Sunday, May 15, 2011

So play on... Play on

We of course had to hit up the children's museum in SLC. It's a guaranteed hit with Q, and I think the fit she threw when I told her it was time to go proved it.  She played in that little area forever, and couldn't get enough. Her favorite was the grocery store, and she was the best employee that place ever saw. She spent most of the time cleaning up and putting things away, and insisted she wear an apron (once she discovered them). Her second favorite was the gas station. I'm thinking I may need teach this girl to set her career sights a little higher. but it was nice to just sit down and watch her play and play. Outside they had this little helicopter that the kids could sit in and pretend to fly. We had to wait a bit to use it as these young boys decided it was their own private play area and didn't want to leave. but once Q was allowed to sit in it, she was happy. They also had this cool ball area that she loved until a bunch of older girls slammed her hand in one of the tubes. I may or may not have yelled at those kids. ;)
After the museum we walked around the shopping area there, and got some ice cream. just another fun day for Q and I.

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