Saturday, April 7, 2012

dancing in heaven...

I love watching dancers, and I especially love watching my cousin Courtney do her ballroom thing, so when my aunt Peggy said there was a ballroom performance at BYU and we could get tickets, I just jumped at the chance. Kim and I decided to make it a little mommy/daughter date thing with our girls. We met at Kneader's before hand for some goodies (the girls got cookies of their choosing, while Kim and I shared the raspberry bread pudding, german chocolate brownie, and key lime was all delicious). 

(yep, the girls were wearing matching was cute)

Then we met up with Peggy and Kylie at the Marriott Center. 
Q had enjoyed watching the "dancing princesses" (the dresses make them princesses I guess) when we attended the competition last month, and was excited to see them dance again. 

Oh the performance was sooooo good!! so many different types of dances. Q's favorite was a performance done completely in black lights and neons (with her love of glow that really a surprise), and featured 80's video games. it was pretty rad. 
Afterwards we got to meet up with Courtney...or Princess Courtney as Q refers to her as...and it was so much fun chatting with Peggy, Kylie, and Courtney. Courtney was even nice enough to take Q and Elsie around to meet other "princesses". Q was in heaven. Plus there was a bunch of confetti and streamers on the ground for Q to pick up, so she was overjoyed. 
It was a great night! Thanks Peggy. 

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Kimmy said...

Eating treats at Kneaders + watching dancing = perfect night