Monday, September 30, 2013

Let's get together whatdaya say?

If anybody even hints about wanting an Earl Girl get happens. And I love it. It always ends up being a perfect weekend. Two full days of good food, family, laughs, cries, bonding, and games. I love the fact that my cousins are my best friends. I love that although our ages range from mid 30's to barely out of the teens, we all still get along, and love being together. I remember, as a kid, being annoyed that the boy cousins got to split up into "older" boys and "younger boys" for sleepovers, and the girls had to all be together (since I was one of the oldest girl cousin)...but now I'm grateful for that, cause it bonded us all together starting at such a young age. I love these ladies and I love the ladies that have become "earl girls" through marriage. We are all different and yet so similar, and there is never a dull moment. 
Before we headed up to the reunion site, Kim Lindsay and I did some shopping (without kids) and met up with some of the cousins in SLC to have a delicious lunch and get our chat on. It was a great start to the weekend.

This year David and Peggy hooked us up with some condos at a timeshare in Wolf Creek. The scenery was beautiful, and it was a perfect place to get away. Families had their own area to get away to "sleep" or put babies down, but honestly, if only for a couple hours of "sleep" we were almost always together. 

We repeated our amazing plan from last time, and assigned each "family" one meal. That way we could just chill all weekend long, and not have to worry about leaving our place. Plus, that way we got to try eat all types of yummy food and only had to prepare one meal. Perfect! Our family loves and more importantly appreciates good food, so I'm always excited to see what everyone comes up with. And it did not disappoint. It was all delicious!

When we weren't stuffing our face with food, we were talking, and laughing, and having fun. At times there would be over 5 different conversations going on at once and it was awesome. The first night there we spent some time going around the room and getting updates and thoughts from all the ladies, and it was so fun, sad, and special.  The second night we dove right into amazing games and laughed until we cried (real tears for some). 

craziest picture ever! what happened to my arm? 
One afternoon, we even got the royal treatment when Mandi and Myca set up a "nail salon" in the room, and we each got  our nails shellaced. And people, I am now a believer! That paint stayed on my nails for almost 2 weeks...when normal nail polish usually peels off the next day. It was awesome. 

We also took the traditional cousin picture. We got it done the first night cause we were all lookin good, and really didn't want to have to "get ready" anymore that weekend. This picture will be up at grandma's forever, so we have to look good. 
aren't we a good lookin bunch

we decided to all look in a different direction

top model pose
Love these girls!

can't wait for next time!!

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