Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It's Lights, Camera, Action!

Q loves to perform. I think she was just born that way. She is not shy, and is quick to get up and entertain others. I love this about her. Although, I like performing as well, as a child I was so scared in front of people and I think that really hindered any success I could have had in that area. But not Q, she is not afraid. 
I signed her up for a little performance group here in Orem a few months ago (they have them in tons of cities), and she has just loved it! They sing, dance, etc and it just perfect for her. 
Last week they had their little recital for friends and family, and it was so fun watching her. They get to perform at Oremfest here this year and she is pretty excited about it. 

pretty darn proud of herself


The coach knew that Q needed to have this solo, and was confident that she would rock it. and she did!


Q nailed her line. I was so proud, and then even more proud that the trip didn't phase her at all. When I was young, this would have been devastating for me. My face would have gotten so red, and I wouldn't have recovered. Q just kept on performing. 

Q was so excited for Kylie to come watch, and even more excited to get her first bouquet of flowers

Q loves Kim and Elsie, and kept smiling at Elsie throughout her performance

So proud of this girl!
It was a great experience for Q, and she can't wait to start again in the Fall!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

When I grow up I wanna be famous I wanna be a star I wanna be in movies

I'll add text in later, but I wanted to get these videos put up from Q's preschool graduation performance. It makes my heart happy, to say the least. I loved everything about it.


Showin' off her karate skills



Kids just wanna have fun

Greatest Love of all

School's out for summer!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

We don't need no education...

Q is an auditory learner. I always say this. And this past week has given me the perfect example. Last tuesday at her Singers Company rehearsal the girls were given a line that they needed to memorize for their performance in a couple of weeks."It helps us to remember that there is always someone watching over us, and we are never alone".  As we drove home, I read the sentence to Q and we practiced it very quickly just to pass some time. She got a few words here and there, but was far from having it all together.
When we got home, I put the paper on my refrigerator and forgot about it. Sunday evening, 5 days later, I happen to look at it and I asked Q, very nonchalantly if she remembered any of her line she was to memorize...and I was shocked when she stopped what she was doing, and repeated the line word for word. WORD FOR WORD. I mean....what?
This girl, when trying to read either the BOB books or hooked on phonics books can't remember the same words that she sees EVERY PAGE...but can remember a whole sentence that we barely practiced 5 days ago? seriously...the book can be about Mac sat. Mac is literally on every single page, and she acts like it's the first time she is seeing the word every time. But her memory for things she hears is incredible. She is quick to quote movies. Every night we have been reading together chapter books, Junie B Jones-Ramona Quimby-Ivy and Bean, and she is able to comprehend and remember everything that I read to her, and can tell me about it days later.

So here is my question to you experienced mothers and do I teach a child like this? I know that I shouldn't stress about it now (she is still in preschool), but I want to be prepared and have the skills necessary to foster the best environment for her learning.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Story of my life

Oh that Q she both cracks me up, and makes me want to pull my hair out on a daily basis. She is one big ball of energy, creativity, emotion, and strength. She loves playing dress up, coin some sort of art, watching her shows/movies, singing, performing, playing outside, and being wherever her mom is. She is just so cute. 

this was not on easter, in fact it was a couple months prior, and she came out dressed as a rabbit. With a pink nose included. 

Q loves her "treasures"

Q's singing group is performing "tomorrow" from Annie, and for practice one day Q insisted on wearing this. Oh this girl. 

This what happens to Q's hair in the bath. pre shrinkage. Look how long it is!

my aristocat. 

Q loves putting on make up, and loves giving mommy make overs. 

inspired by the homeless who beg near the walmart, Q made this sign one day. I was dying. 

Seriously once the sun comes out, this girl is outside!

Q at swim lessons, I told her to smile...and instead she gave me Tyra Banks "top model" posing. Gotta love it. 

Q LOVES the teenage mutant turtles, and Donatello is her favorite. two reasons: one, he is the smart one. second, he has a space in his teeth like her. 

our dentist has 80's arcade games in his waiting room. it's awesome!

Q's hair. air dried and afro'ed out. 

hipster princess

Q with her "boobies"

on St. Patty's day the leprechaun sent Q on a scavenger hunt and she found gold coins!

This outfit kills me! I love using her as my personal doll. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

you're my butterfly Sugar, baby

For Christmas I got Q some caterpillars to grow into butterflies. Q was super bummed that she couldn't get them right away, but when the weather warmed up she reminded me to order them and was so excited to see them grow. What a cool thing! For the first two days the 5 caterpillars are in a jar of food, and you watch them eat, and wait for them to turn into chrysalis, then you transfer them into the net and watch them turn into butterflies after a few days. then after a couple more days you let them go.  Q loved it!! Q was especially happy when one butterfly chose to hang around a little bit, and Q could touch it, and watch it play. 


Monday, April 7, 2014

The world keeps dreaming of spring

We actually got a couple weeks of spring break this year! Jared and Lindsay came down for their break, which was actually a week before ours, and then we got our own break. how lucky are we! WE had so much fun during those two weeks.

these girls are 5, 7, 6 and yet they are all basically the same height. they are awesome. 

 One day we went to Provo Rec Center to do some swimming. It was so fun for the kids. I loved that Q had lots of kids to play with and people like Carson, Jared, Kaiya, and Aaron that let her ride on them, so that I didn't have to get in the water. Lindsay, Kim, and I enjoyed staying relatively dry and talking.

Another day we played for a bit at Kim and Aaron's, then went and saw the muppet movie (so great), then hit up the mall to get some wiggles out. then had a fantastic dinner at 5 star BBQ and dessert at the chocolate. Yeah, it was a great day!

We also took the TRAX up to SLC one day and did some things around there. Q enjoyed riding the train with the cousins, but was less than entertained with the other activities. Oh well, at least she got some good food at the cheesecake factory. 

 On their last day we hung out at Kim and Aaron's all day. the kids played and played, and the adults played games and talked. We even got to leave the kids home with Carson, and go out for dinner. It was great. We seriously sat at the restaurant forever, and had no kids to take care of. awwww so nice.

One of the days the we were together, Jared gave the girls his phone and had them make a video with this new app called video star. Kaiya was the director. Oh my gosh it was awesome! I had never heard of it before, and had no idea what to expect. It made me so happy...and so jealous that they didn't have anything like that when we were younger. Here it is:

For Q's spring break, I told her that she could one fun thing to do each day. Day 1 she wanted to go see a movie, so went to see Mr. Peabody and Sherman (cute movie) and walk around Costco. Q loves walking around Costco. 

Day 2: We let her butterflies go (see another post), then painted some pottery. I had found a deal online, and thought it would be super fun. Q and I had a great time, and she loves her bowl. Afterwards we walked across the street to the Sweet Tooth Fairy (winner of cupcakes wars) and got some treats (cookie for Q and some cake bites-delicious). Then we hit up the carwash. Q LOVES the car wash, and I love having a clean car. That night we went and hung out with Peggy, Kendall, and Kylie while they babysat. I love talking with those guys. so fun!

On the way home we jammed out to our favorite song.


The next day, we met up with Kim and Elsie and did some outdoorsy stuff. Q really wanted to show Elsie the Bridal Veil falls trail and cool things she had found there. They were two cute little explorers. afterwards we hit up Zupa's for some lunch, and Target and Old Navy for some shopping. A good day. 

On Thursday we spent a few hours up at Piper's. Q got to run around and play with Harper while I got my hair done (it needed it bad!). That night we met up with Peggy, Kendall, Kylie, Kaelynn, Brooklyn, Kim, and Cali for some chips/queso and desserts at Chili's...oh it was great night. We sat there for so long talking and laughing...and of course eating! I love my family. 

On friday, Q and I were laying in bed trying to figure out what we were going to do that day, when Peggy texted us and invited us to a movie and lunch at Happy Sumo with her and the girls. Um yes please!!  Although, Peggy and the girls were seeing Mr. Peabody and Sherman and we had already seen it, so Q and I went to Rio 2 instead (good movie...great music). But we met back up at Happy Sumo and had some delicious sushi rolls! It made my heart and belly so happy. 

Afterwards Q and I stopped at this machine so she could get her fortune...luckily it didn't make her "BIG". 

Then we hit up a park, so she could run around and play. 

It was a fun two weeks, but I sure paid for it. Sunday I woke up sick with a sore throat and very very tired. Ah! the joys of getting older.