeed on broadway if you don't have any jews", "the song that goes like this" "diva's lament" and "find your grail", but the whole soundtrack is amazing.

the play really engages the audience and in fact at the end encourages the audience to join the cast in singing "always look on the bright side of life" (the words were on a screen on stage). if you have a chance to see this musical you must. you will not be disappointed.

next i have dirty rotten scoundrels in november, a tony award winning play based on the movie of the same title (my favorite song is "great big stuff")

and jersey boys in january, another hit that swept the tony awards, based on the story of frankie valli and the four seasons, which is going to be amazing. frankie valli had soooooo many hits.

then i am hoping to see avenue q (favorite songs: mix tape, and everyone's a little bit racist) and the color purple (favorite songs: i'm here, and hell no) when they come to the Paramount theater for their 2008-2009 season. oh i am excited just thinking about it!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

So even if the laugh's on me...I don't mind at all

so we are driving around maine and carson starts talking about all the stuff he knows and repeats some fact about is the conversation that followed:

me: i knew that carson
carson: you did?
me: yeah i'm alot smarter than i look and just don't act like it
carson: why not?
me: cause i like people underestimating me
carson: well i know more than you do
me: (yes... trash-talking a 6 year old) hey buddy, i know more than you do about a lot of stuff...
carson: (interrupting) yeah...about entertainment (eye roll)


it's a sad day when you get punked by your 6 year old nephew, but in a sick way i was very very proud. good one carson!

Monday, October 22, 2007

you live you learn...


1. the Tom-Tom GPS system is sent from heaven...
even though it sometimes makes you get off a freeway and then hop back on. the family we were staying with let us borrow their GPS system for our different excursions and let me tell you it was awesome. the first day i didn't trust the Tom-Tom when it had us going north towards providence, ri when we were heading to newport and i paid the price. our trip took us 4 hours on ridiculous country roads, when the "Tom-Tom's way" would have only taken us 2.5....i learned my lesson. which is why i followed it's directions when it had me get off the freeway in new york. i followed the roads it told me too (although roads were more like alleys), but i lost my faith again when it had me get back on the freeway i was previously on. oh Tom-Tom.

2. my mom is "challenged" when it comes to taking digital pictures.
good thing she wasn't in charge of the camera. she tried her best, bless her heart, but i think technology won this battle.

3. getting your hands on a knock-off designer bag is similar to buying crack....
first you have people slowly walking past you on the streets whispering things like "louis vitton" "coach", and when you look at them and nod you then are forced to follow them...down some very shady alleys and into a windowless building. all very secretive and i'll admit... scary. then you climb, what seemed like hundreds of stairs in a stairwell i truly believe was used on NYPD blue and into a room (directly across from a sweatshop, or what i could tell was one before an old asian man slammed the door) filled with designer bags. i took the stairwell shot as quickly as i could as to not arouse suspicion that perhaps we were undercover cops, jared did not share the same concern as he was taking pictures of purses with my camera phone to send to lindsay. nice jared!

4. covered bridges are very fascinating.
1. they are usually red cause the dye found in natural substances back then was easy to find.
2. they are covered to help stop rotting of the wood, and so the horses wouldn't get scared crossing the water. interesting right? now don't say you never learned anything useful from my blog.

5. public transportation in big cites is freakin' awesome.
A) first of all, in most big cities they usually have an on/off tour trolley that goes around town. always do this! it is amazing what you see and what you find out about the city you are in. we hit the trolley in both new york and boston and it was so fun. plus, the tour guides can be funny sometimes and they keep you entertained. just make sure that you know when the next trolley will be coming around, otherwise you may be stuck looking at the burned down site of the boston tea party for an hour and half while you wait for the trolley to come back.... with your original driver.

B) new york has a pretty sweet set-up when it comes to subways and buses. just make sure the subway train you need to use to get back to your hotel at 10:00 at night is actually running, otherwise you could be stuck at a stop 2 miles away trying to figure out how to get your tired bodies back to a hotel that may or may not exist. good thing new york, despite the reputation, has some very helpful and very funny public transportation workers that get you laughing when your body just wants to cry.
FIRST was the funny black woman who worked at the subway who looked at us like we were crazy when we told her where our hotel was and asked how we could get there from the subway stop we had taken. "you can't get there from here! you gots to take a bus! you stayin where? uh-huh there ain't no hotel there! you ain't even checked in yet?" (luckily, although we hadn't officially "checked in"--- our car and luggage were at the hotel...otherwise our fear factor would have been high at this point)
SECOND was the brooklyn italian bus driver who was also concerned with the lack of hotel at the address that we had given him "i know wheres you want to go, but i don't think theres a hotel there, but i'lls take you" then as he was "driving" he kept looking back asking all sorts of questions and helping us make the most of our "brooklyn" stay. "this right here ain't the real brooklyn, this is a sh**hole you gots to go uptown" "you like seafood? great seafood res-taur-ant up there" "you like i-talian, spaghetti, lasagna? you gots to check it out up there" "that's the good part of brooklyn, not down here, go up north...they gots clubs, restaurants, nice houses...whatever you wants" "how much is that hotel you stayin' at cause i'm lookin for some place to go tonight, cause i do not want to go home"

(this was the stairwell going up from the subway to the natural history pretty..and it gives new meaning in new york to "swimmin with the fishes")

a simple line can make you laugh

i spent the weekend catching up on some shows and of course "the office" was top of the list. so to start of the week with a laugh here are my

TOP 5 OFFICE QUOTES (for the last two episodes):

1. Michael: No one asked you anything ever so whomever’s name is Toby why don’t you take a letter opener and stick it into your skull.

2. Kelly:
Ryan used me as an object.

3. Phyllis: I want to understand what you're saying, but it's difficult for me when you use that tone.

4. Michael: You're a presentation tool...

5. Darryl: Hey! How about instead of yelling at our sweet little Miss Kapoor over five hundred sheets of paper you get back to your desk. Start sellin' multiple reams like a man. (loving me some darryl this season...)

honorable mention: andy's acapella version of "take a chance on me". brilliant!

Friday, October 19, 2007

pictures of of me

photos from my trip.

the street entertainment alone in new york is a big reason everyone must go once in their life!

me and my bro.

cape neddick, maine. it was the last day on the trip and energy was low, so i took a picture by the first lighthouse i saw.....

elsie loved being outdoors. she was all smiles...

don't knock it til you try it.....

eating lobster in boston "bastin" (you must read it with an accent). to jared's credit i did make him put the bib on for the picture, but it was his decision to keep it on throughout the meal. embarrassing!

battle monument in vermont. i'm pretty sure in a fight i could easily take that soldier...

the oldest consistently habitated street in america. over 300 years old. cute right?

mommy and baby. cute cute cute.

yale campus. yeah pretty much the prettiest campus i've seen. although we did ask and no rory gilmore has ever been a student there nor was there a gilmore hall...the WB is such liars.

the vanderbilt mansion "the breakers"at newport rhode island. a beautiful 138,000 square ft "summer home" used two months out of the year in the early 1900's. aghhh rich people!

they say on a clear day you can see to boston from this point on a new hampshire mountain top. yeah that one mile car trek up the steep slope was so worth it.... well for comedic value alone i guess it was.

upper Massachusetts countryside on our way to vermont. picturesque.

vermont. pretty much exactly as i pictured it.

my "felicity" pose on the new york subway system

independence hall in philadelphia. perfect weather. perfect day.

the view from the top of the "rocky" stairs. yeah i kicked those stairs a**...okay they weren't that tough.

the "rocky" stairs

a view of new york city from atop the on/off bus. love that city.

rhode island. this house had amazing topiary animals...edward scissorhands style

the "edward scissorhands" animals.

the liberty bell....and so much more....don't think i didn't notice that hand elsie...nice move.

new haven, connecticut. that's long island sound in the background.

i am moving to new england and buying this house....i need it in my life.

the legendary "apollo" theater in harlem. photo taken from outside my driver seat window as i cruised through new york traffic. i pretty much need to make a tee-shirt that says "i survived new york traffic and all i got was this lousy tee-shirt". what an adrenaline rush. so exciting. lane lines mean nothing, cars stop at any time, people walk across the street at will, and cars pull into straight into your lane whether you have room or not.....i love it.

the view of maine from outside our lunchtime meal stop. eating a delicious lobster roll and looking at this view...does life get any better

the family outside a wonderful restaurant in chinatown.

a covered bridge in vermont.

the beautiful connecticut backyard of our hosts. yeah i never wanted to leave.

the view of manhattan from central park.

carson and i at the scene of the "boston tea party".

it tasted a lot better going down..... (sorry i know it's gross picture but so funny right?)