Sunday, April 29, 2012

I walk in the flowers and feel better

When I was a child, my mother would take my sister and I to the Tulip Festival in skagit Valley every Spring. we loved it. As an adult I started planning an annual Seattle trip with my friends in Moses Lake to attend the festival and get our tulip on. 
When I left Washington, I knew I would miss attending the Tulip Festival, getting delicious ice cream at the local stand, taking funny pictures in the cutouts, and having fun with my friends. I knew I would miss the flowers. 
Luckily, Thanksgiving Point gardens has a little tulip festival every year, and I hoped that it would give me my little fix for fresh tulips. Kim and I took our girls on a gorgeous day last week, and it was just lovely. They didn't have the delicious ice cream, or the cutouts, or the rows and rows of tulips that filled filed after field, but they had tons of beautiful flowers, and we just loved it. 

 (q's in this weird smile phase)
 this was a new flower that we hadn't seen before...but loved!

 the gorgeous rolling hills off the clubhouse...the girls enjoyed rolling down a couple times.

 (true story: the girls were just standing there smiling, and then Q goes "pose" and this is what happened)

 Elsie wanted us to walk up the was way too hot for that..but Elsie went up without us. 

 the girls LOVED feeding the Koi fish

 We loved the "rainbow" fields. 

 (my hair was extra big that day...i blame the heat)


Kimmy said...

You took some fabulous pictures!! It was a great day. If it's that hot next time, we're renting the segways.

Jill said...

You gotta get the ice cream back up at the building by the tower. They have kiddie cones for a quarter. Fun times, I live two minutes away and have never been, looks like I need to go next year.

Larry and Janice said...

So great you have a Tulip festival "sub" nearby! Beatufiful pictures, Angie!

Kacey Nielsen said...

Qiana's face looks so much like yours in her "pose" picture. So cute!

Weird smile phases... why must they exist?

Colleen said...

Beautiful flowers! Beautiful girls! Nasty fish.