Saturday, November 1, 2014

In our town of Halloween

For the longest time Q was determined to be a girly ninja turtle. I had ideas pinned on Pinterest, and was ready to sew my own little costume for her. Then we were going through the costume section at the store and she noticed that most of the ninja turtle costumes were gone, which meant it was a popular costume...and Q was having nothing to do with that! She wanted to stand out. So we started looking around at ideas, and I saw this cute scarecrow tulle dress online, and we both fell in love. So it was decided...Q would be a scarecrow. It was a simple costume to put together (I made the tulle dress and found raffia to put around her, and bought the hat online), but it looked so adorable and she loved it!

We got a chance to go trick or treating a couple of times, as Spanish Fork does a trick or treating with the business down main street the weekend before, so that was fun! Plus the weather was so nice that Q got to wear her costume without the undershirt and just looked so cute.

I made this treat bag to match her costume...

the girls with their matching bags

She also loved participating in her school parade. She was so excited! I did a parade friendly version of her costume. I was worried about either her or another kid tripping over her dress and messing it up so we skipped the dress for the school parade day. Plus, she got to have her first classroom party and she was so excited about it.

On Halloween night we had a delicious dinner at Kim's, then went out around their street with them and some friends of theirs. Q had a blast!

Plus we did our annual tradition of painting pumpkins, and Q got an awesome halloween beanie boo from Emily!

We love Halloween.

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