Sunday, November 2, 2014

Say Something, I'm giving up on you

Q says the craziest things sometimes. I've tried to write down as many as I could. I may have posted them before, but repeating them doesn't hurt.

M: I don't know Q sometimes boys can get crazy
Q: and that's why I'm glad I'm a woman

Q: Ugghh, we're back to this place! (after returning home from seeing huge houses on the Parade of Homes)

Q: I hate my mom! (stomps off)
     (ten mins later) Hugs me and says Nothing will stop me from loving you mama

Q: mom, i wish I had a diary
M: what would you put in it?
Q: Secrets about you

Q: (after dropping something on her foot) Ughhh I hate gravity!

Q: you know what will make me feel good mom? Appreciation!

Q: ooh la la look at those muscles!

Q: Um, could I be wearing anymore sparkles?

Q: (upon hearing a 1D song on the radio) Mom, is this your jam?

Q: Mom, did you know I would be so talented when I was in your belly?

Q: Hey mom, can i use your toothpaste?  I wanna make a good impression

Q: Mom, what does neutralize mean?
M: It's kind of hard to explain
Q: Just give it to me mom, I can handle it

Q: You know how we can make the world a better place? Raise enough money so that we can go to the orphanage and all the kids can find families...also if candy rained from the sky.

Q: every girl needs a little pizzazz

Q: Sometimes when people play with my hair I think oh mama keep it coming!

M: Q can you rub my neck?
Q: Yep! but you gotta make it rain cash

Q: Mom, I think your super power is keeping things organized...and well mine is making things messy. Oh man!

Q: Well Mom, you gotta marry someone famous! That way we can be rich and live in a fancy house.

Q: Mom, I really feel  like I'm taking my coloring to a whole new level

Q: Mom, I'm gonna ask a very dumb princesses fart?

M: Q, you're too young to like boys. Give it a couple years
Q: (puts face in hands) This is so disappointing

Saturday, November 1, 2014

In our town of Halloween

For the longest time Q was determined to be a girly ninja turtle. I had ideas pinned on Pinterest, and was ready to sew my own little costume for her. Then we were going through the costume section at the store and she noticed that most of the ninja turtle costumes were gone, which meant it was a popular costume...and Q was having nothing to do with that! She wanted to stand out. So we started looking around at ideas, and I saw this cute scarecrow tulle dress online, and we both fell in love. So it was decided...Q would be a scarecrow. It was a simple costume to put together (I made the tulle dress and found raffia to put around her, and bought the hat online), but it looked so adorable and she loved it!

We got a chance to go trick or treating a couple of times, as Spanish Fork does a trick or treating with the business down main street the weekend before, so that was fun! Plus the weather was so nice that Q got to wear her costume without the undershirt and just looked so cute.

I made this treat bag to match her costume...

the girls with their matching bags

She also loved participating in her school parade. She was so excited! I did a parade friendly version of her costume. I was worried about either her or another kid tripping over her dress and messing it up so we skipped the dress for the school parade day. Plus, she got to have her first classroom party and she was so excited about it.

On Halloween night we had a delicious dinner at Kim's, then went out around their street with them and some friends of theirs. Q had a blast!

Plus we did our annual tradition of painting pumpkins, and Q got an awesome halloween beanie boo from Emily!

We love Halloween.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Through the trees comes autumn with her serenade

For fall break, while others went on fun little vacays, Q and I stayed close to home and hung out.
one day we did some jamberry on our nails. 

We ran errands, did little trips to the park or out for a treat.

One day, we took a drive through the Alpine loop to check out the leaves. Since living in Utah we had never done this, and Q was quite excited. It was absolutely beautiful!!

One day we went over to Kim's and we took pictures with Elsie. They have the best little bike trail by their house, it was beautiful with the fall colors.