Friday, November 1, 2013

The freaks come out at night

 I love halloween. I do. I love the costumes. The walking around. The decorations. The candy. I miss the days when I would have an adult activity or party to go to, a reason to get into costume. I loved dressing up.

One of these years I wanna do I family costume for me and Q...that would be so fun. 
I'm glad I have a daughter that loves to dress up as well. And she was very particular about what she wanted to be this year. ANNIE. (as in little orphan annie "cause mom, I can use my own hair!)
but this is where some stress came in...
I had found a costume online, and after reading the reviews decided to go with the larger size to make sure it fit. And then it came in the mail...and was HUGE on her. aggggg. So then I ordered the smaller size...and it was TINY. It was so frustrating. there is no way that those two dresses were only a dress size apart. I was starting to freak out. Now I am a master when it comes to the glue gun, and I can even do very minor and mediocre hand sewing, but to fix this dress was gonna take more than I could do. I tried my hardest to try and subliminally convince Q to go with another costume idea...but it didnt work. She just kept saying. "No, I'll just be Annie...I know you can do it mom". While I appreciated the vote of confidence, I was stressing a little. 
Luckily, I have Piper , who with her sewing machine, and skills, was able to take the top of the small dress, the bottom of the medium dress, some elastic, and make it perfect. Q was so happy. To add to the costume I bought this red tote bag and painted on the Annie logo. Q was concerned that she couldn't trick or treat with a scary bag if she was annie. haha. I loved how the bag turned out!  I also got her a gold heart locket, and some black mary jane shoes to complete the ensemble. Q was a little worried at first that she was gonna have to wear white tights instead of white socks, but I told her that in the movie it was summer time, but since it was fall Annie would be wearing tights...and it worked.

I think she was the cutest little Annie ever!!

She practiced her song "Tomorrow" a lot, and told me if anyone didn't know who she was she would sing them the song and they would know. While trick or treating she even got to sing for one lady who asked to, and got extra candy for it! 

Q had her Halloween party at school the day before Halloween, and was so excited. I just love her preschool. I got there a little early so I could see her with her class.

Then on Halloween night, we went over to Kim's and spent the evening with them. It was so fun. The night was a perfect fall night, and the girls had so much fun. We met up with a big group of Kim's friends and that made it even funner. Q is so cute to watch and so polite. She makes sure to say thank you at every house, and leaves with a "happy halloween". She was super stoked that she got to sing, and was even invited inside to sing for the people in the house. This girl is not shy! 

The girls with their personalized bags....cute right?

After the girls were done, we headed back to Kim's and the girls checked their loot, then spent some time opening the door and handing out candy. It was super fun. 

Elsie is not much of a candy eater, and Q only likes certain ones, so checking the loot was really us adults looking to see what candies we had collected! I love being an adult. haha


Kristy said...

Nailed it. Taking candy from kids is the best. That sounds creepier than it did in my head.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Q is one cute Annie. I can't decide whether she would have enjoyed watching the HS musical here last week, Annie, or if she'd have been frustrated she wasn't the lead.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I'm thinking probably the latter.