Saturday, October 4, 2014

I'll make it like your birthday everyday

Q had lots of ideas for her party this year, but we eventually settled on a Wonka themed party and I ran with it! It was so fun coming up with ideas and making everything so perfect. It was a lot of fun! Plus, for an extra surprise Emily was able to be here for the party which made it even better! The girls all had a blast and went home on a super sugar high (sorry parents). I love parties!!

The Wonka hat I made

The invitation Jared designed. I printed out the wrapper, but the ticket on a symphony bar, and wrapped it with Wonka wrapping, and delivered it. 

oompa cutout! 

Violet cut out!

The treat table including a "chocolate river" fondue

fizzy lifting drink

edible tea cups

You know I love a good cut out!

Games included: 

Charlie Bucket newspaper toss

Augustus Gloop eating contest

Mike TV Taffy pull

Violet blueberry balloon pop and bubble gum blowing contest

 Present time!!

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