Friday, November 21, 2008

you can get with this or you can get with that...

So here are some questions. None of them are really important, and all of them are pop cultured based. Just thoughts that I have been pondering and wondered if you had any ideas of your own.

1. On "the Hills" what relationship is more pathetic?
a. Audrina and Justin Bobby

b. Stephanie and Spencer

c. Heidi and Spencer

2. What car decals are more obnoxious? (sorry if you have any of these....but I just can't understand them)
a. and overabundance of the "awareness decals" plastered all over your car.

b. Calvin peeing or praying

c. The "family" decals listing each member

3. Who would you rather be interviewed by?
a. Oprah
b. Barbara Walters
c. James Liption (of "inside the actors studio)

4. Hip Hop these days are full collaborations, and these three artists seem to be on every track on the radio...who would you want singing on your hit?
a. Lil' Wayne
b. Rihanna
c. Akon

5. What is your most anticipated mid season starting show?
a. 24
b. Lost
c. American idol

6. Sure there are alot of hot young actors out there, but I am so fascinated with these three older men...which one do you think is most attractive? or what other older actor do you find fascinating?
William Fichtner
Ed Harris
Hugh Laurie

7. Let's say the final three on Survivor are Kenny, Crystal, and Susie..who would you want to win?
a. Kenny
b. Crystal
c. Susie

Anyway, just my thoughts but thanks for reading....


Brittany said...

these are the shiznit questions! love 'em... and they made me want to answer!! hope it's ok... first, heidi-spencer is most pathetic cuz she allows her entire life/universe to be decided by him- ugh... i would want rihanna to be singing my song, but i love me some lil wayne... and as much as i love all three of those 'older' men, House rocks!

Kimmy said...

1. For sure, Heidi and Spencer. But, oh, those others are pretty bad too!
2. I am most bugged by the Calvin stickers.
3. Barbara!
4. Rihanna...I'll admit it...I just can't get enough of her tunes.
5. 24!!!
6. Hugh Laurie. I don't watch the show, but he's not too bad looking.
7. Not a fan of any of them, but I would probably go for Kenny. Just because he's such a nerd and kind took over the game. I will have to say that last night's episode was pretty darn hilarious. Talk about awkward!

Love ya!

lysh said...

First off I love the photos that Em took of you and Qiana. So cute. Is she feeling any better? I think Heidi and Spencer are the most pathetic and irritating. Why do we have to see them all over the place? Why do magazines publish pictures of them? I would probably want to be interviewed by Oprah. I guess because I am fasinated by a number of her shows. Also I hear so many stories of how she is not very nice so I would like to see what it would be like. Rihanna. I guess American Idol. I haven't watched 24 or Lost. I keep thinking I am going to rent the whole show starting from the first episodes. Brandon and I love House so I would have to say Hugh Laurie. I have only seen one episode of survivor so in essence I have failed you and I can't answer this question.

mumovearls said...

Engine, engine number nine on the new york transit line. If my train goes off the track...pick it up...("saying it 2 more times") Back on the scene... Oh wait back to the point... we love that song!
1. Ok if we could have a relationship with Audrina and Spencer that would be the ultimate worst! I hate the 2 of them... why do we waste our time with them?
2. a)Car decals... I have all of the ones pictured her plus 10 more!
c)If you owned a BMW you would not plaster the whole back window with that crap!
3. hmmm Oprah because she give free things away... not Walters because she's a Dike and we are not going there with Lipton.
4. Akon... he got a great... voice! hahaha!
5. hmmmmm not watching tv
6.Oh Hugh Laurie I'm yours...
7. Again Not a clue!

Ashley said...

Oh I LOVE surveys!

1. Hands down HEIDI & SPENCER! (although all 3 are pretty pathetic)

2. Calvin stickers.

3. Oprah

4. Akon

5. LOVE all 3 of these shows but if I have to pick just ONE- then it will be 24.

6. I'm gonna go with William Fichtner just because I LOVE me some Prison Break!

7. I'm gonna have to say Kenny just because he's such a dweeb and I didn't think he would make it this far! He's become quite the little schemer!

Colleen said...

1. They all annoy. No winner here.
2. The Calvin ones, hands down.
3. Oprah
4. Sorry, I don't know, I don't get much listening pleasure beyond the Wiggles, sad, I know.
5. Lost, but 24 is a close second
6. All so hot, how to choose. I will have to go with Fitchner.
7. Dude, I may have to stop watching if that happens. I will have to go with Kenny, but I am not happy about it at all.

Robert Neil said...

the answer to 6. is d kevin bacon