Thursday, June 30, 2011

I get by with a little help from my friends..

I'll admit there have been times in the last couple of months that I have questioned my choice to move, and most of that is because my social life has been somewhat lacking. how does one make new friends as an adult?

I did have a good group of friends back in Moses, but I have to keep reminding myself that most of them moved on as well so it was time to leave, but I don't have many people to hang out with here, and times do get a little lonely. It's a lot of me and Q time, and it has been great, but every once in a while a girl needs some adult interaction.

I WAS able to go out with a few friends for my birthday. Well it was mostly my friend Tamu and everyone from her salon. But they are all cool, and it was super fun. We went out to dinner, hit up a club, then hit up a 24 hour diner joint until about 2:30 in the morning. It was a super funny night, but getting up the next morning to take care of Q was less than awesome. I took no pictures of that night (someone else did, and I have yet to get the pictures) but I did get this one inside the club.
Me and Tamu June 18 2011

I also attended this "white party" with the ladies a few weekends ago. It was less than awesome (it definitely did not live up to the same level as P Diddy's famous annual "white parties" that he throws in Miami)but it was good to get out for a little bit. Plus I did get to participate in a authentic "soul train" line  so that was super fun.

One weekend we headed up to Park City to watch an independent film that Tamu's youngest son Elijah had a bit part in that was premiering at a small film festival there. Without popcorn to entertain her,  Q lasted about 20 minutes and then I had to take her home. I didn't even get to see Elijah in the film, but the movie was super weird and from what everybody else told me I didn't miss anything. 

 Can you find me in this picture? hahaha. I am glowing.

Monday, June 20, 2011

I like it when the girls stop by.. In the summer

Q and I are the proud owners of the season pass of all passes for Utah County. which means it adds just another fun thing for us to do. We hit the seven peaks water park every few days and both Q and I just love it. We have our little routine that we do every time. First we hit up the the tadpole area, where Q has no fear about climbing up the steps and going down the slides by herself. It is so cute to watch. She loves giving the lifeguards high fives before she makes her way down the slide, and the smile that awaits me as I wait at the bottom to catch her, is just so funny. We play in that area for a bit, then we grab our little kid boat floatie and go around the the lazy river a few thousand times. Q floats in her boat pointing out all the leaves she sees, and I walk beside her collecting the leaves and putting them in her boat. if I wasn't getting an amazing tan while doing this, I would consider this the most mundane thing ever, but it's pretty fun.
Then we take a little break. Q gets her cheetos from the gift shop, then we hit up the grill and get out fries and large water. Then we sit on the towels, getting some sun on my legs, watch all the people, and eat our snacks. After that, we take the boat into the wave pool, where after about 20 minutes Q usually falls asleep. I bring her back to our towels, and she takes a little nap while I get some sun, or I put her in the stroller, pack up our things, and go home where we both can take a nap. Yeah it's a tough life we have.

One day we also hit up the Lehi Trafalga. so fun. Q may be less than 36" but with the afro she is tall enough to ride most of the rides, and she thought it was so fun. 

 yep, yet another carousel.
 They also have this cool mini bowling area, that is just so fun for Q. She played two whole games and would have played more but it was time to go.

We definitely have to go back.....soon....

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shower me with your love...

Well folks when I came up with this little blog post idea, I had no idea of the outpouring of love that I would get to read. Everyone should try this sometime, cause it does amazing things for your self esteem.  hahaha.
So without further ado I bring you....Why I am awesome.
Happy Birthday to me!
I'm not a writer, so I'm definitely not going to try to be funny.Just sincere. :)
As soon as I started thinking about fun memories or stories about you, I started feeling overwhelmed. I was taken back to childhood when we played Barbies (and shopped for them at the store for our "little sister" because we were getting way too old), pretended and played in the toy area, created the best band ever...The Street Rockers, produced dances and plays and our own version of "Fifteen".
I realize that my memories of us as adults are way more recent and easier to remember, but they are also more meaningful to me. I have learned to appreciate my relationship with you so much more as an adult and all the roles you play in my life.
I feel so blessed to have been with you while you gave birth to Q. I know you're probably thinking I'm crazy, but it was something I had never experienced before. It was so special to be there with you and to see Q come into this world.
I love you. I'm so glad you're my sister. I love that you get me.

{I love that we both went along with the little sister story}

{I love our trips together. and I think you take care of me as much as I take care of you. I may have everything planned, but you make sure I don't stress if things don't go exactly the way I envisioned in my head}
{does anyone else remember that show Fifteen? Did you know that Ryan Reynolds was the main character "Billy" in that show? crazy right?}
Dear Angie,I love snuggling with you. I like playing on your iphone. I loved seeing the tulips with you. I really want you to have fun at your new house.Happy Birthday!

Love,Elsie(Direct words from Elsie)

{I make sure I have games and cool disney stuff on my phone just for you Elsie. and I can't get enough of your snuggles}

There aren't many times that I've laughed as hard as the time you were making fun of the length of Jared's shorts when he stood up. We were all at mom's house, and you were on a roll.  Plus, Jared was being so sensitive about it.
And then, I remember that conversation with Grandma and your mom in the car, regarding you. I remember the awkwardness of being trapped in the car, looking at the window, wishing I was not there...while trying to piece together in my mind how what Grandma was saying made any sense.  So awkward!

{that by far was one of the most frustrating and awkward moments of my life}
{Oh man, his shorts were so SHORT.}
check out Jared's entry at his blog:
My sister Angie turns 35 today, so Lindsay and I have teamed up to drop some of our best Angie memories right on ya – BOOM!

1. "Jared's little sister" - I gotta go way way back to the Juanita Elementary days for this one. I was so popular in 6th grade that she was practically nameless. All my friends nicknamed her "Jared's little sister" and it just stuck. Sure, it was catchy, but "little" did I know that once we moved to Bellevue my popularity would go down faster than the city of Vancouver after losing the Stanley cup. Yep, not much different than what happened to this guy:
2. "Hole in the Wall" - She used to spy on my hot friends through the cork board wall in my old room. And by hot friends, I pretty much mean Chris Warren. He's now a meteorologist for the Weather Channel. I also realize I should have put quotes around the word "hot" (like this), so you didn't think I was actually describing my friends as hot, but that I was quoting Angie.
3. "Points Pending" - Whenever we'd play Scattergories she'd always disallow at least 2-3 of my words until she had time to research them. Thus, those points were "pending" until a few hours after the game. OH, and lo and behold she still won. Well, after a few times getting dominated on Words with Friends I think she's learned her lesson.
4. "Can I Kick It?" - Yes you can. Our passion for A Tribe Called Quest can't be faded. She actually made a lipsync video to "Check the Rhyme" for me while I was on my mission. 
5. "Neverending Story" - We quote movies all the time, but sadly we reference the Neverending Story waaaaaaay too much. "Artaxxxxxxx, you're sinking!!!!"
Hahahah don't cry too much. (Note: I will be referencing our other famous movie quotes throughout this post).
6. "Surely You Jest" - Mocking people is one of our favorite hobbies. It's one of the main reasons we go to wedding receptions, graduations and parties. But don't worry, if we don't mock you then that means we don't like you, so it's kind of a compliment. It's either that or we really, honestly don't like you.
7. "New Identity" - In third grade she tried to get everyone to start calling me J.J. (my middle name is James). I thank the sweet blessing of the gods above that this trend never caught on. Plus, wouldn't she then have been "J.J.'s Little Sister?"
8. "You Take the Good, You Take the Bad" - One of the first times Lindsay stayed at our house that you both watched a Facts of Life marathon on the sofa bed in the "club room". She thought you were probably one of the funniest and fun people she'd ever met.
9. "Where the Heart is" - We watched this movie probably like 50 times together at your Dad's house when we lived there and it is probably one Lindsay's favorite movies today. Not because it's the best movie other---She just likes the memory of watching it with you and it always reminds her of you. And we secretly wish you would have named Qiana either "Americus" or "Cinnamon." But I guess that would almost obligate her to become a stripper.
10. "Kevin Bacon" - No joke. Angie is the master of 6 Degrees and can connect ANY 2 Celebrities using movies. Doesn't matter how obscure. For instance - Angie, connect Jean Claude van Damme to Dolly Parton. Give me the answer in the comments. I predict 4 or less.
11. "You're My Obsession" - Angie's obsessions have ranged from stuffed pigs, to serial killers to Robert Downey, Jr. (Yes, you did discover him and his greatness long before the rest of the world. I'll vouch for it.)
12. "Heartthrobs" - I used to steal her Tiger Beat magazines so I could stare at the Alyssa Milano photos. Kirk Cameron and the Coreys were pretty easy on the eyes too.
13. "Single White Females" - Not sure how one person can have that many psycho roommates in their life, but you did it. Now everyone who's lived with her is like "Is he talking about me????"
14. "The Happiest Place on Earth" - The many, many journeys to Disneyland – from seeing Michael Jackson on the Pirates ride to me almost getting kicked out of the stupid parade because I wouldn't stand up. This year we need to both walk around with those giant turkey legs.
15. "Let Me Tell You a Little Bit About Angie" - The NSync fan video...truly one of the greatest productions of all time. Domino Dancing and Mr. Postman do not hold a candle. Ohhhh, and Lindsay was a part of it too. Soooooo awesome.
16. "Two Firsts" - Angie's first boyfriend Shawn was actually a model. He is also my first man-date to a live WWF event. (We sat in the 2nd row behind a big group of blue hairs.) This also really started Angie and I's shared love of pro wrestling. Between WWF, WCW, AWA and GLOW we had steady diet of about 5-6 hours every week.
17. "New Century" - For New Year's Eve 1999 we did the total opposite of Prince's song and worked for a family friend who was catering a church party. Everyone was anticipating Donny Osmond to show up "at any minute" because it was his old ward in Utah. Well, you can guess how that evening ended. Yep, no Donny and the live band actually played Smashmouth's "All Star" at least twice.
18. "The Office" - My Uncle David is a doctor, and for a few months I worked at his office with Angie. I did big time front office medical stuff like filing, making appointments, sticking things in charts, and most importantly...scheduling meals with the drug reps. I had this great strategy where I would just ask them what day they wanted to schedule to bring lunch in when I knew they had no intention of doing it. I would then act "flustered" like I misunderstood, but in then the drug rep always felt "cheap" and would put a date on the calendar. Angie hates embarrassing, awkward moments and I knew just how to create them.
Oh, and I also apparently really sucked at that job, but I was entertaining. Sometimes that goes further than true skills.
19. 1-976-HITS - So Angie and my other sister, Kim, decided they would call this 900 number in hopes of winning a bunch of prizes by answering trivia questions. Well, when the phone bill comes who does my mom come to first, you ask?, because obviously I've been calling porn lines.
20. "Mother Dearest" - It was always funny to watch you and mom squabble. It was like you were an old married couple sometimes. I think that's why LIndsay and I laugh so hard at Kris and Khloe Kardashian. So entertaining.
21. "Mt. Mutombo & the Dream" - We were HUGE NBA fans back in 1994, but ironically it marked my most disappointing basketball season EVER. First we had to watch the #1-seeded Sonics lose in the first round to the Nuggets. (That Denver team is still my most hated to this day). Then, I had to witness John Starks go 2 for 18 in game 7 of the finals as one of my favorite NBA teams of all time, the 1994 NY Knicks, gave the championship away to the Houston Rockets.
22. "The Eyes Have It" - To this day Lindsay and I are STILL scared of Angie's stern eye looks. We have no idea how Q is immune to them, but it give us hope.
23. "Cruise of Deception" - Every day after school we would always check in with our good friends Roman, Patch & Kayla, Jack & Jennifer, and "international spy" Shane Donovan. Because of this, Lindsay wonders how I have not come out of the closet yet. Her memories are more about bonding over General Hospital - Who doesn't like Sonny Corinthos?! Well, Brenda doesn't anymore, but maybe she'll come around before that show gets cancelled. Yep - just another soap I know waaaaay too much about.
24. "Pop Goes the World" - Angie is a pop culture connoisseur and is literally a database of information. She is also very intelligent and an impressive test taker.
25. "Light Packer" - Everything she owns can fit into her car. Well, pre-Q, that is.
26. "Sweet Melodies" - We performed "Send me an Angel" and "We Are the World" at a karaoke bar in Moses Lake, and I didn't even need a Stunned Mullet either.
27. "Here's a Tip" - To save money for my mission I worked as a Pizza Hut driver. The tips were pretty dope since we lived near some of the richy rich parts of Bellevue. I mean, sometimes I was almost "bleeding money" I had so much cash lying around. So yeah, never noticed when a few dollars were missing, errrrr I mean stolen.
28. "Arcade" - And speaking of stealing from me, when I got the first Nintendo Entertainment System for Christmas, I used to charge my sisters by the hour to play. Kim would always pay ahead of time before she used it, but Angie would just wait until I wasn't home and then play for free.
29. "A Fresh Look" - So many hairstyles and so many colors...I think we've all lost count! It's a real talent to pull that many off.
30. "Cupcakes" - I loved cupcake Sunday and I didn't even live in Moses Lake. It's just that I knew that possibly you and Q would come to Pasco and there could possibly be a cupcake Monday coming my way. By the way, Angie's cupcakes are better than ANY of had at those big fancy cupcake shops. 
31. "Hawaii" - I dream of going back, even though I severely sunburned my legs last time.
32. "The Clarinet" - A Christmas Classic. And hey, well at least you didn't make out with your mom because your cousins went to Peru. (inside joke)
33. "Nativity Jinx" - To this day, never a Mary, always an angel.
34. "Snowcones! We got snowcones here!" - Floyd's famous line from our Earl family reunions.
35. "School Daze" - Hanging out everyday at our Provo apartment.
36. "Q" - One of the greatest blessings in both of our lives.
Happy Birthday. You're a wonderful sister, mother and friend.


I think you were about 2 years old when I first met little Angie! Darling, blond little perfect paige-boy haircut! Your mom always dressed you so adorable! I still see you and Kim dressed up in your Bothell house basement, in some Goodwill negligees (sp?) performing all the latest songs! Little did I know it was the beginning of a high profile karaoke career - - one I STILL haven't even witnessed!

But I did see some of your dance skills early on - - in the audience with your mom at Juanita Elementary School's talent show. Again, the Angie & Kim team ripping up the stage! And definitely, a few years later, in Sarena's room at our Woodinville house, doing the Running Man and Roger Rabbit! Yes, you've definitely always had skills!
We love the years of your gingerbread house creations! And having you Bates hang out with us, at least every December for lots of years!
For me, definitely a standout memory was when you went for the bouquet at Tyson's wedding reception! Omigosh hilarious! It was a near all-out attack! And definitely a highlight of an otherwise too sedate event!!!
But always, the most standout characteristics that always mean "Angie" to me is your awesome laugh and sense of humor! I love your sharp perspective and quick wit - - what an awesome, unique and perfect combination!!!
Happy Birthday, Angie! We (me and ALL the Woodruffs!) love you!!!
Love, Janice
{Times with the Woodruff's are some of my favorite moments from my life}

{story about the bouquet. The reception was just too quiet, so I decided to tackle whomever caught the bouquet. I ended up putting the girl(who i didn't know) in a very loose headlock and trying to steal the flowers. Funny right?...}
Happy Birthday Angie. I have a lot of Angie memories. The three or four major Angie moments involved our time together in the Young Adult Ward.
1. I can distinctly remember you on the next to the last row in Rose Street and then in the Nelson street chapel with your posse surrounding you and me thinking: "if I say something too far out there Angie is going to start laughing and is not going to be able to quit and then her group will start and then we will lose this meeting." What a great laugh you have.
2. I remember you running around trying to get the boys to do the Mr. 7th Ward. I loved the one that Anderson won-- his talent number standing on his head in a bucket of water while playing the guitar. Every one of those turned out great.
3. I remember every time we gave the color test to a new group. Rather than explain to the group what the characteristics of a yellow is-- I would just have to say ANGIE.
4. I remember the dances, the decorations, the food, the music, the costumes...
I owe you a lot and so do a lot of others. You do not just make a party-- you are a party. We love you Angie. You remind me of my sister Tami.
Love Uncle Doug
{Thank you Doug for always being a willing participant and supporter in my crazy ideas}
{I remember when doing the color test explanation, you would joke that you knew I was a Yellow, cause when it didn't apply to me I was laughing and talking with those around me}
Happy Birthday! I don't know how old you are but I turn 50 on the 16th so just be grateful you're not me!! Ha ha.
 My favorite memory of you was when I first met you long ago. I came to stay at your house in Bothell I think on a visit before David left on his mission. You were about 4? I came in and you came running up to me all excited. But once you looked me over you walked away looking both disgusted and perplexed. Your mom explained that when you heard Peggy was coming you mistakenly thought that Miss Piggy was coming to your house for a visit. I was a huge disappointment to say the least! I totally remember that like it was yesterday. I hope you have forgiven me for disappointing you so! Happy Birthday. You rock!!!
{so, I was a little obsessed with Miss Piggy, who could blame me, but I'm glad I got you Peggy!}
This is so random but whenever I think of this I laugh. You had just had your tonsils out earlier in the week (I think) and somehow I convinced you to go to a Halloween single's dance in Tri Cities. When was it, maybe 1998?? You were still pretty of out of it but wanted 'to get out', I'm sure I was convincing on how fun it was going to be. We went and danced, you were a champ. You never complained and in my mind we had fun (maybe that's not true for you, ha). We stayed there way late and by that time you were starting to fade. When we were driving home and were around Othello I was sooooo tired and ready to fall asleep driving. I seriously knew I couldn't drive anymore so I asked if you could. You looked at me all crazy and were like, 'uh, NO!'. So I kept driving for 5-10 more minutes until I had to pull over. I put the car in park and fell right asleep on the side of Hwy 17 with the car running. You woke me up about 20 minutes later wondering what the heck was going on. You woke right up and were totally getting after me, 'No wonder you fell asleep it hotter than hell in here and you're listening to Phil Collins!!' HA HA, still cracks me up. After my little cat nap we made it back to Moses in safety. I think you were dead for 2 days after. Sorry about that!! I made a mental note after that, when you're tired and driving turn the heat down and no easy listening, ha!
Love you Ang!!
-Melanie Bushman
{yep, totally remember this. Although I don't think you had even made it to Othello..I'm thinking we were still on 395, when you got to tired to drive...and yes heat and soft hits are not good for staying awake. Take note everybody}
I'm thinking about you being a little girl and how you were so excited about every little thing that sounded like potential fun. You were giggly and blond headed, with rosy little puckered lips and a love for family. You were quiet and calm, shy and observant for the first two years of your life, taking it all in. After two, you were ready to roll! And away you went with your jabbering and dancing and love of attention .  Jeff and I lived about 25 minutes away from your house on the hill. We got together nearly every week to hang out. We ate and watched movies, visited and laughed. You loved having cousin Daishan come and always had something to play with she and Kimmie. You all Trick or Treated together at Halloween and couldn't believe that people would actually put candy in your pillow case bag just because you rang their doorbell. And how you loved your ballerina costume!

Your daddy nicknamed you Angie poo and he thought you were the cutest little girl on the block. He and your mom hung on every word you uttered and laughed at all your antics. I remember feeding you hot dogs and mac and cheese in your highchair. That was the popular food to eat in those days (we were so health conscious).
You have always been a great cheerleader for your siblings. I applaud you for that. And you continue to love and support them in adulthood as well. I admire you for rising to the occasion of motherhood and being such a great mommy to Qiana. There are hard moments and even harder days when motherhood isn't the most favorite career. But you are handling it beautifully and I am really proud of you for that. It cracks me up that you're so picky about how she looks and smells. I'm pretty sure she's the cleanest and most fashionable baby there is! Good job Angie!
I love that you miss your mom so much. I love that you sing to Qiana. I love that you know how to plan a party. I love that you change your style every once in a while although your current Mia look is my favorite. I love that you took a giant leap and moved to Utah - that took courage but is such a smart move. I love that you blog so that I can know what's going on in your life. I love that you have an appreciation for fabulous food. I love that you enjoy my pound cake with raspberry and/or strawberry puree' dessert. I love that you defend those you love. And I love that you're my niece.
I hope you have a wonderful birthday collecting stories. You area celebration and I love you!
Happy Birthday!
Auntie Becky
{I have dreams about your lemon cake and raspberry puree, I tried duplicating it in a cupcake one time...still trying to perfect that flavor combination}
{I have a picture of that halloween. I should have scanned it in for this post}________________________________________________

Hey Ang!
OK, here's one of my favorite stories from our lives together. I
remember when you were in beauty school and Kim and I were roomies. I
asked you to do a little soft perm on my hair. What I failed to tell
you is that I had recently highlighted my hair using bleach and a cap.
When we took those rollers out of my hair following the perm process,
there were a few moments of startled shock! There were some nice
little wavy curls, and then at the ends of all of them was a puffy,
frizzy ball of dead, over-processed, totally damaged and deeply fried
hair! It was like I had put in mini blonde koosh ball extensions at
the ends of my hair! It was a total and complete hair disaster (one
of many I've had in my life, I must admit). You felt terrible, even
though it was really a result of my recent bleaching combined with the
perm solution. In the end, we all couldn't do much more than just
laugh at it all! I think we all had sore bellies and wet undies from
all the laughing. Fortunately, I was able to chemically relax it and
got a nice cute short cut to remove all the poof balls...after 3
L-O-N-G weeks of wearing a hat at all times.
 Happy birthday to you, fabulous Angie!

Love, Colleen
{and people wonder why I don't do hair anymore! Oh but you were such a good sport.}
First of all Happy Early Birthday and I am so sorry that you cant spend it doing something you absolutely love or dreamed of. That is the total pits. But I hope it still goes good. If I were there I would come take you out on a little cuzzy date. :)
 Ok so you know that one of the memories has to be of the summer that Grandma grounded you from spending time with me. I think we spent most of our time quoting Clueless and hanging by the pool. I have a horrible memory, but I do know that I loved being able to hang out with my cooler older cousin. I felt totally awesome and SO mature. Hahaha. I then grandma got all crazy and put her foot down and told you that I was too young and you couldn't hang out with me any more. what the heck grandma?! Hahaha Classic.
 The other memory I have is when we were so crazy for NSync that we made a fan video for them. It was so super cheesy. We had outfit changes and everything. It was serious. We did a little bio on each of us and talked about why we were the biggest Nsync fans. Hahaha. I think we really thought that they would respond to our video. Sigh...good times. :)
I love you Ang!!

{was that video totally cheesy? yes. But I still think the concept was brilliant, and should have made the fan video collage during one of their concerts!}
{grandma grounding us from you=classic!. That was a great summer. "you could be a farmer in those clothes"}

If I had any access to your personal information, I would TOTALLY have taken over your blog in a true birthday style. But unlike my mom's one password she uses for everything, I will let you keep your privacy. Luckily, of anyone, I am positive that if anyone can nail the birthday blog other than me, its you. :) 
I have been playing around in my mind which memory to share, mostly because I think most of my memories are me admiring you from a distance and not really participating in the moment I am remembering. The many performances always come to mind, you always had such fun ideas for improving even the most routine things. I still would love to see what you could do with the Nativity if given sufficient time and resources. No doubt it would be legendary.

But we are going to go with a time, long long ago, when I was an uber irritating 13 year old. I have only slightly improved with age when it comes to my overbearing personality but combining that with the mentality of a 13 year old and, really its amazing anyone was willing to talk to me. Myca and I were experiencing some of our first moments with "cousin drama". It was one of the main times we realized we had somehow become the "little sister cousin" who thinks she can still tag along with the big kids and be welcome. That weekend, we were definitely not welcome and were feeling especially hurt by the whole thing. Plus we were 13, so we added as much angst as was possible. But for some reason, in the depths of our despair, you agreed to have us over to highlight our hair. This was a defining moment in my cousin history. I was never included with the oldest group of cousins. Occasionally, Myca and some of the younger ones got to make an appearance in the older cousin scene because they had older sisters in the group. I was not so privileged. But, not only on our night of misery did I get to hang with Angie, the epitome of cool older girl cousin, but she was going to dye my hair for the first time. Seriously, major big deal at the time. We joked around, pulled out the foil, and had a night feeling as cool as was humanly possible. The highlights turned into a disturbing shade of orange but the memories were perfect. Angie, I have always loved and admired you from the sidelines because you had all of the bossiness and leadership personality I had, but you had the insanely funny and bold confidence to go with it that I never had. And now you have the most beautiful daughter and still have the best sense of humor even though life has handed you some seriously bad hands. You're a star and I hope you know it.
Have a fantastic birthday, you deserve it.
{again with the hair mistakes. But i remember having a lot of fun that night, but I think you have now surpassed me in creativity, confidence, and personality}

this picture of you has to be one of my all time favorites. it is just the epitomy of you; it's your whole persona wrapped up in one still shot. That's what it says to me.
If I had a picture of you, Kim, Brit, and I dressed as Street Rockers, that would say make the list. Alas, I do not have one.
I have all sorts of memories, but one of my favorites was probably when we came to stay with you guys during Christmas break of 93. You were working at Sears or JcPenney's or something and we (Ash, Kim, and I) came in and you dressed us up over and over. We tried on all sorts of outfits from prom dresses, to "Blossom" inspired styles, to skaterish looks, to preppy...and we took pictures! Oddly enough, our style designer was not in a single picture. I also remember that we went to some sort of open house for the Weidig family--not sure if it was a farewell or homecoming, or maybe it was just at their house. Anyhow, you glammed us all up so we could catch Ryan's eye! Do you remember the outfit we made Ash wear? Hilarious! I loved this time spent with you because I felt special that we got to come stay with you at your house and be in your territory and we didn't have the whole family with us. Does that make sense?
Another vivid memory for me is when you came to visit us at college. We were in Jared's apartment cooking Sunday dinner. You and Jared decided that you were going to pretend fight for the next half hour in Jersey accents. We opened the windows and the sliding door and you guys elevated your voices so that all could hear. We laughed good and hard listening to you two go at it!
I love you Ang for all sorts or reasons. I love your sense of adventure. I love your constant flow of knowledge about anything pop culture, historical or current. I love your love of music. I love your passion for good food. I love your loyalty to friends. I love how strong and brave you are. I love what a brilliant mother you are. I love your love of traditions. I love the relationship you have with your siblings. I love that you make me laugh. I love to dance with you. I love that you were the director and writer and producer of every show that we did growing up. I love that you are a cheerleader, just like your mom. I love that you are a person that goes "all out." I love you Ang and I hope your birthday is wonderful.
xoxo Daishan
{totally have a picture of the Street Rockers! if I had a scanner I totally would have put it on here}
{hahahha. you all thought Ryan was soooo hot. It was hilarious to watch the flirting}
{I had totally forgotten about the fake accent fighting. That was soooooooo funny!}
Happy Birthday Angie! I hope your day is as exciting and fabulous as you are!
 I first met Angie when I married her cousin, Jason, 14 years ago. Angie stood out to me right off the bat because of one particular thing:
HER LAUGH. This girl has the most infectious laugh I had ever heard! I could be standing across the room - not even hearing any of her conversation - but completely bust out laughing all because I heard Angie laughing. Angie has such a GREAT sense of humor and it is something I really admire. I tend to be on the worrying side of the spectrum, and so I admire people that can laugh and have a good time. Angie is certainly one of those! Angie - thank you for sharing your sunshine, have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY girl!
{I think the world needs the "worriers" as well, and the world needs you KaeLynn}
{True story: I've actually had the cops called on a house I was hanging out at for "Noise Disturbance"...on my laugh. It was too loud.}

when I was young you were definitely the cool cousin (okay, when I was older too). But first, when I was young. If we were allowed to "play" something with you, it was going to be the funnest and coolest. You were loved. You were feared.

I even remember one year you got to be close with myca. she seemed pretty young. Maybe like 6th grade- maybe older, who knows. but I remember brit and I (or someone and I) being like, "when did MYCA get in with Angie?!" (cause we were older but you didn't realize how cool we were yet... hahaha) Jealous much?
And even though I have wonderful memories of you when I was younger: boys vs. girls dance-off vs. Justin and jared. performing es-ca-pades "we'll have a good time." a million nativity scenes with you and cali as directors. And WE will never forget how you taught me one of my first dance moves "grate the cheese, and kick! and kick! and kick!".... I treasure even more the times we've spent since I've been older and FINALLY!! got "in" with you! hahah. (shall we say, finally graduated to the "older kids" table.)
(and can we take just a moment to remember and thank you for introducing me to my love for back street boys and n'sync? You slow-mo-ed through their videos and concert for me until I loved them. And it stuck. Can I ever thank you enough?!!)
But like I said, the funnest has been since I've been old enough just to love you instead of fear you. haha. I loved working with you at uncle davids. Spending summers with you in the singles ward. We seriously played almost everynight. Hanging out downstairs in the apartment with gubler, hardy, and kim? (Um...why am I blanking on her name?) while watching rap videos. And remember when we threw that awesome dance out at the hardy's factory?! That was the one dance I was in charge of, and it was so much fun making the music list with you and getting everything ready. (was that your first dance in charge of the music too? I think it was, because it seems you were permanently in charge of music from that day on. Remember when that one kid came up and told you he was going on a mission in a month and that "baby got back" put bad images in his head and he asked you to turn it off?! haha you were PISSED.) You, like me, are a fellow boat rider. I loved that there was someone else that made it okay just to enjoy the boat and not HAVE to be peer pressured into getting on a dumb tube!I was cleaning out my stuff a few months ago, when I was moving from sunny california to cloudy oregon, and I found a little card you made me with a yellow smiley face on the front. I was home from college I think the summer after my freshman year (maybe sophomore, but I think freshman). I was adjusting to life without ryan and I was just so sad, and you wrote me the most loving note on this card. It was totally unexpected (it's wasn't your usual style) and that small act of kindness really touched my heart. It still does actually. You are a good friend.
I always loved coming home to moses lake and knowing I'd get to see you. (why WHY did you leave?! Oh wait, it's a good thing. okay. fine.) You still make everything "the coolest and the funnest."
You are my dear cousin, my friend, but most importantly, you are one of my people. I love you and happy birthday! I love being able to continue to keep up with you on your blog and watch Q grow. I can't wait for the cousins reunion, which wait- of course is only happening because of you. I love you, you love me. see you in OCTOBER! woot woot.
{i think that was the summer that every possible guy in singles ward was in love with you as well huh? hahha. We had so much fun. Remember I made a CD of all of our favorite summer hits from that time? "Here's to the night we said goodbye" That was also the summer we became obsessed with Moulin Rouge wasn't it?}

haha, i feel like i have a thousand funny memories of you and i'm trying to pinpoint in my head exactly where the laughs came.
 One of my favorites was my first talk in singles ward like 7 years ago. It was in rose street and doug was bishop. Those were the days that anything went over the pulpit. You pretty much had free reign to evangelize how ever you pleased. Glad to know with Dr. Dave having taken over things will get back to the glory days. But i remember say some stupid stuff and just hearing the loudest, most gratifying laughter from the back. Rose street chapel is small so it really rang. i remember even pointing out that it was you laughing which made you laugh even harder. Which of course made me laugh harder. I think you even made some comment to me while i was up there and we had a small conversation back and forth hahahaha. It's one of my favorite memories.
 I can't help but think back to that Thanksgiving that we gang banged Kelsey (haha yes i just used gang banged). You and i grilled her over and over with super embarrassing questions in front of everyone, including Grandma. We were ruthless and it was seriously like the funniest thing I've ever been a part of. We asked her about kissing boys and about her deep abiding love for Ninja, something about the yellow fever was in there as well. The best part was when grandma pretended that she wasn't listening in on the conversation and Kelsey knew that grandma had just heard everything about her and kissing a handful of boys. I feel proud to have lead the offensive with you that day. I don't know if i've ever laughed that hard.
 Love you, Gee Gee, you're my favorite.
 Boo Boo

{there are few things I find more enjoyable that making Kelsey blush with embarrassment. And having grandma hear that conversation just made it that much more awesome. Thanks for being my partner in crime}

I have a lot of memories of Angie being stuck on things. One of my very first memories of Angie is when we were playing hide and seek in the dark. The person looking would have a flashlight that you would try to shine on the person. I just remember seeing Angie lit up by a flashlight beam. She was stuck standing with a foot the door knob on each side of the door. She was bawling her brains out. I also remember climbing over a fence at grandma's and Angie getting stuck half way over. Another time on a fence at her dad's house. I don't know why that stands out in my mind but it is just something funny I think about.

I always remember Angie being so cool. Once when I was 13 or so Daishan, Alysha (I think it was us three...but I can't remember exactly) and I went to Seattle to visit for a week. Angie introduced me to all kinds of cool music (that you could never hear in Moses Lake), she dressed me up in outfits I would never dream of wearing in my real life (with Doug around). She never acted too old for us, and was always so nice. She worked in the mall at a clothing store and we visited her and tried on crazy outfits and took crazy pictures. I would love if I could find some of those right now because they were awesome. I felt so old and so cool. Looking back now I can't believe she was so nice to a bunch of hyper tweens...that is really nice.

I love you Angie. I can't wait until I am feeling better so we can hang out sometime. Hahaa. I am so excited for you to live here in Utah, and I love your little Q. Happy Birthday!


{oh my gosh, I do get stuck on things a lot! I hate climbing fences. I do. I get to the top and get scared. I'm a loser}

{Remember filming episodes of "The Real World" during that visit? you were a model and walked around in slips and tank tops. so perfect!" Oh and I believe Kim has the pictures from our JC Penney fashion show. We rocked a lot of "clueless" looks.}


Angie is the only cousin I have that is my same age.  We were babies, toddlers, teens, adults....together.  It is hard to know how to sum her up...and how I feel about her.  Instead of one memory...just some thoughts perhaps?
Angie is stylish.  She always has been.  When I was little I remember telling my mom that Angie wore a different dress to church EVERY WEEK!  And the accessories, and hair...she really had it together.  She was from the big city.  I was the country bumpkin.  I remember once Grandma had a little talk with me.  She said she thought it was appropriate for me to start wearing make-up.  She said "Angie has been wearing makeup for quite some time now".  A side note to this story is that I was already totally wearing everyday.  Maybe you just couldn't really tell.
Angie is a good leader.  We worked so well together, bossing all the younger cousins around.  Planning extravagant musicals, skits, plays, dances.  We were pretty determined that our shows ran like well-oiled machines.  I credit the younger girls for being good sports.  But Angie had a way of making things so fun.
I loved visiting her in Seattle and playing with all her Barbies.  She had tons of clothes for them.  We spent alot of time changing their hair and outfits.  Then they would get into dramatic situations.  There was always a mean Barbie, and a nice one.  It was so much fun playing and playing and playing.
Angie is strong-willed.  I remember her having very specific ideas about food, and what she wanted to eat.  I remember her refusing to eat toast if the butter wasn't completely melted, and telling Grandma so.  I have so many memories like this...random and funny.
Angie is funny.  She has always been able to make me laugh.  At EFY she would crack me up doing impersonations of our counselors and other people in our group.  She has a great laugh too, so I would always feel like I was so funny.  I would say something and she would laugh out loud.
Angie truly is the queen of pop culture and always has been.  She always knew the words to songs.  She could quote tv shows and movies.  I would try to keep up.  I never quite could.
In our family we dance.  Yes, there are some amazing trained dancers in our group.  But the rest of us, we just love music...and when we hear music, we have to MOVE!  Angie has always been exceptional at this.  She can "get down" with the best of them.  It is so fun to be with her, dancing and laughing and having fun.
Angie is a true and loyal friend.  We had lots of long talks...she guided me through all my boy drama (ha ha...looking back it wasn't much....but when you are that age, everything seems monumental).  I remember her once telling me that I was prettier than my best friend Celeste.  This wasn't true of course, all the boys loved gorgeous Celeste, but Angie was trying to "have my back", build up my confidence and all that.
There were so many fun times.  Dates, and family parties, cousin sleepovers, family reunions.  It was a blast to have Angie as my best friend cousin.  I love her.  It has been fun to see her as a mom, with Q.  She is amazing.  All the same things she has always been, fun AND funny, stylish, loyal, and good leader.......make for a very talented and loving mama!
I love you Angie, with all my heart!  I can't believe we are 35.  It blows my mind.  Thanks for being my sister, friend, cousin, FAMILY......
 Happy Birthday.

{I may have guided you through boy drama, but you secured my only dates in my high school dating career. Sure they were both super awkward, but I'm glad they were with you}

{I never knew about that conversation with grandma. so funny. although my make up skills were HORRIBLE (anyone seen my 8th grade picture?), so I'm not quite sure grandma was right about that advice}


I remember when you were born. We were so excited to have another girl in the family. Grandpa Bates - as usual shed a few tears and talked about what a "dolly" you were. When Grandma bates died and you came back to MN with Jared & your folks you were still pretty small. Janice and cousin Ann just kept playing with you and marveling at your little feet. They kept holding them in their hands and saying with awe in their voices - "they're just like little eggs". I had no clue but they were sure in a "little egg" fog. 

When you were older Janice & I spent a Christmas with your family and time at Grandma & Grandpa Earl's home. We had a great time - Kimmy was about 2, Jared was a round faced little guy and you were as grandpa bate predicted - a"dolly". a tough one tho..sitting on ur laps you would press your face close, VERY close and smash your nose into ours. What the??? we would ask and very seriously you'd answer NOSE WRESTLING. That was also the visit when we invented " chows" of every kind not just dog chow - oh no - we laughed hilariously as we thought up slug chow,  baboon chow,  otter chow.... I don't remember exactly but if we added "chow' to the name of some animal..... 

when I lived with you guys that year you were in third grade I think. You loved clothes, having your hair fixed just right, being better at math than jared -- Oh yes Jared  it's true and it drove you crazy! We had rock concerts in the basement, you and your crazy girl cousins would hog pile on the beds singing and making crazy faces. We would sneak off to Farrfar's (sp?) for ice cream. You were funny and serious and grown-up and a kid at the same time. 

Now over these last gabillion years we have only seen one another a couple of times -- both of these thanks to your generosity - I am so grateful for those gifts. You're now a Mom, a party girl and still a wild child...I love you with all my heart and am so proud to call you family and especially friend.  Great things await you Angie -- Happy BIrthday!!  

- Cousin Julie

{true story: Q does the exact same thing with her head. I call it "head love" but it hurts like crazy rubbing hard against my face. So crazy that I used to do it to!}

{I LOVED when you lived with us. and I remember all the fun we had. You were my cool, artistic, older cousin that I just so admired and loved}


Angie you are so much fun. You bring life with you where ever you go. I laugh so hard when hanging with you. My favorite is how you can find fun anywhere. I had so much fun at the party for some of Tamu's teenage girls. We were looking through the window and turning all the crazy teen happenings on the other side into a soap opera. Hands down it was the best soap opera I have seen to date. I can't wait until the next teen party we are at together. I think we should do a Telanovela this time. Let's also not forget that I lost my Boyz II Men rose virginity with you, it was a big deal and I'm so glad we were able to experience it together. You are like the mayor of Moses Lake and I feel like I get VIP treatment when I'm there by just dropping your name. I'm so glad that I have gotten to know you over the years and I truly consider you a friend. The bottom line is; you're purrty awesome!

{Tamu tries to act like we were being mean with those girls, but you know we made that party fun!...well at least for us. And I loved the dance party we had in the back with Nick as the DJ)

{That BOYZ II MEN concert was sooooo awesome. and I was super jealous that you and Tamu were able to go up and fight for a rose...I didn't trust my very pregnant belly around all those hormonely charged ladies.}

Hahaha! I have a memory that is pretty embarassing for both of us (though it was all my fault and you were the innocent one!) I remember when you transferred to Newport High School I stayed a couple of nights with you and went to school with you one day. The night before I had the bright idea to randomly call guys from your school (yes jaime you were right about his name) and see if they would talk to us. We did get one of the cool guys to talk for a long time about random, dumb things (seriously, I had to have been the most absurdly immature and silly teenage girl ever!).  Anyways, while I never said who I was apparently my sly little 'hints' were more than obvious since he asked your brother the next day what we were doing. I was sooo embarrassed and it must have been worse for you since it was your school- I never showed my face there again. I wouldn't have blamed you if you never talked to me again! Anyways, I totally have to laugh at it now....are you laughing?? (or is it still to soon- haha!)
 Happy Birthday! Hope it's a great one!
Jaime Pritchard
{hahahha. totally remember this. so awful. What's more pathetic is that, that this was not the only time that I embarrassed myself with prank calling and guys. Oh man, high school was just one awkward moment after the other when it came to boys}
Hey Angie,
Because I want you to feel loved on your Birthday, here is a memory or two from Jon. 

Back of the chapel shout-outs of Ninja at Singles ward, you always made me feel super welcome :).
SNL DVR parties at your place. My favorite was when Justin Timberlake was on there. 
And then when you lived over in Knolls Vista I have this memory of being there with Rob Ellis and it was like an endless game of name that tune of 80's songs all from your music library. LOVED IT. Wished I could do that everyday.
I better make the blog, you can spruce it up a bit, but I want to be able to tell it was from my memories!!
Love you bye!

When I think of you I mostly just think of multiple conversations about boys and any drama in my life. Most of the time taking place at an Earl gathering in which everyone was involved in the conversation which was hilarious and embarrassing. You are so fun to talk to and such a great cousin and friend. Love you Angie! Happy Birthday.
{I also remember watching the Dane Cook SNL many times with you at the Knolls Vista house.}
{Kelsey: see my note on Corbin's. Making you blush makes me happy. I love that you take it.}
How do I even begin to write a narrative regarding someone who has had such an immense role in my life?  The memories and stories are truly endless.  Angie, I know my life would be significantly different without you.  Because my dad and your mom were so close we had the great privilege of spending so much time at your house.  I always looked forward to hanging out with you and Kim.  Even when you didn't want a younger tag along, I couldn't help but want to hang out with you.  Oh boy, I'm already tearing up and I haven't even written much.
 I don't think you intend to be, but you are a leader.  Every time we all got together you were the one directing our activities.  It didn't matter if it was making up a dance or constructing a whole production.  To this day you will always take the initiative to plan trips, activities or get togethers.
 You are a trend setter.  You always draw everyone into the things that you are interested in.  Before you know it we are all as enthusiastic as you.  It doesn't matter whether it's music, food, shows, etc.  I probably never would have fallen in love with Donnie Walberg if it weren't for you.  You get me hooked on something every time I see you.
 You have a mind like a steel trap.  This can be good and bad.  If, for instance, I do anything humiliating (which happens quite frequently) I will never live it down.  But it's also a good thing because you remember all the fun things I forget about.  I remember one time when you asked me how many guys I have kissed.  I wasn't really sure.  We started making a list.  You kept pulling names (or nameless guys but locations) out of thin air...people I totally forgot about.
 You may come across to some people (mostly people you can't stand) as having a hard shell but we all know you are a softie on the inside.  There is nothing you won't do for someone you love.  You are extremely thoughtful and tender when it counts!
 You are the life of the party!  You make me laugh my head off.  You are so quick witted.  I always know I will have a good time if you are there.  When we worked together, we always would tell people we were going to "fun" not to work.  How many times have we gone to dances together?  It didn't really matter who else was there, I knew if you were there it would be a blast.
 You are very independent.  You are content to entertain yourself even though you are so good at entertaining other people.  Destiny Child's "Independent Women" comes to mind.  But I also get the sense that you know how to let someone care for you.
 You have tremendously risen to the occasion of being a single mom.  Q is so precious and you have done an incredible job with her.  Your whole world shifted and you ran with it.  You are so strong!
 I hope that you can see all the amazing qualities that you have.  I love you so much!  Thank you for a lifetime of unforgettable memories!  I am so thankful that you are part of my life.  Happy Birthday!
{I consider myself personally responsible for remembering your life events, and will expect to be called upon in your old age to tell your grandchild stories about you}
{shhhh. Don't let everybody know about the "hard shell" thing, then everybody will expect me to care about their problems. haha}
My most memorable moments with Angie Bates were always had at Shari's. We spent hours putting on the dunce cap, mocking the square dancers, eating pie, leaving our tips in pennies, and otherwise torturing the servers. It's no wonder they always seated us in back right next to the kitchen...
-Brad Arnesen
{thanks for being the best designated driver for two girls who got sick doing a "all you can drink lemonade drinking contest"}
Some memories that will forever be in my memory bank are the Spanish 90210 video we made, watching Saturday Night Live at your house and always getting asked to quiet down in the library at school because you would always be cracking jokes and we would always be laughing too loud.
-Kristin Nielsen
{I have a distinct memory involving me, a hill, laughing, and wet pants, at your house. Yet another awkward moment of mine}

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of you is your amazing sense of humor. You can't help but laugh when you are around. You can laugh at yourself and your situations, and you just tell it like it is. It's great! But underneath all of the jokes and laughter is a real person, someone that is smart, deep, loving, loyal, understanding, and an amazing friend. You are the complete package!
I have known you for a long time now. I love it when I get to hang out with you now, but I have to admit that most of my memories of you are from our high school years. I remember when you moved into the house in Bellevue, and moved into our ward. I was so happy to finally have someone my age that went to the same school. You, me, and Kristin became fast friends and were the "3 Musketeers" for a long time. We did pretty much everything together.
After you moved in, I had high hopes for the best 4th year of camp ever. I never had fun at Girl's camp the first 3 years because I didn't have any friends to hang out with. So, when you and Kristin came in, I was so excited! The only problem was that you and Kristin didn't like camping and you especially didn't like "squatting" in the woods. On the 4th year hike, you and Kristin spent the entire time in your tent and didn't come out for anything. And when we got back to camp, you stayed in the A-frame the whole time and didn't certify or do anything. That was my last year at Girl's Camp.
I always loved having classes with you. You kept things lively and fun. And we always had a friendly competition going on for highest grade in the class. Val's "Angie Batessssss" was always entertaining. And our videos in plant studies - tied for highest grade in the class! Freeway flowers, and wasn't yours on fruit trees? It was great to have a friend that would push me to work hard for good grades (or at least see how little I could work to get good grades) You were also in my video for my Spanish class, a spoof on 90210. You were Donna, and you tried so hard to speak the lines in Spanish, but at the end of it all, I just dubbed my voice over yours because you couldn't make out any of the words. It was a fun time though, and you were so nice to agree to be in the video.
I remember when you told me about the movie Strictly Ballroom. We went to see it together and that movie is still one of my all time favorites. I think I can recite the whole movie. And watching Newsies together was always so much fun.
I remember going to your old school's talent show in Kirkland and afterward going out to ice cream and that guy singing/saying the words to "You're the Inspiration" to that girl. Awkward for all of the rest of us in the store!
I remember many nights going to Theatresports with you. Those were good times.
The sleepover at the cabin that didn't percolate well. I was freaked out to use the bathroom after that talk! I held it as much as I could on that trip.
Do you remember freshman year and all of us squeezing into Sis. Knapp's car after seminary? That must have looked really interesting. And the stick shift would always get in the way.
I remember our trip to Moses Lake. I met all of your cousins, which was so fun. And I remember you having me drive one of them home and then getting lost on the way back. I drove all over Moses Lake. I finally had to stop at a gas station and call your only uncle that was listed in the phone book to get directions back. It was very embarrassing. I went through 1/2 a tank of gas trying to get back. Then, on the way home, you got caught in that nasty speed trap and you got a big speeding ticket. That was a bummer. It was not a very fun ride home after that.
We went to EFY one summer together. Ok, so I think you were totally boy crazy that summer. You were obsessed with the twins in our group too. It was lots of fun though, and I'm glad I went with you. We went to see Kristin on that trip too. (she had moved back to Utah) I have fond memories of that trip.
You cracked me up in high school because you had major crushes on most of the asian soccer players. Not just little crushes, but almost obsessive crushes. You would plan your daily routine around being able to be in the same part of the hall as one of them, just to catch a glimpse of them. And you were the soccer team superfan. I don't think you missed any of their games. And of course there was always Rob. I'll just leave it at that.
I remember hanging out at your house. I remember dancing in the living room with you and Kim. You and Kim had these amazing dance moves, and I just looked silly, but it was lots of fun. Your mom would join in sometimes too.
I remember spending the night at your house and being a little creeped out that you had swords on your wall.
I remember Douglas always reminding you that the dishwasher is only for sanitizing, not for washing dishes. I found that strange, given the name dish "washer" but I was just a silly teenager, so I didn't know much anyway.
I remember hanging out in your mom's hot tub outside of her room. I thought it was the coolest setup.
Of course, a memory list wouldn't be complete without mentioning Shari's runs. Those are some of the best memories. Us trying to help them get on the "100 club" board for remembering our names, tormenting the waitresses, asking the waitress for change to pay our tips by spelling out "thanks" in dimes and nickels (and I hate to admit it - but sometimes pennies) thinking we were being all clever and cute. The waitresses I'm sure absolutely hated it. Having a purse full of jam when we left each time. And of course, the best part of the Shari's run, the "dunce cap" game. Telling all of the stupid things we had done in the past few weeks.   
I remember the luau I had at my house after graduation. We had a great time playing party games and ping pong outside. Just before you headed out to Hawaii.
Once we got to college, I remember talking with you on the phone and you telling me about all of the hot polynesian guys you were hanging out with. And after being co-presidents of the VLC (Virgin Lips Club) in high school, you certainly made quick work of getting rid of your membership. You were always telling me about different guys you were kissing! I could never keep track.
More recently, I remember going to your mom's funeral, such a beautiful and fitting tribute to her life, and listening to your remembrances of her, how perfectly you captured her personality. You looked so beautiful, pregnant with Qiana, ready to be a mom yourself. Since then, I have seen you several times and I am always so impressed with the amazing mother you are to Q. She is a very lucky girl.
The Billy Joel and Elton John concert was amazing, a little bit unnerving at first when we were late and when we weren't sure if we could get in, but it was great to see it with you. I remember seeing Billy Joel in concert with you in high school. We also saw Janet Jackson as well. I think all of the concerts I went to in high school were with you.
And how can I forget the person that introduced me to Boyz II Men? Amazing voices. We went to a concert that had them singing in it (KUBE 93 Jams? or something like that) I was in love with their music after that.
I have tons more memories, but I will stop here. Sorry it's so random. I was just writing down what popped in my head at the moment.
I feel so blessed to have you as my friend. We don't see each other very often anymore, but you are the type of friend that I can just pick back up with when I see you. You are amazing, and you have been a loyal friend for over 20 years now (hard to believe, but true!) You're the best, Angie! Happy Birthday my friend!
-Liz Arnesen Thompson
{Whenever I think that high school wasn't that cool, I'm gonna have to read this and remind myself how much fun we had! I love ya Lizzie}
{I do realize that this blog may get posted to facebook at some point, and that part of this post might be a little embarrassing if some old high school people were to read it, but I am keeping it, cause it makes me laugh.}

3 words. Mex i co!!!
-Stephen Ashton
What I remember most fondly of you, in addition to our "backyard neighbor" and awesome "walk from the bus" days, is sharing Mrs. Joseph's drama class with you. One day that will forever remain in my memory is when you produced both boom box and cassette recording of Dana Carvey's "Chopping Broccoli" to share with the class whilst we "rehearsed" our various pointless productions. You were so passionate about Mr. Carvey's performance that it sold everyone in the class on the brilliance of it all. Such a drama queen! :)
-Robin Lucas
{I still stand by that performance. Dana Carvey was brilliant.}
You are 3 or 4 & I'm about 17. Valley Fair Amusement Park. Yes, Krista I want to ride the giant ferris wheel with the spinning cars - I WON'T GET SCARED. I think we were 30 seconds into it when neither of us could speak. I held you with 1 arm and a bar with the other - holding on for dear life ... When we got off you said "I don't want to go on that one again." End of story. We didn't blow cookies ;-) Love you & Happy Birthday 
-Cousin Krista
{Oh we loved the Valley Fair Amusement park, and was a highlight of every trip to MN. When I was young and foolish I thought roller coasters were fun as well. I have learned better}