Monday, December 31, 2012

This is how we do..

What have we been up to...Other Winter Happenings....

We got to hang with the Wise crew and celebrate Harper's Birthday. It was a cute Mary Poppins themed party with cute party favors and treats. 

We got together with the Woodruffs and made graham cracker houses. Always such a blast. Man I love these people. 

 We went to Elsie's recital! She did such a great job, we were so proud. Q sat on my lap and tried to copy every move done on the stage. She wanted a costume like Elsie so bad.

Q loves Christmas lights so we drove around one night and found as many cool ones as we could. This house by Ashley's house in Orem/Lindon was our favorite!

This other huge house in Provo, had their whole yard lit up with tons of colors all over the trees. it was pretty spectacular. 

Qiana has gotten plenty of snow time so far, playing with Elsie. She loves it.  The other day Aaron made this snow cave on the bottom of the sled hill for the girls. So awesome right?

and of course Q's been sick, yucky winter cold weather, but she is getting better..thank goodness for good sleep!


ashleyboice said...

I'm hello!.... Stop by next time!

ashleyboice said...

Um.. Not I'm. Duh. And yes I did the verification again just to tell you that.

Samantha said...

Angie that last picture of Q! Hello lashes and lips. Gorgeous.