Monday, March 24, 2014

I love nature so dang much

In my attempt to support Q and her love of nature and being outside, I try and take every opportunity, especially during the cooler months, to take her outside and do some fun things. March was cold this year, but luckily we had a couple days where Q and I could go outside. Once day we went on a little walk to bridal veil falls, then drove up to park city for a some shopping. Another day we hit up the park nearby, then went to hang with Elsie and Kim.

Q thought this looked like the hole Alice falls down. She wanted to go to Wonderland

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Everybody walk the dinosaur...

There was a really good deal on group on for entrance into the Natural History Museum, so we decided to take the girls to check it out. I had been wanting to see it for awhile, and we just never did it. It was really cool. They had dinosaur exhibits, science exhibits, history of chocolate exhibit, gems and jewels (Q's favorite), and Utah People History. It was so interesting. Lots of cool hands on stuff, and things to look at. and of course great picture opportunities. What a fun day! I love all the stuff that is available to do around here. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

We're a happy family

Q sure does love spending time with family. She is lucky to have cousins around to get together with, as of at least right now, that is all she plays with. I'm sure once kindergarten starts and she makes some long term friends she will have plenty of playdates, but for now she is happy just hanging with her cousins. 

A few times, after yoga, Ashley, Cali, and I take the kids we have with us and hit up Costco. Q loves getting cart time with baby Willie...just as long as he's not wiping his dirty hands on her clothes.

Nicer weather means park time! Q loves being outside. Here, her and Elsie decided they were going to try and start a fire. story: so I made the mistake of telling them that if they could start a fire with just sticks and with no help from anybody they could have a sleep over outside. Oh man, these girls were determined, and they thought for sure they could do it. They tried and tried for a few hours, and couldn't get it done...then Aaron decided it would be funny to help them start a fire. They were so pleased with themselves and were so excited to have a sleep over. So then Kim and I had to be the bad guys and tell them it wasn't going to happen. THEY WERE DEVASTATED. I thought for sure Q would never trust me again. In my defense, they did cheat by getting aaron to help them, but I shouldn't have challenged them to do something that I knew was impossible for them. I was setting them up for failure and disappointment. I'm horrible. Anyway, we promised them that we would come back down in couple days and have a sleep over inside (it was still cold out). 

Cali took her kids to Disneyland, but left Willie home to hang out with Ashley and her family. We were lucky to get to watch him for a whole day so Ashley could have a birthday break. Q loved it! She was so good with him. Cali was worried he would cry the whole day, and I was totally prepared to feed him candy all day to keep him happy, but it was unnecessary. Q kept him calm and entertained. It was great.

The girls and their "sleep over" that lasted about 1 hr. Then Q wanted to sleep in my bed. Oh that girl!

Q got to have Fiona over a play date, and it was so great. It took a little bit for these two "in charge" girls to get a rhythm going and not fight over who's idea was better, but after they worked out the kinks, they had so much fun, and didn't want it to end. 

Kim and I got to go to a Boyz II Men concert and Q got to hang out with the kids. Oh was she in heaven! 

While I went and saw the Veronica Mars movie, Q spent time hanging with Elsie. These girls are such a great pair.