Wednesday, May 18, 2011

You've got a friend in me...

Although most of our time is spent just Q and I, she has had some fun play time with a couple friends. I can't wait for her to start preschool in the fall, cause she will love being around all those kids.
Q with Tamu's niece Xeon. 

This is an old friend Demy's little girl Sayda. We met them for lunch one day and the girls ran around the mall play area.  Such cute girls. 

In our quest to find stuff to do and people for Q to play with, we have become quite the connoisseurs of mall play areas. some have cool play areas. some have trains that take the kids around the mall. and one even has a carousel. We usually hit the university mall play area at least once a week, and Q finds a new "best friend" every time. She loves other kids and gets attached really quickly. I worry a little bit about her getting her feelings hurt through the years, as kids, especially girls can be quite cruel, but hopefully she'll toughen up a bit. But for now it's so cute to watch her make new friends, and come introduce me to them each time. "this is my friend" "this is my mommy". so precious.

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