Sunday, January 1, 2012

jump around, jump around, jump up jump up and get down

During the holidays we were able to hang out a bit with Daishan and her family at the jump around place in Springville. Q was hesitant at first to do any sort of bouncing, and was more interested in the coin operated rides against the wall. But eventually she got in there and enjoyed herself. I had to help her get up on a few things, and there is nothing more awkward that watching an overweight person try and balance themselves on those bouncy things. I even made the mistake of trying to carry her up some very steep blow up steps (half way up, I made her climb up herself, while i pushed her bum up). The worst part was sitting up on that high slide, and trying to convince myself to go down. That fear of heights really came into play. But Q had fun, and I got to see Daishan so it was a good day! Towards the end of our time there I let Q ride a few of the rides and she was in heaven. Daishan's Addy hung out by Q during that whole time and was super cute with her. It was a fun day.

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