Sunday, November 2, 2014

Say Something, I'm giving up on you

Q says the craziest things sometimes. I've tried to write down as many as I could. I may have posted them before, but repeating them doesn't hurt.

M: I don't know Q sometimes boys can get crazy
Q: and that's why I'm glad I'm a woman

Q: Ugghh, we're back to this place! (after returning home from seeing huge houses on the Parade of Homes)

Q: I hate my mom! (stomps off)
     (ten mins later) Hugs me and says Nothing will stop me from loving you mama

Q: mom, i wish I had a diary
M: what would you put in it?
Q: Secrets about you

Q: (after dropping something on her foot) Ughhh I hate gravity!

Q: you know what will make me feel good mom? Appreciation!

Q: ooh la la look at those muscles!

Q: Um, could I be wearing anymore sparkles?

Q: (upon hearing a 1D song on the radio) Mom, is this your jam?

Q: Mom, did you know I would be so talented when I was in your belly?

Q: Hey mom, can i use your toothpaste?  I wanna make a good impression

Q: Mom, what does neutralize mean?
M: It's kind of hard to explain
Q: Just give it to me mom, I can handle it

Q: You know how we can make the world a better place? Raise enough money so that we can go to the orphanage and all the kids can find families...also if candy rained from the sky.

Q: every girl needs a little pizzazz

Q: Sometimes when people play with my hair I think oh mama keep it coming!

M: Q can you rub my neck?
Q: Yep! but you gotta make it rain cash

Q: Mom, I think your super power is keeping things organized...and well mine is making things messy. Oh man!

Q: Well Mom, you gotta marry someone famous! That way we can be rich and live in a fancy house.

Q: Mom, I really feel  like I'm taking my coloring to a whole new level

Q: Mom, I'm gonna ask a very dumb princesses fart?

M: Q, you're too young to like boys. Give it a couple years
Q: (puts face in hands) This is so disappointing


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

So glad you captured these and got them written down. I thought they were pretty darn funny.

Samantha said...

She is so spectacular. You are going to love this list later.