Saturday, February 15, 2014

oh, you make me smile come through and save the day. you make me smile

Winter is always cold here, and it makes for a lot of time spent inside. Thus a recap of January/February won't be too exciting, but it's gotta be done. Luckily, I am blessed with a child that entertains herself pretty well, as witnessed in these photos

Q loves to be artistic...unfortunately for her mommy hates messes. Thank goodness for washable paints and artist smocks.

Q loves to play dress up, and especially loves "getting pretty like a princess". She would totally do beauty pageants if I wanted. 

We did make up one day and I had to capture what my girl will look like as a teenager. 

Q is quite the pipe cleaner artist and loves to make stuff. This is her "night cap" she made for sleeping

One morning we had got to the disney store as it was opening, and Q got to help wake up all the toys with her magic words "hocus pocus Mickey Mouse"

Yep, this girl is officially signed up for Kindergarten. She is beyond excited, and was a little upset she couldn't stay that day and go to school. 

Q is officially in a booster! Here she is on her first day of forward facing and first day of booster in the same chair, 

Q and I love to play games, and the ipad makes it so easy to play Uno and the game of Life (two of our favorites)

Doesn't she look so old sitting like this and playing on the computer? It makes me smile.

To say loves stuffed animals and toys is an understatement. 

Uncle Mitch got Q this shirt and she was in love. It's now her go-to tee for relaxing.

more pipe cleaner creations. Jewelry!

We did get a lot of snow towards the beginning of the year, and Q was in heaven. She loves playing in the snow...and I love sitting inside and watching her. One day she made a snowman...and named it Olaf...of course!

One night I had to stop at Walmart to pick up a few things...unfortunately I didnt realize it was "coupon day" and we got stuck in line for almost 45 minutes...this is what happened. 

Q's hair captures snowflakes so beautifully.

The next series of pictures was taken in our car while we were waiting in a parking lot. Q wanted to show me different faces and emotions. 

Q got a loom band from her cousins for christmas and she has loved making creations. She is practicing her "hooking" and is getting better each time. 

see this girl loves snow. She made herself a snow bed. 

Q has joined a little singing group (kind of like sunshine generation back in the day). She gets to learn little songs and dances and will be performing a couple times in public. She loves it!

Q's Valentine box this year. She did it all herself and was so proud of it. 

Her Valentines this year. I was very proud. It was so her with the use of pipe cleaners. 

Of course it's always nice when she gets to hang out with others
We meet up with cousins Cali and Ashley every thursday for Yoga and every so often we all head to Costco afterwards to do a little shopping and hanging out. Q loves Baby Willie. 

Q loves Elsie.

And in a pinch, Mom is always good for a few good times
Q wanted to do my make up one day. 

It didn't turn out half bad

mommy and Q hanging out.

Often we like to hit up Costco for lunch. which usually includes tons of samples and sharing a hot dog. Q loves wandering around Costco, and will try almost any sample I give her. I think I may start serving her meals in white paper cupcake holders just so she'll eat whatever I give her. 

Another pipe cleaner creation. as Q said "Now we can always be together mom". 

I've started tweeting some funny things that Q says and I'll write them here for future laughs. 

"Did you hear me singing in my room mom? Did you hear my big finish?...pretty good right?"

"Mom, what does neutralize mean?" "Uh, it's kinda hard to explain" "just give it to me mom, I can handle it"

I'm sick on the couch and Q is rubbing my head and singing "poor unfortunate souls". "In pain, in need..."

"Hey mom can I use YOUR toothpaste today, I wanna make a good impression"

"Q, Are you dressed up as a pirate princess?" "Yep! It's in my blood!"

"Mom, did you know I would be so talented when I was in your belly?"

Me: rockin out to a 1D song... Q: " this your jam?"

"I'm sorry mom, but everything I see on TV I just WANT!" #thingstheQsays

"Mom, I think boys are cute" -Qiana #andsoitbegins

On the night of the Grammy's Q was supposed to be in bed, but instead she stayed up and entertained me with her mimicking of some of the early performances. At first she was just doing it and didn't know I was taping her, then she enjoyed making mommy smile. 

Q doing her best Beyonce

Q loves this Lorde song

She actually went into her room and brought out her keyboard so she could get the performance just right.


camery said...

you are a tremendous momma. i love seeing what adventures you guys are having. i may have laughed out loud a the "serve her dinner in white paper cupcake holders" comment. :)


Kylie said...

I best be invited to Q's singing performances because heaven knows those will be incredible. The things Q says.. love it. love you guys!