Thursday, December 27, 2012

Simply, having, a wonderful Christmas time

Christmas was fantastic! Christmas eve we joined the Wise crew over at Gary and Sylvia's for delicious food, talking, laughing, presents and some games! It was super fun. Q had a blast running around with Elsie, Cannon, and Harper and even found new "boyfriend" in Braeden....seriously she loved him. At one point she walked up to him and said ( i kid you not) "I'm falling in love with you" hahahha. It was cute, and slightly worrisome.
After awhile, we played a little Christmas charades, and a minute-to-win-it game of marshmallow toss through the wreath.
Afterwards we headed over to Kim and Aaron's to get some sleep, and hopefully catch a peek at Santa the next morning.
Q was loving her some Braeden

Christmas Day:
It was early morning when we heard Santa's sleigh outside, I woke up Q and she bounced right out of bed with a very "let's do this" attitude. she was pumped. We quietly hid behind the couches, as Santa came inside, talked, laughed, left presents, and ate some cookies! At point Q pumped her chin on the couch and I thought she would lose it crying, but she held it in, while tears came to her eyes, and kept our hiding a secret. I was able to snap this one picture from behind the couch. Amazing right???

Q loved all of her Christmas presents, and spent the whole day playing with Elsie and their new toys.

Quick story about the zebra: At Disneyland, Aaron had taken Q and elsie into one of those stores next to the jungle cruise and Q became attached to this stuffed zebra, I came in to get her cause it was time to move on, and she wasn't having it (she needed a nap as well), and she ran away- with the zebra clutched in her arms-straight out of the store. I couldn't believe it. I put back the zebra, Q sobbed, and I told her if she was good maybe she would get one for christmas.  She loves her zebra.
Q wanted some baby stuff for christmas. She loves her baby dolls, and loves playing mommy, and I found this cute graco set on sale. I know people love those more expensive dolls, and they are super cute...but I can't see myself ever buying one when my daughter will put some fake diapers on her stuffed zebra and play baby ALL day with it.  She's easily entertained!

After a delicious brunch of stuffed french toast, sausage, bacon, hashbrowns, and juice...freakin delicious!!....We headed outside for some snow time. Aaron had made this huge snow mound and track that was perfect for sledding. The girls were in heaven. I am not a snow fan, and especially don't like sledding, but I watched with delight as the girls laughed and smiled in the beautifully fallen snow.

It was a great christmas!!!


Piper said...

Lots and LOTS of great Christmas memories! YAY for Winter fun! I love you!

Colleen said...

Wonderful Christmas celebrations with amazing family! Q and Elsie together are such a pair! I totally agree with you on the simple stuffed zebra. It's good to put off the American Girl doll while Q likes the zebra. Tommy is the same way. He loves dollar store toys more than he loves when I get him something bigger and I always think, why did I just not stick with what I know about the kid?! :)

Samantha said...

This looks like such a fun day! I love that they got to play in the snow on Christmas. So fun.