Thursday, March 13, 2008

the rhythm is gonna get you...



I was a sophmore in college when I found out that country fans existed under the age of 65 and that country artists were starting to cross over into a more pop sound. Until then, all I knew of country music was what my grandpa listened to and some group named Alabama won the grammy every year. But in my sophmore year I was introduced to the magic of Garth Brooks "the hits" album and I loved it. Since then I have added a few other artists to my list of "country artists I can actually stand" but Garth was the original. Due to the fact that my sister Kim and I started the tradition of listening to country music while driving through the barren Idaho on our way home from BYU, I know almost every word to every song on the hits album and a few others he has done since.


I grew up going to church dances in the early 90's when new-wave was very popular, therefore this little mix is a wonderful combination of depeche mode, erasure, pet shop boys, the cure etc....with the ending song being of course...Alphaville's "forever young" (as it was always the last song played at the dances. My favorite song on the list...Depeche Mode's "somebody". What a brilliant song.

3. 90'S R&B MIX:

In an earlier post I already raved about my love of this music and the connection I have with the music, the melodies, and the beauty of each I won't repeat my thoughts. But this mix makes me happy. With such artists as boyz II men, toni braxton, tevin campbell, brian mcknight, swv, blackstreet, toni tony tone, whitney houston, shai, jodeci, and of course babyface this mix puts me at ease and chills me out.


One of my "go-to" mixes on road trips, this mix pleases both children and adults as almost everyone knows the songs and the lyrics. With about 5 hours of music featured in Disney and other animated movies this mix is a pure delight. try and tell me you wouldn't smile when you hear the first chords of "circle of life" come on, or hear donny osmond's voice sing "let's get down to defeat...the huns", or get a little sentimental when fox and the hound's "the best of friends" song comes on. These songs are classics. One of my favorite songs..."the whistle stop" from Robin Hood...tell me that little diddy doesn't get stuck in your head.


The ultimate collection (almost 9 hours) of boy bands, girl bands, and young pop artists from the late 90's to the early 2000's, this mix is chalk full of songs that everybody (whether you want to or not) knows the lyrics to. This mix includes songs from nsync, backstreet boys, lfo, o-town, britney spears, christina aguilera, willa ford, dream, jessica simpson, mandy moore, 2gether, bb mak, westlife, 98 degrees, 5ive, s club 7, hanson, soul decision, and of course the spice girls and is sure to add some joy and excitement when played.


Lindsay said...

I always love your mixes. Do you think I could have a copy of the Disney one?

Kimmy said...

I love them all!!! When we were moving up here and I was driving all alone and bored, I listened to the boy band mix the whole 5 hours and could still sing every word. If only Elsie had been awake to sing along with me! Of course we can't forget singing the stake dance mix on our way home from makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

Amen! Your mixes make road trips the best. Keep up the awesome work. -Nette

pcd said...

You have such great taste in music, and wonder we're friends!

mumovearls said...

I love your mixes! I have the oldies but goodies! (don't know how it got into my car) But It Rocks!-n