Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Lovin' had me a blast....

Q and I spend as many evenings outside as possible.
We usually eat our dinner on the front stoop
then play around in our yard, or walk around.
The minute we get home, she is usually begging to go "side" (outside), and I admit, I like just chillin in the fresh air, and watching her play around.
last night she wanted to walk down and see the horses....well she wanted to see the horses, but apparently she felt I should carry her the whole way. I wasn't having it. So this is what happened. It was too funny to not capture on film.

Once we got down to the horses, she was so excited though. She help me call the horses over and after I showed her it was okay to touch them. She gave it a shot.

She also was able to point out their noses, eyes, and ears to me...She loved the horses.

Right when we got back from the horses, it started raining. So of course, I went inside....but Q wasn't happy with that. She still wanted to be outside, and no amount of me persuading her that it was cold and yucky outside was working. So I opened the door, sat inside on the carpet and let her stand in the rain.

She even walked down the steps and played in the grass a little bit. I let her rain party last a few minutes, and then dragged her inside...kicking and screaming...last thing I want is a sick kid.


dirty>south said...

ha so pissed you won't hold her. that's awesome. i wonder how long she would have followed you?

lindsay>boo said...

Funny, cute girl. Love her.

Kimmy said...

Why do these girls have to come with such attitude and opinions! Good thing she's so cute. At least, most of the time we can laugh about it. :)

Seeing the horses reminds me of our time up there. Elsie loved doing that!

Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

Angie I thought about you on our Birthday. Hope yours was great. We love your blog.
Love Aunt Connie