Wednesday, November 17, 2010

repeat after me...Yo gabba gabba Yo....

This past weekend I took Q to her first concert.

The "there's a party in your city..Yo Gabba Gabba Live tour".

It was a room full of parents and toddlers, and everybody was ready to have some fun.  Unfortunately, I do have a beef with some of those parents. See, I am not a souvenir person. I don't buy stuff at concerts, that later becomes junk....but then I went to this concert. This place where every child around us, had a glowing stick that their parents had bought them. A glowing stick, that Q was obviously coveting, as she tried to take them away from the children around her, then threw a fit when she realized she didn't have one. I debated staying strong and refusing to buy such over priced crap, but I knew my child would not be calm for the show unless she had a glowing stick of her own. So I bought one. A stupid $10 glowing stick. aghhhhh. on the bright side, it kept her happy through the whole show, the ride home, and the days maybe it wasn't a total waste of a purchase.

Then, the lights when down and the party started. We danced, sang, and watched as Q's favorite show came alive before her eyes.  She moved around from my lap, to her seat, to standing, and wasn't afraid to just lay down and soak in the music.  

 This is what her face looked like most of the show. She was in awe.

Before the intermission, they released a bunch of balloons into the crowd. into the center of the crowd. Q was devastated that she didn't have a balloon, as we were seated near the aisles. I didn't want to leave her to go in search of an extra balloon on the floors, nor did I want to carry her over a bunch of people in search...I didn't know what to do, to calm this child. Luckily the couple next to me, had gone and retrieved a balloon for their little boy and brought one back for Q. Oh she was heaven for the whole second half.

At the beginning of the second half of the show, 2 characters came down on each side of the theater. We were but 5 feet away from Toodee and Brobee as they sand their way onto the stage. Q just sat there, mesmerized. The characters were almost to the stage, when Q finally realized that she could touch them and she took off running. I was able to catch her before she followed her heroes onto the stage, and quickly convinced her that we should go sit down so we wouldn't miss the show.  It would have been awesome to get pictures of her with them, but I wasn't about to be one of those parents that holds up a production just to get a few pics.
 One of Q's favorite parts of watching the show is Biz's beat of the day. Where hip hop star Biz Markie (yep THAT Biz Markie...the "you got what I need.." Biz Markie) teaches the kids a beatbox beat. Well, when that part of the performance came up, I had no clue that Biz would actually be on stage!!  He came out, taught a few beats and sat on stage and had kids come up to beatbox. It was awesome.
Here are some of Q's favorite songs, and her reaction. Oh she loved it. 
What a good day. 


Kimmy said...

Her face is priceless! You can just see how much she loved it. I'm so glad you had such a good time.

It reminds me of seeing Elsie at Disneyland.

dirty>south said...

chloe is full of jealous rage

Colleen said...

I love it! SO fun, so cute, a night in heaven. And I love Q's little sweater dress too. :) That girl's got style!