Friday, March 30, 2012

at the hop hop hop hop hop.

here are my Easter shelves....I plan on getting new stuff up for a full Spring shelf, but wanted to do some holiday stuff first. 

first up, the wreath. 

I bought these butterflies at the dollar store, so I used some easter cardstock, and mounted them on a frame. For the large egg I bought a carvable egg that was on sale at michaels, cut a hole, decoupaged it, put it on a block(so it would sit up), then used this bird I got at the dollar store and a nest I found online, and made a little birdhouse. This was Q's favorite item. 

I got these cheap letters at hobby lobby and modge podged some paer on them, then did some embellishling with stickers, and sequins. 

This bunny we added a couple days ago after we made this little craft with Kimmy and Elsie. Q insisted we put it on the wall...and I think it fits perfectly. 
Happy Easter!


Kacey Nielsen said...

Love. I am with Q, nesting bird is my fav too.

Piper said...


Larry and Janice said...

All your super crafting - - too darling!!! What a fun home you're constantly creating!

melanie said...

Love it Ang!

Colleen said...

Awesome! I LOVE that wreath. And I love Q's addition. :)