Tuesday, August 2, 2011

just like me, they long to be, close to you.

I've mentioned before, that Q is my little shadow. If I'm around, she doesn't like to be too far away. So when it's time for me to work, she is quick to set up her own little station next to me.

Q is a big fan of play doh, and I won some serious "good mom" points when I made this little rose for her. I guess all those hours watching cake decorating shows, gave me a good eye for play doh flowers. hahaha. 

Speaking of cute flowers, look at this adorable flower clip Q got from Piper. We had a fun play date with Piper and her daughter Harper, and not only did I leave with some great samples of some products Piper makes, but Q got this adorable flower clip. She was holding that thing the whole drive home. Rubbing it on her face, and saying "so cute. She gave it to me. How nice!". It was so cute. 


Piper said...

ahhhhhhhh ahhhh ahhhhh... close to you..... I used to sing that to Cannon when he was a baby!! LOVE you guys! And, Harper is asking for "her best friend Q", so we need to do that again SOON!

Kimmy said...

Q might like to be close to you while you work, but at least she's not insisting on full body contact!

Colleen said...

Love that song...and love that girl!

lysh said...

Beautiful picture of you and Q. I'm glad that you found an apartment...did everything work out with the move? The concert you went to with Cali sounded rad!