Tuesday, July 2, 2013

come and talk to me, I really want to see you.

Our trip to Washington couldn't have been more fun!

It was full of family time and that is always the best. We spent the first few days in Tri cities hanging out at Jared and Lindsay's. The weather was pretty cloudy and cool, so we spent most of the days inside playing games, watching tv, hanging out, and eating.

I thought it would be funny to greet Mitch and Caitlyn at the airport in full USA colors, since she is Canadian. It was a silly idea, but it turned out so funny and the kids thought it was pretty cool.

We told Mitch (pretty much right as he got off the plane) that he was in charge of one dinner...and he responded with "oh yeah, I've got a pork shoulder in my suitcase"...ummmm...okay. So mitch!  But Monday night he, and his lovely assistant Caitlyn made a delicious dinner: roasted corn on the cob, kim chi, roasted green bell peppers with vinegar and sugar, asparagus with sesame seeds, sticky rice with ginger-scallion-onion sauce, and pork shoulder slow cooked for 5 hours with brown sugar and garlic. It was delicious!!!

One of the days we all went and saw Monsters University. It was a cute movie, and the kids all loved sitting by each other and enjoying the movie.
Tuesday night Carson babysat the kids while the adults went out to dinner. It's amazing how much your world changes when you have someone you trust who can watch the kids. It was so fun to be able to just eat and enjoy the company without having to worry about kids and entertaining them. We went to a BBQ place for dinner, and all ate ourselves silly. Good times.

While all together we also managed to get some family pictures taken. We hadn't taken group family pictures since Kaiya was a baby, and we hated those pictures. Every time we would go to grandma's and see it on the wall we would all cringe...it's just so horrible of all of us...nevermind the fact that 3 kids are not even in the picture since they didn't exist yet. Although it was the last family picture taken with my mom, we knew how much she hated the picture as well, and knew it would be okay to replace it on the wall.  Kim and I had put together a few color schemes and got everyone to agree on one, then it was everyone's choice what they wanted to wear.  Lindsay and her friends had found a cute place to take the pictures, that actually went really well with our colors, and her friend Kim was so awesome to take them for us. We were originally supposed to take them Tuesday morning, but it was downpouring all morning, so we had to reschedule for wednesday before we headed up to Moses Lake. BUt they turned out awesome! Can't wait to replace the picture on grandma's wall.

On Wednesday we headed up to MOses Lake to spend the day at Grandma's and to see as many family members as we could. We were greeted with scones....so you know it was going to be a great day!! Tons of family came out, and it was fun for MItch to be able to see everybody, for everybody to meet Caitlyn, and for us to have tons of family to hang out with. The kids had tons of fun in the pool, and the adults had fun eating, chatting, and playing games outside. Everything I love about Moses Lake. 

Next...on to Seattle!!

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