Saturday, October 1, 2011

I've seen the light. It's in my daughter's eyes

Qiana turned three!!
There are times when I can't believe my baby is three years old, and then there are moments that i think "yep, she's definitely three".
Yesterday was little miss Q's birthday. She has been super excited about it for a couple weeks now it was so cute to see her get so happy. 
Since Kim and her crew were going to be out of town on Q's actual birthday, we decided to do a little something wednesday evening. 
We met at the Lehi Mcdonald's, had some dinner, let the girls run around and chit chatted for a bit. Elsie had made Q the cutest little card, and they got her a couple Disney figurine sets. Q was a fan!  
After dinner we headed over to the Trafalga fun center for a couple hours. 

The girls had fun on the rides, and Aaron got to take them both on the go carts. I think both of the girls quite enjoyed themselves.

The girls then played a couple games of the mini-bowling. Elsie was kind of an instant pro at it, and should be entering the pro circuit any day. 

Q was much slower in her games, and the group was thankfully patient. We then hit up a couple other arcade games, let the kids run around the play area, and turned in our tickets for some little toys (which Q lost about 1/2 of by the time we got home). 

Q had an amazing night and was so sad to say goodbye. 

The next morning Q had school, but she was excited to go an tell everyone that it was her birthday (true story: when i went to go pick her up, i could hear her on the other side of the door saying over and over that it was her birthday, haha. yep, she's that annoying kid). While Q was at school, I decorated the house, wrapped her presents, and bought her her own large cupcake (i didn't have want to make anything this year that I would have to finish by myself).
 Q walked in to balloons and a banner, and was so excited.

 Then she opened her presents. She got three sets of Disney princess squinkies, a fisher price doctor kit (i think this is her favorite present this year), a magnifying glass (which she has used repeatedly to look for clues), a jump rope (Elsie had one and Q wanted one too...of course), and a bunch of stuff for her dress up bin (all bought from the dollare store...gotta love it). 
After a solo version of Happy birthday, and a bunch of bites of her cupcake, we cuddled on the couch and watched Cinderella and Snow White. 

Q is the best and most frustrating thing in my life. I love the heck out of her. She is sweet and funny and silly and smart. But she can definitely be feisty and crazy and lazy and stubborn. She is definitely an "only child" and likes things her way. We have our little battles, but they always end with her giving me the saddest face ever and just wanting to hug and kiss me. If we are apart for any length of time, the minute she sees me again she runs into my arms yelling "mommy, mommy, you're back. I love you", It is the best feeling in the world. 

Other cute things she says:
"I'm sorry mommy I don't mean to"
"I need something to eat. I need energy"
"you're my family" (usually followed by singing "that's my family" from yo gabba gabba)
"I need to lay down, I need to relax"
"you're my mommy. you're my best friend'
"you're so beautiful" (as she softly rubs my face)-(I use to do the same thing to my mother)
"I want to watch a Qiana show"
"oh thank you, thank you so much"

Q loves to be read to, and at night we lay in her bed and take turns telling our own stories. I love when I make up a story and the next night she tries to retell it in her own words. 

Q loves to sing. especially disney songs. she can recognize about any of the songs on my disney mix and likes to yell out the movie title as soon as she can (i'm so proud). some of her favorites to sing come from Little Mermaid and Princess and the frog. (although she has been known to break out in a great version of 'little girls" from Annie.)

Q does love to learn, even if she doesn't catch on very quickly. she is willing to try and loves when she gets things right. I can tell that she actively seeks my approval, so I constantly give positive reinforcement and encouragement. She gets sad if she feels like she is disappointing me. She is sensitive soul.

She is always full of great facial expressions. She gets so intense in her story telling. When playing dress up, she commits to her roles and makes me smile with the things she says and acts out. 

Q isn't the best listener. It's something we are working on. she is easily distracted and often just says "sorry" when I tell her she is doing something wrong, but then instantly does it again. It is very frustrating. 
She also has a hard time trying to talk when i am talking. especially when I am trying to teach her something. 
You know that skit on SNL that Kirsten Wiig and Fred Armisen do on weekend update where they are that singing couple? It's basically one of them making up lyrics on the spot and the other is trying to sing along as if they know what the other person is going to say?
( check it out:
.....YEP, that's me and Q. It's really frustrating but inside quite hilarious. 
Q also thinks she knows the words to every song ever invented, and will often start singing along making up her own words. Often times she at least catches on to the tune, so it's not a total mess. But funny nonetheless. 

Q is interesting to me. On one side she is so sensitive, so cuddly, so in need of constant mommy attention and love....and on the other, she is full of attitude. Full of independence. so sure she is fine and right that she is unwilling to accept my help or my support. I struggle with how to deal with this. I want her to be tough, to be a strong person, someone who can take care of herself. I don't want her to be too dependent on me, on anyone. But she needs to learn when to calm down, when to know she is wrong, when to let mommy help her. A couple months ago she decided that she would put her own shoes on from now on. She couldn't even tell if they were on the wrong feet, and when I try and correct her she just gets so mad. It's gotten a little better..she at least switches the shoes when I point on they are on the wrong feet. but i can't go anywhere near them, or she freaks out. 
She can throw the biggest fits. It's actually quite an art form. She'll turn her back to you, cross her arms in a furious huff, and angrily declare "I'm mad" (as if there was a question). You can try to talk to her, try to touch her, try to even get close...but it won't work. she is mad and she isn't going to take it anymore. I tell ya, this girl has some attitude (and a flair for the theatrics)

(this is Q throwing a fit for Kim at Disneyland-Kim tried to get a picture from the front but she literally turned her body around and threw her fit in the other direction)

Sweet and Sour. That's my Q. And I'm not sure I would have it any other way. 

Through it all I know that Q and I were meant to be together. She makes me a better person. She makes me more patient, more kind, more loving, more supportive of others. When life seems hard, she is the one thing that keeps me going. She makes me smile constantly.
She is my Q. 


Piper said...

Great post, Angie!! Happy Birthday to Q!!!!!

Colleen said...

She is yours and she is DARLING and AMAZING all rolled into one! Happy 3RD birthday Q!

Annie said...

She is a doll, looked like a great birthday!