Saturday, December 31, 2011

merry christmas, happy holidays

The day started early, when at 6:30 we heard Santa's sleigh bells and reindeer feet on the roof. We woke up the kids, ran upstairs, and hid behind the couch. Q was non stop smiling, as she peeked over the couch to watch Santa deliver her gift and fill her stocking. It was so super cute!!  She just couldn't believe that Santa was right there. After We heard the reindeer hoofs leave the roof, we came out and got the party started.
Santa was very good to Q this year and got her the doll princesses she had been asking for.

She also got a stocking full of glowsticks (she sleeps with one every night), whistle, little puzzle, silly putty, play doh, and disney matching cards.
Q loved all her Christmas gifts. It really does make Christmas so much better when the kids know what's going on, and really get into opening the gifts and handing out hugs and kisses in thanks.

I even scored with a super super cute picture frame with Q's picture in it, and a black and white scarf.

The girls had so much fun playing with all their toys the whole morning. Elsie's Disney Princess Castle and Q's coloring easel were both big hits.

After we took a little break to go home, get a nap, and do some cooking, we came back to Gary and Sylvia's and joined the while Wise crew for some delicious food, hanging out, laughing (serious tummy hurting laughter), a dance party with the little girls and Harper's new disco ball, and games.

At one point Cannon had gone outside to try out his new helicopter, and this is how the little girls set themselves cute it that!

Such a good day, and the next day laziness and constant napping was well deserved.

Happy Holidays!

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Earl Family said...

I know I said this before...and I will say it again...that little Q needs to be in commercials.

I love reading your blog.