Monday, April 22, 2013

Hip Hop Hooray

Yep, just now blogging about Easter. Oh well. better late than never right? This year we hung out with the Wise crew again, and it was just awesome. The weather was perfect for outside stuff. They had the egg hunt, pinata, games, great food, and fun. Q had a blast running around with the kids...and couldn't believe her luck when she found a bunch of snail shells in the garden.  It was a great day.
I was so in love with Q's outfit for the day...and so was she! she couldn't get enough of her gloves and hat. I was going for an modern version of an old school "church oufit" like Keshia Knight Pulliam in "Polly". (anyone else remember that tv movie? cause I was obsessed! true story, I still have it on VHS)

Anyway, I think she was so cute! And the hat and gloves came from the cheap bins at Target, and the dress came from Wal-mart. Yeah me!

The Easter Egg hunt!

The pinata!

The games

I really wish I would have videoed the "pull the tail off the bunny" game, cause it was hilarious. Almost all the girls were crying afterwards cause their tale got pulled off by someone. But I did get a little snippet of the balloon popping one, and it was funny just watching all the girls just run around. 

Easter was great! We love the Wise's

Easter morning the Bunny left Q a little basket of fun. Full of candy, coloring paper, and movies. She was so happy!  

Linh introduced Q to Fun Dip and she's been a fan ever since.


camery said...

I can't believe she's not a baby anymore!! you're a great mom, Angie. And she is one darling little girl.

Kacey Nielsen said...

Jon says he for sure remembers Polly. At the end he says they have a street bazaar. I guess that's his proof?

I always wanted Scarlet to have an adorable easter hat... but the girl has a seriously large head and grew out of girl hat sizes at like age 2. Such a bummer.

Piper said...

Easter is always the BEST!