Wednesday, January 1, 2014

As a brand new year is about to start and we're together Celebrating...

I thought it would be fun if Q and I actually did something for New Years eve this year. When I heard about an indoor party at one of the local malls, I thought that might be just the trick. 

Plus we could watch the fireworks, which is always a hit with Q. My friend Tamu, and her family were going, so e decided to join up with them so Q could have some fun playing with Xeon. 
15 year friendship still going strong.

There were A LOT  of people there...but of course everywhere in Utah has a lot of people...especially when it's a kids thing. 
Q had a blast though, and that made it a success. 
They had bouncy houses, which Q went on once and then decided against any more times since there were these bigger boys that were being super rough and crawling over all the little kids. 
They had free rides on the know we love carousels. 

They had performances all through the mall, from local bands or dance groups. 
They had karaoke...which I totally would have done with Tamu if she hadn't gone home early with an upset stomach, but we had fun just sitting and singing along. 

They also had a room full of motorized kids cars that they could ride around a track. IT was Q's first time "driving" any such vehicle and she actually did a great job! While most kids were running into the props along the sides, or using all accelerator and no brake, Q drove calmly around the track staying in the lines, and staying away from others. I was impressed. 

They also had a group of young people dressed as various princesses, which Q was super excited about...especially since we missed seeing Cinderella at Disneyland.

WE watched an early showing of Fireworks at the mall, and then caught the midnight showing from our yard at home in our pajamas.
totes adorbs right?

IT was a good night and a good way to ring in the new year of me and Q.

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